In this video John Bush breaks down the specter of the digital immunity certificate and shares three solutions you can utilize to opt out of the passport tyranny. And if avoiding that technocratic nightmare weren’t motivation enough, you may just improve your life in the process. I’m telling you!

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  1. This man, John Bush, is exactly in my line of communication arrows, fast, fluent and funny without being childish, ha! In The Netherlands, the C-19 restrictions are lifted on June 26 insofar opening of all venues where groups of people are gathering. Also, facemasks will be removed, except where 1,5 meter distance isn't possible, like in public transport.
    The prime minister Mark Rutte has decided, in his wisdom, ahem, that all business, employers, venues may decided for themselves, if they use regulations such as proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test or proof of antibodies as a result of catching C-19.

    This decision is very clever, as far as the Dutch government doesn't have to take responsibility for measures on a national level within the Dutch society. Knowing very well, that protests in our country will possibly rise high, against a division in our society, creating quarrelling, jealousy, espionage, telling surveillants about liars, and attempts of falsification, all manner of resistance practices going underground, more or less.

    The Dutch government only decides to regulate the Dutch border procedures, in sync with international C-19 management, the use of "traffic lights" red-orange-green, such as Britain has chosen. The Netherlands are code "amber", between orange and yellow, and Britain is orange, a little more infectious than the Netherlands, so to speak.

    If it wasn't so destructive, all this pomp and circumstance around a pandemic that only exist as a name, the choice of names, and protocols are, at times, hilarious, true to the nature of fairy tales, or fables. Although they contain a dark side as well. How often have I entered a state of being, where I felt "This isn't real, this is one of many conveyor belts in life showing up with a narrative".
    And yet, I'm present fully in that folly. Aren't we living in extraordinary times? I'm okay with it 🧙‍♀️🤹‍♀️

  2. Great post, thank you very much! The solutions are more numerous than what seems to be the case, initially. My higher self has repeatedly assured me of this, despite moments of anxiety in the first half of 2020. Even in December 2019, the nudges to return to the Netherlands, were so strong, that I wondered about it. Why? What's the matter? I felt like going home but decided to wait a little more, saving money for the journey. Lo and behold, just in time avoiding a lockdown in Britain, exactly on March 11 2020 I arrived in London for the Eurostar train to the Netherlands, going through the North Sea Channel tunnel for the 1st time, seeing facemasks in the Railway Station of St. Thomas for the first time as well!

    This link shows how a blood test of Biozek is done, to see if antibodies are present.
    That'll save you from having to take the vaccine or from having a PCR-test.

    In the comment below the video is information about where to order this test, and for the Dutchies, there are testing days on June 26 and 27 in Baarn, although they're fully booked at present.
    It's likely that more testing days will follow. Here's the link


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