Funeral Homes are saying the only ones dying are those taking the vaccine.
Funeral Directors around the world are now speaking out and are confirming what everyone has known except those still asleep.

Directors are reporting that hospitals are virtually empty and that no one is dying of covid.
It’s all a lie to deceive the public into prompting them to get the vaccine which is not in reality, a vaccine.

They are saying that come the Winter season, the vaccinated will begin dying in droves all around the world.



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  1. I wonder where this is happening, is it Britain? Unfortunately, there's not enough evidence, with written reports, numbers, etc. Aren't we constantly bombarded with so called "reports"? All journalism can be compromised, it's become a tangled mass/mess, when present in the virtual world.

    Why not take a bit more time before choosing subjects on PFC's pages? Verify source, and intention of messengers, publishers, and reporters? In a way, PFC publications seem to suffer from metal-tiredness. Or from trying to be informative in raised adrenalin levels, as if that's what has grown into a habit. The art of renewal within oneself, to step out of the familiar treadmill, and really watch one's own motive, and drive, should bring a spring in PFC's steps. There's dust-gathering here, covering what needs attention.

    The increase of negativity in comments of readers, or members here, my own complaint and feedback included, might be in sync with that metal-tiredness, see what I mean? Also in sync with an increase in safety measures, the Captcha procedure, repetitive endlessly. That defence mechanism may not bear fruit that is wished for. A tree where people walk by, kicking its trunk, shaking the branches, picking off the leaves, in anger, won't thrive, is it? Don't try to break iron with your hands?

    I guess I'm also, in general, tired and fed up with things that seem to happen far from where I am, and which aren't verifiable, really. Brits (and Irish folks) tend to make up all sorts of dramatic stories, half-awake in their discernment as well. Andy Heasy seems to be deep into religious subjects, promoting the Catholic Church and Bible studies on his site. I do know that the Irish are faithful to the Catholic Church, usually. But when I listen to Andy, talking to the bus driver who refuses to let him in, his endless arguing making the bus driver only angrier, obviously, is in high contrast with what Andy publishes on his site.

    I do recognize a strong sense of justice, with fury about an injustice done…. once upon a time. The Irish have suffered much, Andy may match with that collective pain. Many Irish men do, taking to drinking also. To me, Andy shows up as a tribal warrior who acts on instincts without learning to change his ways, as I perceive it.

    When he prefers life on the battlefield, he should expect to die there too. That's what I feel when I watch his picture on his site. Alas, until evidence of people dying from the vaccines only, is presented, officially, I don't buy it. Especially with Andy Shealy's fondness of dramatic talk.


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