Polly continues her investigation that she covered in her Vials and Thugs and Spies video. She feels that the powers that be are deliberately looking for criminally minded people to be in the service of public health.

Politicians seem terrified. But why? I use Brian Pallister & Doug Ford as examples and show evidence of a bio-pharma-public health cartel.


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  3. Dearest Polly,
    We are at war with a nonhuman force that has the goal of eliminating the human population except for a small remnant which will be firmly in their control. I honor you for your efforts and pray for your protection. I firmly believe that there will be a victory in favor of the human race and we will blossom and grow to our place in the civilizations of the local galaxy. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you, sharibitsis, for a new video with Amazing Polly, a star-diver in rabbit holes to me.
    When I watch the Dutch politicians, most of them are obeying a narrative that is forced upon them, as I perceive it. Those in parliament that are critical, asking questions, mainly the Party for Freedom and Democracy, winning many more members in the recent elections, at the start of this year, aren't given a chance to make a change while in office, discussing the subject. These politicians are also the most entertaining members of parliament and throwing oil on the fire of fury. Isn't it true that the lie is different on every level? (I know, I'm using that quote by Richard Hoagland often).

    Here's a report from UK Column, faithful reporters, with one of them sharing info about the Netherlands. At the 26th minute, a graph is shown with data of adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines published by the European Center for Disease Control. ECDC.

    Despite us questioning doctors, it's pretty bad with those adverse reactions in my country of birth, as far as what's shown in the graphs:

    Just now, after looking for it for quite some time, here are the data published by EudraVigilance European Database. The same source the reporter refers to around the 26th minute in the BitChute video by UK-Column.



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