Polly Updates:

In video one, Polly talks about the difficulties of interacting with society, how those who have bought the narrative are trying to push their beliefs and coerce the unvaxxed into joining the ranks of the insane vaccinated masses. She then discusses the swing of the pendulum with the battle between good and evil and compares this to how cybernetic systems work. She uses the medical system as an example to support her theory on how the non-human controllers use data statistics and take averages in order to make predictions and plan their strategies. Then she compares this to what we see if we look at the proverbial battle between good and evil. She offers solutions on how we must start reconnecting in normal human ways. Tempt those who are fearful with what is good to get them out of their emotional prisons.


In video two, Polly elaborates more from her last two videos where she talks about the Nazi connection with the Quandts family who own the company called Entrust that is responsible for the smart phone apps that are to be used for the COVID passports. She also talks about how Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” mirrors what we are seeing transpire in the real world. She mentions a pattern that she discovered where some famous “prophetic” authors from the late 1900’s seem to have brothers who had political/military connections theorizing that perhaps these prophetic authors were just using predictive programming in getting their “visions” out to seed the public’s subconscious and prepare for the future agendas.


Guardian Article re prosecution of Nazi Guard: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/02/100-year-old-former-nazi-concentration-camp-guard-to-be-tried-trial-germany

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  1. What an emotionally raw episode! I want to thank you for being so brutally honest with us. You reminded me of the woman I loved. She smoked cigarettes, too. I affectionately referred to her (Liz) as the Dragon Lady. (She passed away in October of 2019.) Saddened to hear about your mom. In my situation, it is my dad playing that role.
    I have 3 grand-daughters that I'm not allowed to see, and a 4th grand-child on the way. The daughter-in-law carrying that child works as a lab specialist in a hospital, and she is gung-ho on vaccines. I'm quite sure she has had the vaxx, and it causes me great concern for the well-being of the child she is carrying.
    Hopefully things will work out well for both of us. God bless you, Polly!


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