In today’s interview recorded on the 14th April 2021 (US), we welcome Benjamin back and get a whirlwind tour of info about the death of Prince Phillip, what’s happening with the failing cabal and where to track down guilty culprits in Switzerland. He again shares some insight of the folks that he speaks with first hand who are part of the P3 lodge in Rome and gives us warnings about the cabal plan for triggering Armageddon and WWIII, which he assures us is failing again. He also clears up a little on the state of the pandemic numbers and offers a theory on if the shots are real or not. We also talk briefly about misinformation and a break in occurs at Benjamin’s location during the conversation.

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  1. The 4th Dimension has 12 levels ranging from the sublime to the Demonic. The further down the 4D scale, the more important bloodlines become. The further up the 4D scale, the more the soul's Divine consciousness shines through.

  2. Unfortunately those who want the vaxxine were brainwashed to believe that their vaxxine will not work unless the rest of the world is vaxxinated. If you ask them a question why did you get the vaxxine that dosn't work, their brains begin to melt. So unfortunately, the path Ben suggest to take with these vaxxines is not going to work for it requires two rational sides. Unfortunately in this dialog one side is irrational, this is why they are called covidiots.

  3. BTW that ship that blocked the Suez Canal before it entered it, made a big dick path if you look at the GPS tracking. Who was this penis for?

  4. You people keep saying the US is falling behind ,well where do you think Japan, China,Russia Got the major part of all their technology, From US thanks to their spies and Hillary who robed the lax US of every thing that wasn’t nailed down, but there was and is loads of things that were not taken ,most of the really good things were ignored by spies because they thought they were fictional

  5. The world is going crazy. Illuminati is scheming some thing very bad.
    Please donate to me.
    I will use the money to care for the poor people in Africa.
    How does any of the above makes sense?
    My apologies for expressing my view if that somehow is offensive.


    • There has been too much deception, both lying and omissions of critical information, for fully informed consent. Fully informed consent has been an ethical imperative since at least the Nuremberg trials, and most likely before that. Fraud vitiates all, and I pray there will be a Nuremberg 2 event to hold accountable all the fraudsters, propagandists, murderers and manipulative agents of coerced submission. Massive crimes against humanity are being committed even as I write these words.

      The lying propaganda claiming people must sacrifice their freedom for a tiny bit of perceived "safety" is false in several ways, and therefore in violation of the Nuremberg Protocol. The VAST majority of jabbers withhold the critical information that these jabs deliver an EXPERIMENTAL genetic therapy substance which has not been proven either safe or effective in properly designed animal, then human trials. Instead, those submitting to the jabs are serving as lab animals, AND MOST ARE NOT TOLD THIS prior to consenting.

      Another massive ethical violation is the denial of already-known side effects, and the failure to inform those who are submitting to the jabs. People are also NOT being told that they will have zero recourse for redress of grievances if they become a side-effect statistic from the jab. The doctors, clinics/hospitals, and manufacturers are all shielded from ANY liability in case of injuries from the jabs.

      The most blatant lying is calling these experimental gene therapy jabs "vaccines," because they do not fit the notion of "vaccines" that most people have come to believe: (1) Vaccines are thought to prime the immune system and PREVENT the infection by the targeted disease; (2) Vaccines are thought to prevent the SPREAD of the targeted disease. In BOTH cases, the Covid19 jabs fail the test. People ARE contracting Covid AFTER being "fully vaccinated," and not only are they spreading the disease, but their bodies are creating mutations of the disease. There are accounts emerging daily now about how these many "variants" are being created and spread by those who have become "fully vaccinated." So, in effect, people whose DNA remains their own are at great risk from those who have submitted to the jabs; but those who have allowed their DNA to be infiltrated by nanotechnology have NOTHING to fear from those with fully-human DNA.

      Beyond all the speculation about just what the hydrogels and nanotech chips in the test swabs and jabs will do to the recipients, there remains the omitted truth that the changes wrought are permanent. The people pushing the needles into people's arms, and those shoving adulterated test swabs up people's noses and arses, are all "just following orders" and deserve their Nuremberg sentences at the tribunals.

      The Nuremberg Protocol insists and emphasizes that ALL experiments on human subjects MUST have PRIOR, fully-informed consent. The myriad minions of swab-swashbucklers and needle-rapers are committing crimes against humanity, and they ALL deserve harsh sentences for their crimes, ESPECIALLY those who conceived, planned, engineered and executed said crimes.

  7. Will you please remove the music from the intro. I have a hearing disability and cannot discern too many sounds, so the intro means nada to me!

  8. Despite the somewhat unclear evidence and factual proof of what he's sharing, I do like Benjamin Fulford. Today, when he so called "freaked out" when his dog came in the house, and grinned, I noticed how much his face changes, when he smiles. Or grins. That's when he shows himself much.
    I sense that he's gone through many hoops, and managed to overcome many obstacles, still keeping a good sense of humour. The dry sort of mirth, that is present in seasoned sailors who've seen the world, and in admirals who served in combat first, and also witnessed much in the world of war. Not the cartel-admirals though, which are called that name by Tierry Baudet, the new kid on the block in Dutch parliament. He's throwing "the bludgeon into the chicken-coop" as we say in The Netherlands.

  9. Here is the missing link pertaining to Queen Elizabeth: 'Atlantean Gardens' website, by Robert Sepehr, Titled: 'Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, related to the Prophet Muhammad' (whom was Aryan). please note, if you wish to go down this rabbit hole, it does makes sense since we do know King Solomon, who also was Aryan, married a dark race & produced 700 bloodline… This to me, is where we always had witnessed conflict between White Europeans (whom are Aryans) & Arabs. Rightfully so, there has always been people on both sides that did not agree with this mixed arrangement.

  10. Putting Benjamin Interview Into Context – What We Didn’t Discuss

    Hey friends, Benjamin cut this interview short but I had a bunch more questions. What we talked about got me thinking of some other things that all connect. I decided to write a follow-up to Benjamin Fulford interview with some considerations that appeared to me.

    As a follow-up to the interview I conducted with Benjamin Fulford on US Weds April 14, our time was cut short and it is important to put this information out there as an addendum.

    Several topics weren’t touched upon that I would’ve liked to get to that I mentioned at the top of the interview: state of the war, financial stuff (the global financial situation), the US presidential election fallout and how Asia is preparing and poised to be the beneficiary of Great Reset.

    Taking points of reference from his recent postings and connecting the dots to the world events, there are points to consider of a path that may be leading the US ruin. And as we should all be aware, the US – with its Constitution and 2nd Amendment, is the last bastion of hope for the world at this moment. Should America and what she stands for falls, then the world would be at the hands of the Globalists who are aggressively pushing for their long desired outcome for a new world order. Otherwise, dressed up as “build back better” and the “great reset.”

    I was ready to ask Benjamin about the comment that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jaime Diamond made that Benjamin posted in his most recent post article:

    “America has faced tough times before…This time may be different….The Chinese see an America that is losing ground in technology, infrastructure and education – a nation torn and crippled by politics, as well as racial and income inequality – and a country unable to coordinate government policies (fiscal, monetary, industrial, regulatory) in any coherent way to accomplish national goals.  Unfortunately, recently, there is a lot of truth to this.  Their long-term thinking and competent, consistent leadership have outshone America in so many ways.

    Almost all institutions – governments, schools, media, and businesses – have lost credibility in the eyes of the public.  Americans know that something has gone terribly wrong, and they blame this country’s leadership:

    We need a comprehensive, multi-year national Marshall Plan, and we must strive for healthy growth.  Proper budgeting and planning – on a multi-year basis – should be implemented at all levels of government.”

    Unfortunately, as has been recently shown, there is a lot of truth to his statement. China’s long-term thinking and competent, consistent leadership have outshone America in so many ways.

    Almost all institutions – governments, schools, media, and businesses – have lost credibility in the eyes of the public. Americans know that something has gone terribly wrong, and they blame this country’s leadership.

    I wanted to ask Benjamin, something to the effect of: We were talking in September and October (if I recall correctly) about the state of the US. debt and the Repo market and how the economy was being held up by money magic, bandaids, staples, glue, tape and scraps of paper. We have seen that:

    • Bitcoin has skyrocketed

    The US has printed money like there’s no end to the reserve of credit that they can take out

    Reports show that in 2020, of all the money in circulation in the US, 20% of it had been printed in the year of 2020 of course resulting in unpayable debt in our future

    That debt that will be passed on to US citizens as future taxes

    The SEC stepping in to block the GameStop and AMC sell-offs by Robin Hood investors

    The rise in the price of oil and the stalemate in the price of gold and silver

    All of these issues combined or singularly mean the death of the US as it were and certainly adding fuel to the fire would be the disaster economy that has shuddered many businesses in the US that will receive the final fait accompli if and when there’s a 3rd COVID strain which we are being warned about and fully expect to come about as a result of the vaccines and increase in testing.

    All these elements are related.

    I would have liked to get his perspective on this.

    Combine the state of the global economy and add in the Asian factor, and the stage has been set for
    a) the toppling of America, and
    b) the transition of power to Asian factions, ultimately resulting in the NWO wet dream of China Joe Biden’s handoff to China and the long-promised US of China scenario.

    Going back to the statement of Jaime Diamond, what has happened with the succession of President’s before Donald Trump was the globalist plan of offshoring US manufacturing and jobs – particularly in the high-tech part manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. The loss of jobs allows for the class divide and income chasm we’re seeing magnified because of the pandemic, while the importing of our vast infrastructure technology and parts from semiconductors to sim cards, to relay towers, to servers, to CPUs and every point of contact in the Internet of Everything – it is widely created by slave labor for prices unattainable by US manufacturers BY OUR ENEMY.

    What Mr. Diamond is soberly pointing out and is perhaps finally realizing or disclosing their plan, is that the US has nearly lost this war. It is undoubtedly highly plausible that much of the imported goods from Asia that run our technology in the US and are critically vital to our infrastructure come with back door access that will provide major cyber security threats to us in the US. How those threats play out, I’ll let your imaginations run wild with that, but consider surveillance as your new keeper and the possibility of any technological grid going down: electric, communications, banking, retail hacks, etc. There’s always the possibility of 5G system overrides which could flat out turn our communications towers into high frequency weapons – though one would like to believe that this potential problem has been addressed by the “alliance.”

    The scenario above plays into the plan of the globalist otherwise thought of as the cabal because the US has been the land of plenty and prosperity for too long. The milk cow has been milked and those of our members and readers who’ve been paying attention know that the time for change, either due to cosmic reasons or due to the cycle of the US petrodollar as the global currency reserve has hit its expiration date. Thus, the financial shenanigans and also the need for the globalists to go to war.

    Enter Benjamin’s report and our discussion on the cabal trying to start war through their usual proxies or puppets:
    Iran (really controlled by Israel),
    Ukraine (controlled by corruption), and
    Myanmar (seemingly at the hands of the CCP, but the CCP controlled by the global financial cabal whom Benjamin identifies as holed up in some types of deep underground bunkers under Lake Geneva, Switzerland. According to Benjamin, located at these coordinates: headquarters of the Octogon group: 46.4555, 6.60052

    At this point, I wanted to connect back to Benjamin’s statements and our conversation about the Vatican and Jerusalem – where the other factions of power lay. These factions being Satanic power puppets. I wanted to get into Benjamin’s claim of the cabal predicting the return of the Messiah and that they would be jumping on the return of Christ campaign. The issue with this claim is that they have clearly already set the stage for the conditions to welcome their messiah, Lucifer, back to the Synagogue of Satan, which according to prophecy is going to be at the 3rd Temple at Jerusalem. What most people miss, is that this temple, to the degree that it can reconvene the Sanhedrin is already built. ,

    The Sanhedrin have already been meeting in this underground temple in preparations for welcoming back their messiah, the eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth, vengeful god. Now who does this sound like? This is what Benjamin does speak about in our interview, but from a different perspective. His perspective talks about, as he often does, the return of the Prince of Darkness that will spring us into Armageddon days which other reports had pegged for 2021 – thus, Agenda 21 and Event 201. In occult terms, 0 has is always no value, thus we can observe that Event 201, the event that coordinated the plan of attack for the rollout of the “surprise pandemic,” and it’s overall response, was effectively the kick-off of Event 21 – the year of rolling out their New World Order plans, in their attempt to bring humanity to its knees and prepare the situation for the Big Show (aka Armageddon). And Armageddon would be what it seems like should their plans prevail: global pandemic, global shutdown, population control, population reduction, disaster capitalism and a seizure of assets due to the wartime (the war against the virus) economy which leaves much of humanity picking up the debt levied on world governments by the defense fund that’s feverishly trying to buy up PPE products, vaccines, surveillance sensors, new medical equipment (remember the millions spent building makeshift hospitals, and ventilators?). It’s all been a scam. But we know this. The problem is getting that information out to others.

    • Hello Gerry, I understand what you're saying, and I've noticed in former reports by Benjamin Fulford, that his opinion of President Trump isn't that positive. I have high hopes for that president's role and effect, but I know that there's a chance that I'm disinformed. I'm a work in progress.

      For me, with all the things that CAN be said, and found, the evidence of lies and truth, pointed at and concluded, I'm living with a strong impression that, the more arguments, bickering, accusations, misleading and manipulative efforts, in politics and other systems of power/money, are put on the table, on the stage of our Global Theatre, the more it will lead to a gagging of all speakers, gradually, until a force, maybe called a collective "being" gaining strength due to the flowering of human consciousness takes over.

      I've got this vision with me, since March 2020, that an event, some sort of "turn of our global fate", will silence the turmoil on that stage with actors, dwelling on self-importance often. By some force, It's disempowering all participants in such a way that a reality will begin to show up where abuse of power/money won't have a chance to be present. It's more about dis-empowering as in falling silent, than a full out battle, rattling sabres. There's been lots of it already, life itself has had enough.

      And that a Cosmic Humour will take care of it in such a way that there's be an absence of a vengeful power, ready to crack the whip. No more violence. To me, it seems that an immense transformation of energy, of restored quality of life, is taking place right now, invisible to most of us. Even I myself, haha, standing on my orange crate, won't pretend to "know it all" and how it'll unfold.

      But there's a process going on, as I perceive it, where there's more of an implosion, with hardly a sound, like a house of cards, falling down, or a sandcastle dissolving in the surf of an upcoming tide.
      To me, the winner IS known already, the tide cannot turn by command of any human being, or entity, serving the destruction of life and love. That's how I perceive it.

      As much as I'm informing myself on the larger picture, reading, watching, pondering, as much I'm learning to discern what I can navigate and what needs to be left unnoticed. I don't need to save the world on my own. 😄


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