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Defender of the light. PFC Council member. Plantary liberation and human empowerment is my thing. On the path, come on along!

Weekend Awakenings Saturday, January 14, 2023 – Curse Removal Updates...

Weekend Awakenings Invites you to a public zoom call  Saturday, January 14, 2023 10 am Pacific / 12 pm Central and Canada / 1 pm Eastern 6...

Rob Potter Interview: Victory of the Light and Restoration Planning

Rob declares Victory of the Light and gives some deep information from his contacts. We discuss what's next and do some Restoration Planning starter...

Liz Truss to Quit as UK Prime Minister Only 45 Days...

By Pippa Crerar and Peter Walker Liz Truss is to issue a statement resigning as prime minister after just 45 days, following the near-complete evaporation of her...

Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Regime

By Jim HoftJoe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ is not working as planned, or is it?Gas prices are at record highs, the economy is in...

It’s Not Just Us in the Universe

By Aurora RayIt is time for humanity to explore the option that there are a multitude of intelligent lifeforms who have achieved a much...

The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program

The Kissinger Continuum By Johnny Vedmore UNLIMITED HANGOUT The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, Klaus Schwab’s supposed brainchild, is actually an almost exact replica of...

California Makes it Illegal for Doctors to Disagree with Politicians

By Dr. Joel Zinberghttps://youtu.be/CZ03vz7pi68Conformity of thought is now required whether it is online, on college campuses, or, if you are in California, in a...

Weekend Awakenings – Rules for Revolution & Sit Rep

PFC members Elaine and Kat join our host to review the plans that the Cabal use to fight the current war. The tactics are...

How to prepare for Ascension: Aurora Ray

Ascension means the opportunity to experience the glorious bliss and beauty of the higher levels of consciousness. It is a beautiful but challenging journey.You...

Dr. Richard Presser Interview: Defense of Planet Earth

Dr. Richard Presser is joined us awhile back to discuss a device that he’s helped create with the intention of restoring the planet. Great...

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