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We are arriving at a Y-junction

by Katharina Bless

Now we have no retrograde planets and things move forward. The energy of the Moon in Virgo in opposition to the Sun in Pisces with Chiron and Venus in exact conjunction indicates that a lot is happening, but not yet completely visible to the public. There is a lot of work being done still in the background. As you can see from the chart, practically all the planets are connected through direct aspect or connection through another planet. There is confusion and anger growing and boiling over, as you can see in the many big demonstrations of millions of people in many countries.

Still, this energy flow allows things to run more smooth, even though we have the two orange Karma aspects which shows the tension and insecurity of people. How can it be different? How can we be sure about any thing? We have been lied to for millennia and need to unlearn every thing we knew. This is a process that is reflected in Pisces, there is nothing we can hold on, the only solution is to listen to the heart and the inner wisdom. Not it’s the time we have to surrender to our divine guidance and be alert and ready to do what every it takes.

It’s the time that you have to decide (if you have not before) which road you want to travel, we are arriving at a Y-junction. Go right or left?

Many people will suddenly, kind of out of the blue, remember something from the past, some hurt and pain surfaces and in case of chronic illness, it might flare up and become acute again. This is the only way it can heal and the poison that is stuck somewhere can be eliminated. If you want to make this process happening faster if you have severe symptoms, consider a time of fasting. You can go on line, there are many ways to fast, one of my favoured ways is juice fasting because the juices from certain fruits and veggies also help to push out poison. But make sure you get organic fruits and veggies and when you are in the process of fasting, dilute them with water to make sure there is not too much sugar!

I used to do long fasting periods to heal myself from rheumatic fever and was very successful. I took a fruit juice in the morning, veggie juice at noon and another juice, mixed veggie and fruit (green juice) pineapple or/and apple with green herbs in the early evening. Beside I took bentonite and psyllium husk to make sure to replace the fiber. Make sure you also use colon irrigation to flush out all the poison. I did heal myself and the rheumatic illness never came back. I was in constant pain then and one day I couldn’t walk anymore. This was 35 years ago and since then I learned how to nourish myself more properly and also stopped to take any allopathic medicine.

Th conjunction of Venus and Chiron with the sun is very powerful! With the opposition to the Moon in Virgo, connected with Chiron, it is a really great opportunity to move into a deeper healing and detox.

Yesterday in my Telegram group update I wrote: “I feel very strong an energy of “giving up”, not in the sense or resignation or despair, but literally giving it up to the higher “upstairs teams” to handle. I feel a strong readiness for things to happen. Is it going to happen on the Easter weekend?”

Next Friday the Moon is in Scorpio, the transition sign and on Saturday/Sunday moving through Sagittarius. Since Mercury is in conjunction with Neptune and moving into Pisces next Wednesday, it makes also sense that the time quality is not something that the mind can completely comprehend. We have to relay on feelings and act upon them without analysing them. In a way it is a bit similar to a retrograde Mercury, but not in an active way. But in any case it’ snot a time to start new adventures, but to stay alert and in a meditative alpha state of consciousness as much as you can.

It is the time to heal ourselves not only on a physical level, but we also need to remove all the belief systems and habits. Once the Med Beds are coming, we will have a powerful help to transform and understand more about our symptoms. I just can recommend once again that you get the book from Thorwald Dethlefsen: “The Healing Power of illness” and study it carefully. Please make sure you read the introduction pages first, otherwise the interpretation in the second part of the book don’t make any sense! This book helped me to free myself from the false beliefs of the medical tyranny and take back my power!

The aspects coming from the Moon are indicating that in the background (unseen to the masses) are forces working on our liberation. Especially the blue trine points toward this, when we see Mars in conjunction with the North Node. The noon also is connected with Saturn, some things might not really seem to be beneficial, but looking back people will understand that they were needed and are necessary to reach a break through for humanity. Since Jupiter is also in Capricorn, the expansion that is happening is more “underground” which shows us that the rescue mission in the DUMBS is not done yet, Jupiter will enter Aquarius on the 28th of April. This could be a date of a great leap.

Every one has to bring the sacrifice of moving away from the old habits, which might be difficult in the beginning, but they are very liberating. One day you might not understand anymore why you had certain beliefs, they will seem so obtuse!


Wishing you a blessed Full Moon and Easter Week

Mandala Carrie Chau from Hong Kong was making in a Soma Mandala Retreat

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