The Promise of theNew BeginningsWith Easteron itsway I was contemplating the Baptism of Jesus by his cousin John. In that moment,the Holy Spirit descended upon him and he was blessed by God. This is when his spiritual gifts manifested and he began healing, banishing demons, and gathering his flock to teach them to do the same.

He was Christed or chosen by God and set apart for a greater purpose. (Ephesians 1:114; 2:10; 1 Peter 2:9). First John 2:20 also affirms this understanding of all Christians being anointed by God: “But you have been anointed by the Holy One, and you all have knowledge.”Other similar words used to describe this Christed state of consciousness are anointed, illuminated,and ascended.Jesus taught selfempowerment, our ability to have a direct connection to Source, the principle that humans are divine, and of our own power to create miracles.

When people were amazed by his abilities, he told them ‘This you can do and more.’ (John 14:11 13, Mathew 21:21, Mark 16:17, and Pentecost marks the day when the Holy Spirit descended on the followers of Christ giving them special abilities). Centuries of religious teachings depersonalized these lessons and led us to believe that we were powerless, unworthy, and not deserving of these abilities. Now everything has changed.In the Hindureligion and their spiritual practices, paranormal gifts are called Siddhi.

I have a strong suspicion we can all be gifted with these Siddhis (there are many including intuition, healing, moving things with your mind and more) and all it takes is working from a higher state of consciousness by being in service to others and less attached to the material world. Easier said than done for most! This is, no doubt, part of our purpose for being on Earth at this time, so we can assist others in their ascension process. In so doing, we bring Heaven to Earth. Even though it’s April Fool’sDay, I wanted to send these flowers as a reminder of the promise that comes each spring A new year, a new beginning, and the promise of the return of all good things.

Nisan (or Nissan)is thefirst month on the Jewish calendar (according to the Torah), and it coincides with MarchApril on the civil or our modern Gregorian calendar.For Christians, it represents Passover, the salvation of our souls through the death of Jesus, andhis resurrection. May evil pass over us and may we be blessed with all things great and wonderful!T H E W H I T E E G R E T O R C H I DScientificName:Habenaria Radiata CommonName:White Egret Flower, Fringed Orchid or SagisoHabitat:China, Korea,and RussiaThis orchid really is uncanny. Its fringed petals replicate a white egret spreading its fluffy white wings ready for takeoff…. Just like us trying to spread our spiritual wings!

The Dove Orchidor Peristeria ElataThis unique yet fascinating flower has captivated the attention of many people, especially Christians. The Dove Orchid is a highly famous species of orchids. The national flower of Panama, it lies in some parts of the humid rainforests of Central and South America. It is commonly referred toas the Flower of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost Orchid as the flower resembles a dove. As we look at this wonderful orchid, it reminds us of the holy spirit. Something that also gives us peace and security. If this type of orchid sparks your curiosity, keep reading. We are sharing some amazing facts about the Flower of the Holy Spirit.Click the link to read more about this flower: you have a Good Friday & Happy Easter!Spread your spiritual wings and“be the change”the world has been waiting for! Rev Kat

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  1. This article made me make a very important connection I had missed to some degree and that's the direct causal relationship of working in service to others and higher levels of consciousness. I had been thinking the higher level of consciousness causes the will to serve others…and no doubt this is true…but the connection goes the other way also. The doing of service PRODUCES a higher vibration. Everyone knows that doing a selfless deed causes a good feeling, but to think that a continuous life of service makes that permanent is wonderful. Although Americans are generous and caring by nature as are most humans, we have been ENTRAINED to be "me first" by the dark lords with their consume/get/spend/compete/achieve matrix, we often don't necessarily connect that. Most of us think a life of service is an act of sacrifice!


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