I am not a huge fan of Alex Jones but this interview pretty much nails the overall agenda we are in the middle of.  Pulled from forbiddenknowledgetv along with an intro paragraph:

A Big Tech/biotech whistleblower, who is concealing his true identity for now and going by “Liberty Man” has been working on a documentary series for Infowars and he joins Alex Jones to explain why the Globalists are so desperate to force-inject us and why we must educate ourselves as much as possible about this.

Watch: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/why-are-they-so-desperate-to-force-inject-us/

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  1. HELLO ALL do not get deceived by him he works for cabal as anger release valve for cranky gullibles.If not he will play golf in haven long ago with J.F.K. and Charlie Hebdo.Yes he is very informative,just same like evil Cabal they put everything on internet what are they going to do.But people just watch pornography betting and computer games,and those who read it they do not believe it.I was told long ago that I'm mentally ill,by telling sheeple what is in the making.

  2. Why are we putting up with this – why are these fucking people not shot in the head and their nano and bio tech destroyed to put an end to this abomination they are terrorists. We need to get 100% ruthless on this make them laugh on the other side of their ugly faces; BASTARDS! God help us that they should live for ever in their reckoning 7.5 billion lives is the currency for a few thousand of them to live for ever that is not a good deal not even one life lost for their few thousand lives is a good deal. We have an army a navy an air force full of trained combatants their must be someone in power capable of taking these skunks out and burning the evil filth they have engineered to destroy all biological life in our world. This is a huge crime why has it been allowed to get this far?

  3. Thank you, Derek, for publishing this report. I tried earlier, to find this at Infowars, to no avail. It's fortunate that we don't have to listen to Alex Jones' voice, in this report. Damaged by shouting. 😣

    So far, it's jampacked with information and good points made, it's confirming most of the time what I've studied in other people's reports and testimonies, either coming from knowledgable insight or from direct experience.

    The picture is getting clearer and clearer, and the more people are able to see it clearing up, the earlier we'll reach a boiling point, with the truth rising to the surface of the witch's cauldron. The potion finally ready to be used to remedy all deception, all warfare on a psychological and physical level. It seems that we're in a kind of stillness before a storm, and if it's useful or not, I felt the urge to stock up some dry food, lamp-oil and oil lamp cotton pits, plus an old petroleum cooker. I'm also harvesting edible food, like rose-hips, hazelnuts, and elderberries. For jam, and cracking nuts 😉

  4. Why is it important to say you are not a big fan of Alex Jones ? I have learned a lot because of his work and I am so thankful we have warriors like Alex to go against the crazies.

    • Hello theya, it's not so much about thumbs down for Alex Jone's work, and what he has addressed and exposed, that I'm not a fan of his. It's his abrasive, beast-like behaviour, showing up on screen, that I find difficult to appreciate. He has ruined his vocal chords, which makes his voice sound like hurting one's fingers' skin on a rusty iron grate.

      • I feel we need people like Alex to stand up to the tyrants and feel he has been at it for a very long-time doing all the heavy-lifting trying to bring the truth out, it must be extremely frustrating and tiring. I get frustrated just trying to tell my small circle of family and friends almost all whom have been vaccinated and now lining up to get the booster. Additionally, to the best of my knowledge he has never been physically violent towards anyone, and so I, on the other hand, understand and appreciate and understand both his passion as well as his frustrations.


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