Scott McKay’s Powerful Interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters: Global Declaration of War: Parabellum. Bishop Gaiters explains the long history of the Kazarian cabal, the Vatican and how we arrived where we are today. Excellent historic intel.



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  1. Scott McKay is and has been consistently a real human on every level that all of us should aspire to be. He speaks the truth and puts everything on the line for the good of the human race & our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Bishop Larry is new to me but his honesty and knowledge of truth and history is magnetizing. I will definitely be listening to him more. May God keep you both protected and safe, God bless you both.

  2. The interview between Scott McKay and the Bishop was awesome! Thank you for all you’re doing to get the truth out.

  3. I was blown away ! What a remarkable man the Bishop is ! To finally hear Truth I’m so grateful to both Scott and The genius Bishop.

    Thank you

  4. Scott McKay wastes too much time connecting to the Bishop. He should have things ready to go before starting the video. I don't have all day to watch Scott McKay fiddle around and talk shit. I feel he does not respect my time and attention and I no longer even want to watch the interview.

    • That's pretty shallow and petty, Kaylyn. What other life events have you missed out on with thst attitude? You do know that DS shills are continually trying to take him down, right? Maybe you're one of them tring to dissuade people from watching? From where I am standing, dealing with a couple of minutes of annoying fiddling is nothing compared to the portent of this discussion. You really passed on that because of "fiddling around and talking shit?" You really think he did it just to disrespect people? Couldn't possibly be due to the fact that the DS doesn't want us knowing anything about them and is trying to take down this interview before it even gets started, probably because they heard the astounding amount of info revealed in the first part of the interview, oh. hell, no, come on, man!


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