A letter sent by a PFC subscriber to his daughter, perhaps it can help with your son/daughter.

Hello my darling Liz,Yes Liz we disagree.

I believe COVID is a war for your soul.To protect my soul from all assaults on my purpose and character I apply a basic rule of thumb to everything I think and do. I try to begin every thought or action with this question. Do my intentions and actions emanate from fear or love? If I can honestly answer this question then my soul is never in danger and I am free to “walk about the cabin.” I fail often to follow this principle but for me COVID is a no-brainer. It is an obvious media and government deception and IMO, it is starting to unravel.

Thousands of scientists and medical people and professionals are speaking out against COVID and are suffering financial consequences and censorship for doing so. Even though mainstream and social media are on the hunt to label all those that disagree with the official position as domestic terrorists, yet the truth surge continues to grow. Does 9/11, terrorism and the Patriot Act haunt you? It does me.IMO we are in the midst of a global media propaganda war which includes blatant censorship, lockdowns and fascist government mandates. 

Be under no illusion that both NPR, Democracy Now and your local media outlets are part of this “end of times” scandal. This is a spiritual war of biblical proportions. A diabolical death culture is after your life force energy and your soul. These COVID mandates are a direct assault on the forces of living by the forces of fear & death.I know it s hard to contemplate a deception so massive and so diabolical, but do not forget history.Hitler coined the term, The Big Lie when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kamp to describe the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.

These mandates are right out of Hitler’s playbook. What do you make of them?Not being able to hug my own daughter or my grandkids, my friends, my family or go to church, a bar or a movie, a sporting event, a dance, on a date, or hold hands, go to a party or a pot luck supper, or to assemble in protest, to freely travel, or to freely speak… all these things are part of living and my right to life. They are not to be controlled by government.

Lockdowns damage our immune systems, ruin our economies and kill thousands of people whose medical treatments have been postponed due to COVID. They have increased suicides and spousal abuse as well as the public’s mental health by being forced to live in isolation with distancing and these no touch rules. According to ABC News The WHO itself is now challenging these lockdowns. Love means touching, hugging, kissing, dancing, dancing, discussing and questioning things that make no sense.

We should be able to do this without the fear of censorship and or police oppression. What am I missing?Have you noticed that all of media is reporting: died “OF COVID,” but according to the CDC itself, only 6% of COVID deaths are exclusively from the COVID virus and not other comorbidity’s such as TB, Cancer, Pneumonia, Diabetes, heart disease etc. The media always reports, died “OF COVID” instead of the true report, died “WITH COVID.”

Imagine if media said, died “WITH COVID” 94% of the time and “OF COVID” only 6% of the time. One’s impression would be a tad different – n’estpa? We are surround by fear mongering. is plastered all over TV. Every news cast begins with it and it is even discussed and or pictured on almost every commercial. I thought Bush and terrorism was bad. COVID is 9/11 and terrorism on steroids. Liz, remember I covered the false flu pandemic of 2009 during my film “Deceptions.” Remember it was called H1N1, otherwise known as the Swine Flu. The CDC was caught falsifying positive test results (lying) that was exposed bySharyl Attkisson on CBS’s 60 minutes.

This time the same lie swirls around Rockefeller funded PCR tests. These tests, as noted by the New York Times are yielding up to90%false positive results. Liz do you truly think an asymptomatic healthy person breathing through his nose at the supermarket while you distance and wear a mask puts you or Levi at risk?To add to the absurdity if you actually get COVID, according toWebMD99.75% of the time you will make a full recovery. And then there are the poor kids. I feel so so sorry for them.

They all get colds and they cough and they sneeze, but now they will be doing so into wet masks that restrict their breathing and trap these germs onto wet surfaces that they then breath directly down their throats and into their lungs. Strep throat, gum disease and bacterial pneumonia anyone?Strapping petri-dishes around kid’s faces should be a criminal offense. Mandating masksf or children that have almost a zero incidence of COVID should be a crime against humanity. Gov Scott and other government officials should be facing prosecution for such.Liz

I am so sorry that this world has come to be such a heinous place to live. IMO Chemtrails, 5G, COVID, Lockdowns, mandatory masks and vaccines are part of an interconnected strategy for control of this planet and world domination by a small cult of very sick, very rich and very powerful occult criminal bloodlines which includes the Rothschilds, The Rockefellers and the Gates Foundation along with the assistance of other evil and dark forces that go back centuries. This is Fourth Reich stuff.

I have lost you and my entire family due to these media whores and the Big Lie. Much of the world does not dare or is too brainwashed to challenge authority and the indirectly or directly “paid experts” from the WHO and the CDC. Most Americans just cannot accept a scandal of this magnitude. Cigarettes, smoking and the lying CEO’s are the closest example I can think of, although … Pedophilia, Banking, 9/11 & the “air is safe to breathe'”, The Patriot Act, Manufactured Terrorism, Chemtrails and 5G are right up there.

Most people cannot connect or cope with the notion that their life force energy, their souls, their invisible force of love and consciousness energy, their true essence, their purpose for being has been under attack their entire life.As of today the COVID vaccine has not yet been fully tested. It has been released under emergency guidelines based on a pandemic threat that can be easily disproved. Show the public the cycle counts on the PCR tests for all the positive deaths and case counts and watch the numbers drop like a rock.

What happens to this world crisis then?The fake pandemic will soon be ending in VT and this horrible vaccine will be given credit for lowering case counts that were already low. There was never a real emergency. PCR tests with bogus false positives will be kept quiet by government and media as long as possible. Stay vigilant the Nazi’s have not yet left the building and the incriminating research has yet to come out. Who knows what they could still do? Liz regardless of our differences on COVID I love you and will continue to love you. I hope our love will always resonant beyond any virus.I am not trying to convince you of anything, just attempting to show you that my choices are grounded in facts that resonate with me as I am sure yours do for you.In the interim I will not offer my opinions on COVID unless asked.

Lots of love Dad

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  1. Great post I could have written that letter myself and we all know what it is like to have family oppose us over this who are still brainwashed and asleep. it was a good letter and hit the nail square on the head – well done & God bless


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