Dear Benjamin,

I follow your videos and newsletter ever since the beginning of the scamdemic and find it outstandingly accurate.

However, I am Israeli and I do not understand who are the zionists that you keep talking about.

In Israel, zionist is a term used to define the jews that returned to Israel after 2000 years in exile, following the Jewish faith Zion was the land promised to the Jews by God and temporarily taken for 2000 years.

IN Israel, the use of the term Zionists does not refer to any violent group of people that seek the destruction of others as suggested by you.

Can you kindly define who are the zionists, who is heading them, where do they operate from, what are their goals, whats their relation to Israel so also do they pose any threats to the Israeli citizens otherwise who do they target and why?

Thank you,



Dear PC

First of all, rest assured that the people of the world will guarantee there will never be another holocaust. The Jews will be allowed to live peacefully in their own homes now and forever.

Now for some hard truth. First of all, a holocaust is a burnt offering to Moloch, otherwise known as Ba’al or Set. This is known to the Christians as Satan. During World War II, the Jews of Europe were killed as a burnt offering to Moloch.

The people I sometimes refer to as the Zionists are a specific group known as the Sabbattean or Frankist Jews. These people believe that it is up to them to make the prophecies of the holy books come true. They were funded and headed by the Rothschilds and other prominent pseudo-Jewish families. When the Jews of Europe refused to accept financial incentives to move to Israel, these people used one of their family members, a certain Adolf Hitler (Saxe Gotha) to force the Jews out of Europe on pain of death.

Imagine if a group of Chinese people were brainwashed into believing they were the true Franks and that France was their ancestral homeland. At first, some of these Chinese fanatics moved to France and bought land around Brittany. Then when the locals refused to move, they started burning their villages and forcing them out.

In China meanwhile, many of the Chinese Frankists did not want to leave their ancestral homeland to go to France. For this reason, their rulers set up a dictator who started killing them and forcing them to flee. At the same time, the rulers bribed leaders in other countries not to accept them. The only place they could flee to was their “ancestral homeland,” of France.

This is what happened to the Ashkenazi Jews, including members of my Polish and German Jewish family who were either killed or forced to flee their ancestral European homeland by the Nazis (National Socialist Zionists). They opposed the Sabbatteans, saying only God did God’s work and it was blasphemy for humans to try to take on this task. That is why they were persecuted and killed.
The Jews need to understand it was Satan-worshipping pseudo-Jews who were behind the holocaust.

The worst part of it is that these are still trying to start a war between Gog and Magog in order to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the survivors. I did not read about this on some sort of internet “conspiracy site,” I was invited to join them in this plot by representatives of David Rockefeller. I have the tapes to prove it. There is plenty of other rock-solid evidence showing this plot is very real.

The forensic trail shows that the leadership of this cult of death has its headquarters in the Rothschild family complex near Zug, Switzerland. They are now being systematically hunted down and brought to justice.

Another thing the Jews need to realize is that the inhabitants of the Ghettos were not only Jews. The most persecuted group of all were the atheists, who lived in the Ghettos as well. Another group was descendants of the Carthaginians, who practice child sacrifice. They appear in the Book of Ruth. It was the murder of children by this sect that was often the trigger for pogroms and persecutions.

The true ancestral homeland of the Khazars or Ashkenazi Jews is roughly correspondent with present-day Poland and the Ukraine. If the Ashkenazi really wish to return to their ancestral homeland, then that is where they should go. The Palestinians are the original inhabitants of the region who at a certain point in history converted to Islam.

However, the Jews in Israel are now living in their spiritual homeland and deserve to be allowed to continue to live there in peace. They just have to reach a fair deal with the Palestinians. This could be done either by giving them Israeli citizenship or creating a viable Palestinian homeland. Israel also needs to make peace with its’ neighbors.

In any case, out of respect for the peaceful and law-abiding Jews in Israel, from now on I will stop using the term Zionist interchangeably with the Khazarian mafia, the term I use to describe the Satanic cult pretending to be Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc. I will refer to the specific group that is trying to provoke Armageddon as the Chabad death cult.

However, the Jews need to learn there is no such a thing as a Goyim or a Gentile. God does not choose a people, we are all god’s children.

In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, I am fighting to free my people from thousands of years of enslavement by a Satan-worshipping cult.




Dear Benjamin,

How do you explain that Bibi is still up and running looking like himself, sounds like himself and acts like himself?

He is alive alright. Take a look at his page. He holds meetings with others and is being himself. I do visual – it’s him alright.



Dear PC

My Mossad sources in Israel say otherwise. Please don’t believe everything you see on a screen.

I will issue a correction when I get human intelligence indicating he is still around. Otherwise, I stand my ground.




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  1. Dear PC, Interesting link to your question, Website 'Atlantean Gardens' by: Robert Sepehr, Title: 'Secret History of Temple Society' jump to 8 minute in & will bring you to a spiritual cooperation that dates back to 1868 between Germany & jews. It also brings you to the years 1933-1939 & 'The Transfer Agreement' also known as 'Haavara' in your 'Judaica Encyclopedia.'

  2. Hitler was 25% Jewish according to the Russians, which I can believe. What might make sense is that he was allied with the Jewish Royal families of Europe, who are opposed by the world Jews (Gnostic Illuminati etc.). That is a historical conflict.
    I suggest to Fulford that the ancient home of the Khazars was the east end of Ukraine. They probably shared it with Scythians. The western was descendents of the Medes (Media), who are the Ukrainians.
    Russians have nothing but trouble understanding all this, very deficient. Those who established the Kievan empire were Norsemen, who brought the word Rus with them. The word hung around the area, but it never meant present-day Russians. Russians are of Meschech and Tubal, who were chased out of Mesopotamia for causing constant trouble for neighbours (as they still do), and almost annihilated. They were relegated to the farthest reaches of nowhere land to the north-east. But they think they are the Rus of Kiev and have an insane compulsion to take control of Ukraine. Somebody has to send Putin a memo.

  3. A jew named ((( Benjamin Fullford))), publishing letters concerninf the ((( Jews ))), stating that Hitler was a Jew and forgetting that Jews were sent to israel or expelled because they ((( KVETCH ))). See Benjamin himself is a Jew who used to KVETCH in Japan and the Jews in the USA wether Israelites, just Jews, sleepy Jews, or part of the conspiracy Jews are all Kvetching.

    I am so done with this individual and I do not know why this is allowed on this website.

    Hitler never was a Jew. Read the Secret Story of the Thulegesselshaft and you will know. Hitler is the only man to have ever jailed a Rotschild. Fullford stop your nonsense. Stop innocently pretending that you are NOT Jewish and work for Brittish Israelite forces. You are a Zionist otherwise you would havevtruly explained that pen pal of yours that Zionist is the Doctrine of the Shekkinah based on the Heart (Jews as Chosen People).

    I am done and PFC should be also.
    Take your Jew self and go KVETCH
    back to Japan another nation who
    Betrayed Germany and loyal Spirit

    • Please produce your proof of this reliable journalist’s Jewish-ness, either by maternal lineage or conversion record. You may include links to his reports. We’re waiting to defend your ad-hominems.
      Ultranationalism will not save you from the jahannam.

      • Does his own admission count?

        Check paragraph 6 of Fulford's first response on this page.

        "This is what happened to the Ashkenazi Jews, including members of my Polish and German Jewish family…"

        Pretty screamingly obvious.

        But the fun is not in pointing out your intellectual laziness or moral onanism, the fun is in watching you defend the ad-hominems as promised.

        Or was that just hubris as well?

  4. Thank you! very interesting. I am Ukrainian and in Ukraine they speak badly of Jews. Now I understand why: the pseudo-Jews turned the whole world upside down and called it the truth. God help them!

    • Inna, I'm sure you are aware of the 30 Million Ukrainians Genocide by man made starvation, between 1932-1933 known as the 'Holodomor.' This was led by Lazar Kaganovich, devoted servant of Josef Stalin. Lazar was the first Secretary of Communist party of the Ukraine SSR. There is an interesting video up on website 'Forbidden Knowledge' titled: 'Farmers Fight Back/French Croatians protest Seed Law & Takeover Food' (production). 5 minute in Ukraine is mentioned & history of Stalin's roll. Thought you would be interested.

  5. Thank you, PFC and Benjamin Fulford, for such an excellent and polite response to an equal polite letter. It's not always in such a manner, that Benjamin addresses issues of that calibre.


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