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Time for an update from Gene at the Mavstar Observatory. As it was shared the previous article, Gene and his network of independent scientist and donors, come together to share highly valuable data about the magnetosphere and the position of our magnetic poles.

This latest video presents a prediction for when the migrating poles in the northern hemisphere, hit 40 degrees from to original pole. Gene talks about tests that he has created that show that the magnetic field destabilize at this point. Giving further indication that we are over due a pole shift.

What this means can only be speculated on, in terms of effects on the planet, population and wildlife. We must trust that it is part of the great cycles of nature and we will live to witness something of such magnitude.

To summarize the video, Gene shows a map with a plotted line coursing towards the 40degree marker. His prediction, at the rate the poles are and have been moving, is it will reach the 40degree zone by Feb 2023.

This is startling information and another huge pointer towards a shift on this planet of global proportions.

I highly encourage you all who have interest or see the importance of this knowledge, to check out Gene’s work and even think about supporting his platform. Without funding, the team will struggle to continue to maintain the equipment to give viable readings. As far as we are aware, here at thealthatis, there is no other channel or platform releasing this data to the public.

Here is Gene explaining the situation for the poles and the Mavstar Observatory..


Que serra serra, Whatever will be will be.



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    • when the governments around the world realized what is coming, they stopped making information regarding magnetic pole movement and uplifts in the ocean floors public information. They don't want us "general" people to know and be prepared for what's coming. But it's waaaaaay more than just about the poles shifting. There's a much larger magnetic field at play in the whole scenario. The galactic sheet. It's already affecting other planets in our own solar system. Read up on recent odd changes on Venus, Neptune and Jupiter. Look into how migratory animals are already being affected by the shifting pole. There's a lot of information out there if you're willing to search for it.

  1. Be sure to research the material at i may not be a magnetometerist but it sure looks like his findings are factual data. So im not sure if that just your opinion or what are you suggesting, that its flat and there is only a northen pole?

  2. "they say" said they are straightening out the earth. Might be why magnetic field moved to match the sun, at pole. Another idea. ….at any rate, the solstice acted different this year. And I felt the earth move for a few minutes in January. Interesting to see what happens.

  3. One of the most ridiculous issues in the alternate media. We already know that the magnetic pole has not been at the geographic pole. We always knew it shifts. SO WHAT?
    I used to think they were talking about a reversal of north and south. That would be something, but not a real issue. Al Gore was babbling ten years ago about nothing. The sun's poles reverse every ten years.

    • The poles are shifting, whether you like or believe it or not. The argument for importance relevance can be had, however reporting on weakening magnetic fields, coming into solar flare season is something to take note of in my opinion. If we take a direct hit of a 1st class solar flare,with the fields the way they are, we are in for a game changing future where not one car would work, computer, or electrical appliance. I saw a video by suspicious observers last night and they suggest we have as much as a 50% chance of getting hit by a 1st class CME during these next years, which would spell the end of the technological civilization as we know it. Irrelevant you say?

  4. Chris Thomas has been researching and investigating the pole shift for many years. He is doing the safe locations – globally. You all might want to check it out at his channel. – Agnes ~~~

    • I believe earth to be way bigger then custom says. Even bigger then what I calculated, (cards on Twitter, working on another, to prove proportion– cuz math is easy and not algebra.), …bigger then custom says, concerning Jupiter's size. Which is why there is no S. Pole magnetic points, — because it's not the real other end of earth. …"they say" talks of inner earth. I'm more comfy with conclave earth if earth is biggest…..


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