Dr Ardis Claims the FDA Knew About all the Adverse Events and Hid the Documents. Do you know that only 1% of the deaths are actually reported on the Vaers site. as of June 2021. 5100 deaths have been reported due to the vaccine. So according to Harvard. Only 1% are reported so that makes approximately 510,000 deaths in 6 months. The supposed total amount of deaths since covid-19 came into play is 610,000 deaths. What does that say about this so-called safe vaccine???? Slide 16 from the FDA is on the FDA web site and was available to the public. Now it’s been buried!!! but if you look hard enough you can still find slide 16.

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  1. I am just wondering what it is doing to aquatic life when people are peeing out these spike proteins it has been proven that this fake Covid from vaccines can spread in dead tissue at a fast rate. Do you think people who have taken that vaccine will live for 8 to 10 years? I have heard that almost all of them will be dead staring from 3 to 5 years and there is also UK government temporary tenders to store bodies from 2021-2025. people stop stepping up for it and stop presuming that you can trust the the government controlled medical profession. They do not have your interests at heart that is for sure . JUST SAY NO and keep saying it! They will all be arrested and punished until then take responsibility for your self and your family. Get pine needles to make tea

    • Wow. Good questions Rachel. Much to think about. As far as the deaths go, I do think that those vaccinated will certainly be compromised. I already know of several elderly deaths that I believe are most definitely due to vaccination. But, I do truly feel that all things are possible with God, however, that means surrendering to a higher power and then, of course taking action, like you suggested, using the remedies that Nature herself seems to be giving us. I think it is going to take a massive consciousness expansion back to Source to transcend the potential for massive deaths resulting from the vaccines. From that perspective I think we can certainly reduce the amount of deaths. But that is just my view.

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