25 Insane, crazy agendas Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will push on America if they seize power after rigging the elections

By Mike Adams, After rigging the elections and staging the January 6th false flag “riot” at the capitol building in D.C., Democrats have some horrifying plans to roll out in their quest to achieve a full-blown Orwellian nightmare future for America… or at least what’s left of it. With the rule of law now utterly … Read more


By The All That Is. The attitude of surrender is possibly the most powerful of all the spiritual principles on the path to wholeness. In essence, we are already whole, yet the fractured character structures, formed in each beings’ development, creates destructive, abusive and dis-empowered personalities that must be acknowledged and released, before higher states … Read more

Girl challenges hate crime ‘record’ when no crime committed

From WND.com: A schoolgirl in the United Kingdom is challenging the practice of police creating a record of a “hate crime” even if there is no crime. The 14-year-old girl, Miss B, explains, “We can’t live in fear that everything we say at school may be recorded somewhere on our records, simply because someone else … Read more

Solstice Reading, Dec 21, 2020

Time Quality reading with the Real Star constellations – by Katharina Bless The sun has moved into Sagittarius and the moon is in Pisces. The alignment of the planets and the exact conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter are not such rare happenings! Both, Saturn and Jupiter just moved into the first degree of Capricorn and signalize … Read more