The Great Liberation Of Planet Gaia Is Proceeding In Full Speed
Those of us who have been aware and awakened for decades know that Q is not a psy-op. At least not one against humanity 😉 .They are individuals like us, who have woken up somewhere along the way and realized reality is not what they’ve been told and believed. They just seemingly have more interesting jobs than we do as they must be connected to military and intelligence organizations in order to have this degree of intel.
What Q is spilling, we have been saying for decades. If you have been awake for a few years, you know…
Our world’s governments are run by psychopathic sociopaths. Whoever thinks they have their best interest at heart needs to check if there’s a brain in their head.
We have been anticipating this “event” for a decade now. We have been knowing that there is a spiritual war behind the scenes. We have been waiting patiently for mass arrests to take place and we have known about the strategic poisoning of our food, water, air, and bodies through vaccines.
The appearance of Q in the last few years is just a welcomed confirmation to what I for one have known my entire life.
The Galactic Federation has been preparing me for this time since the age of 7. Yes, there’s the Earth Alliance but also a Star Alliance assisting this planet…
I do not doubt Q and I am not surprised about anything that is happening on earth at the moment.
Again, the corpses that are the corporations who run this world under the disguise of governmental officials are already dead. This system is dying a painful death.
And as it sometimes is with painful deaths, they don’t happen overnight…
How things proceed from here depends on you and you and you. All of us. Which reality do we choose?
There’s one most crucial detail many QAnons do not mention and some of them are not advanced enough. There’s a dimensional shift taking place on this planet.
The evolution in consciousness is at hand for the human race. As the earth herself is rising in frequency so must we as a species adjust to the new vibrational reality of our home planet. It is its rise of frequency that is making all this that is happening possible. The great liberation of planet Gaia is proceeding in full speed.
The third, fourth, and fifth-dimensional reality are all accessible now on earth. Each representing a reality of conscious awareness.
3D is the matrix. (unaware, scared, unconscious)
4D is the astral realm. (questioning reality, waking up, realizing it’s all an illusion but also easily getting trapped in an illusory version of ego-self)
5D is Heaven on Earth. Love. peace, freedom, sovereignty, oneness.
Which reality do you choose?
All possibilities available. From here it’s all choice.
Carry the grace of God.
The codes are within your being. Stored in your DNA.
There’s no sentient being more powerful on earth than the human race. Claim it.
Put on the full armor of God. Know the truth. Hold this light. Do not doubt. Do not submit to fear!
Fear is the illusion of the 3D matrix. Fear is what controlled you for thousands of years. Fear is the real enemy. Fear is what they feed off.
Let go of fear. It is a choice.
This war is already won. But those who are going down and they are many, are kicking and screaming trying to avoid the hellfire that has been heated up for them, by all means.
The tyrants are out of control. They are losing it.
Do not submit to their fascist orders.
Arise humanity.
Disobedience is our power.
We are many. Don’t ye know that they are few?
Tear down these ridiculous masks and claim back your inherent God powers.
We are the rightful inhabitants of this planet. Not the sociopathic psychopaths who are making fools of themselves with their last desperate and fruitless attempts of a New World Order.
The streets of your home towns are awaiting your protests.
This planet is our world. IT DOES NOT BELONG TO BLOOD CULTISTS. It does not belong to Babylonian priests. It does not belong to corruptionists who refer to us as their cattle.
This is your time. Claim your divinity now.
Have you had enough of the lies, the deceit, the bullshit, the poisoning, the theft of your sovereignty, and powers?
The last thing you have to lose is your dignity.
If you have had enough, repeat after me:
“I AM God.
  I AM a sovereign being of the universe.
  I AM all that was, is and ever will be.
  I AM ready to step into my powers now.”
God always wins. 🙂
A’HO beautiful and strong gods of Gaia.
Arise. The time is now.
Where we go one we go all.
With Love & Blessings 💖✊

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Elder

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Rev. Kat Carroll
I've been interested in all things related to metaphysics, parapsychology, spirituality and anything related to space since childhood. I'm the kid who used to let the Jehova Witness and Mormans into the house so I could ask a million questions. I've always wanted to be of service and ended up working as an EMT and later in law enforcement. A family job transfer lead me to Washington State for 5 years where I went back to studying spiritual phenomenon and meeting some fascinating people. I've had several initiations, was taught energy healing and became certified in Reiki III over the final 3 years. I had a larger awakening and understanding of how it Reiki worked, remote sensing and more after returning to CA in 2001. I love researching and now writing and being a spokesperson for benevolent contact with NHIB through the practice of meditation. I experienced a spontaneous healing and not long after the "quickening" of 12/21/2012, began having more paranormal experiences, including seeing the UFOs, and orbs that fly over at night. I'm also a volunteer /Admin for ETLetsTalk and love teaching others how to make that connection that I know will one day lead us out of the darkness and into a brighter future.


  1. The blog is beautiful and absolutely outstanding. You can do something much better but I still say this is perfect. Keep trying to achieve the best.

  2. To do right by every guy. Nothing to resent. ….throw endless equal money to all. Is the eternal law. …..brainwashed has been everybody. …. we should all be home to self study. ….feels equal to Be with any body. …as all of us are the boss, as we run our small towns together, no bosses. The only true law is the first sentence. The fifth dimension is merely a normal world.

  3. I agree with Joe, that people are being deceived by the Galactic Federation. They do not recognise the mass of humanity as real people, only avatars of those who come here to "play the game" of being human. The Galactic Federation have never intervened when atrocities have been committed on Earth throughout it's entire history, and never will, except in the case of a nuclear exchange, which they will not permit, as it has consequences that are felt beyond the Earth. Their reasoning is, that we knew what we were getting into when we came here and the experiences we have are those that we want, otherwise we wouldn't have created them. Suffice to say, these are not beings who've incarnated on Earth themselves and therefore have no understanding of the Earth experience. Or if they do, they consider it to be just a blink of an eye in their vast time scales, and therefore of no importance. They only talk to cabal members, because they believe that those are the rightful representatives of Earth. To some extent it could be said, that it is the Federation who are pulling their strings and facilitating Earth events. The Taygetan Pleiadians had a plan to introduce a "holographic society" on Earth and said they could do so within 5 years. They were prevented from doing this and expelled from Earth orbit for a while. If you wish to know more about this, look at for transcripts of this information and You Tube channel Cosmic Agency. None of this info. is channeled, it is all direct written communication, sometimes in real time, during live stream sessions.

  4. Thank you, Rev. Kat Carroll 🌞🙋‍♀️
    To be clear, I'm not dismissing this post, but perceive it with some thoughts that I like to share here. To be honest, I don't see that the title of this post is much in sync with what many people perceive, right now. If it's meant as consolation, those that are aware of this "great liberation in full speed" don't need confirmation of it, and those unaware of it have no clue, no grip or grasp of what's described. Am I sitting on black-and-white too much?

    To make such a statement is a bit too easy, and ….. predictable, for it's what numerous so-called mediums, clairvoyants, and intuitive are saying all over the Wishing Well of Wonders. For many years now. Those who find themselves knocking on locked doors, locked hearts, and a worn-out establishment in a lockdown, now, may feel they're not given directions to the key they try to find.

    Does anyone agree with this, that giving directions to find such a key IS possible, and that offering such directions is based on originality of thought with insights and wisdom in tow? I'm very interested in reading your thoughts and views, reader of this comment! Truly am!

    My view on the subject of choice is, that no matter where we find ourselves, choice IS present in it. Also, I believe that there's a bit more to the dimensions described in this post, where I copy this part from and offer my view on these dimensional existences, which, as I perceive it, aren't each in a space of their own, but moving in a whirlwind of energy, without a fixed locality or point in time, all of the time, even in NO TIME, when time is of the 4th dimension so that we're able to reflect on our past, and present actions and experiences.
    "The third, fourth, and fifth-dimensional reality are all accessible now on earth. Each representing a reality of conscious awareness.
    3D is the matrix. (unaware, scared, unconscious)
    4D is the astral realm. (questioning reality, waking up, realizing it’s all an illusion but also easily getting trapped in an illusory version of ego-self)
    5D is Heaven on Earth. Love. peace, freedom, sovereignty, oneness.
    Which reality do you choose?
    All possibilities available. From here it’s all choice." (end of quote)

    Here are my perceptions and views on these dimensional levels:
    3D – basic chakras with a focus on the root chakra:
    To me, the CHOICE of descending into the 3rd dimension offers us the experience of physical form, and spirit both so that we're given a chance to experience through our 5 senses, finding wisdom in it through our emotions felt and made conscious, welcomed as our children showing us a mirror of self-reflection as in what Thich Nhat Hahn once offered in writing "You are, therefore I am" A koan?

    4D – basic chakras with a focus on 2nd and 3rd chakra:
    To me, here's the realm of instincts ruling the manifestation of our intention, and our work in the world of matter, and matter of facts, based on logical thinking on this level, where instinct in sync with illusion keeps the pain body in a frozen state (of fear,) wanting more of the same of what it doesn't want. The conundrum of living with duality consciousness, the judgement of either "right" or "wrong", and the stuckness resulting from it.

    5D – basic chakras connected with the heart chakra, which in itself functions as a bridge, so that the 3 lower chakras are accompanied by the 3 higher chakras positioned above the heart: To me, here's the experience of becoming whole, or realized, give it the name you like. That state of being was often kept secret and hidden in ancient cultural initiation- protocols, ceremonies, sometimes years of "training" with hardship involved as well.

    More or less with lots of "pomp and circumstance" for the sake of (im)pressing the student, also challenging with the instrument of fear, not always relevant to what was essential in the process of growing awareness and realization.

    I believe that it's this "state of affairs" within spiritual orders, esoteric schools, temple scholarships, all over the world, without including any judgement in being right or wrong, where such awareness was kept separate from the life in the streets, marketplaces, and ghettos.

    Imagine for a moment, how that has changed through many centuries, gradually, almost in a cloaked form. Present for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, based on free CHOICE. In this realm, free will must reign, to me that's the essence of freedom of expression, the core of creativity: CREATION: EVOLUTION. Imagine the human left brain that is focused on EVOL, speaking to the right brain that is focussed on LOVE. Using seemingly opposite qualities for the sake of giving an example hwew.

    What are we seeing these days, anno September 2021, in our streets, marketplaces, and ghettos? Many living conditions, once separated by class, location of birth, and strong consensus reality, are thrown in a mix of turbulence, upheaval, a huge disruption of what to many of us seem to be a worn-out establishment, an old paradigm, the narrative each of us creates in our mind, and what many of us feel or felt as a status quo in life, as a safe ground to live and love, to toil on terra firma.

    Although our "terra" is showing us the way, for I agree with the view that Gaia is nudging us to follow her into the 5th-dimensional level by the beauty of the natural and animal world, by her Earth-energy flow into our feet chakra, also by means of the work by our plantlife creating oxygen for our inhaling of breath, of life force energy, all as an invitation to "join the party".

    Is the storm of change that is upon us is the equivalent of Pompei's end of existence, covered by ash, silenced forever in frozen physical form? The Mayan priests described this time on planet Earth, since the Harmonic Convergence of August 16/171987 as a coming to an end of "The triumph of materialism and the transformation of matter"

    As far as I'm clear about my intention, this prophecy also includes the transformation of (my) old ways of thinking, reasoning and perceiving. I'm ending this long comment with a favourite slogan of mine. Homemade 😉

    We ARE as much the changers as the changed. In this storm, in the liberation of planet Earth and human consciousness. Object and subject both. To me, it's a beautiful balance of comfort and challenge. Thank you for reading this long comment, and…. don't forget to share your views and insights on giving directions for the finding of that key unlocking closed doors and hearts.

    Blessed be, Devon.

    • There was an original Star Trek Episode where the attorney Melvin Beli played the role of an angel, all be it, a fallen angel. He had tricked children with his philosophis. The episode was called And The Children Shall Lead. The children had not yet developed discernment and were swayed by pretty promises. What stands out from that episode was the line "As you believe so shall you do". It's right up there with "whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right". My takeaway in all this, and using less words, is that yes, we do have a choice. The symbol for Yin & Yang is the perfect representative of keeping balance between dark and light, above and below, good and bad. We strive to find a comfortable balance that is not too mired in basic needs and fears but no so lofty that we cannot stay grounded. From all I have been reading for about 7 years now, the earth and her inhabitants are being subjected to new frequencies that are changing us. To quote another life from Star Trek, "Resistance is futile". Not that we would become Borg, but that those who choose to stay focused on baser needs in the lower chakras may miss an opportunity to evolve into something else. The whole idea is to break out of the matrix and illusion of separation. The heart seems to be the perfect zero point location to maintain that balance between above and below. But souls always have a choice. If the vast majority of those on the planet decide to move up into the 5th dimensional way of being (not practicing, BEING) then there could be souls left behind remaining in the matrix. The hope is that those who chose to remain based on their fear (the opposite of love) will not need to progress through the many cycles of reincarnation, birth, life death, rebirth…. Seems to me it's the perfect time to choose love and faith over fear and doubt and elevate ourselves into that which we would like to see in the world. I'm hoping we will ALL rise to this opportunity with the help of the higher realms.

      • Thank you, rev Kat Carroll, after leaving my long comment I realised that this post was offered by Aurora Ray, coming to us through you. This part of your comment

        "But souls always have a choice. If the vast majority of those on the planet decide to move up into the 5th dimensional way of being (not practicing, BEING) then there could be souls left behind remaining in the matrix".

        made me think about the larger picture, so large that it involves all evolutionary phases of our Universe, the space of all creation where Supreme Being is experiencing itself in sparks of lives too numerous to be counted (I presume).

        And when we've travelled through this Universe, as close companions of this Being, once upon a long time ago, or in between physical lives on planets, and as not so close companions of this Being, of Source, it's likely that we're true veterans in all sorts of life-expressions, both in physical form of body and role.

        Tasting many flavours of lives and afterlives, of births and deaths, living on celestial bodies, planets, stars, the Sun, the Moon, inner Earth, even spending lifetimes in crafts as large as planets, involved in explorations, just like Captain Picard and his team on The Enterprise. "To boldly go where no one has gone before".

        What's my point? I'm curious if this perpetual cycle of birth and death, for human beings, will continue forever, so that souls who have free choice, stay on that journey of returning life-cycles in the 3rd or 4th dimension, where experience of physicality and emotions are the toolbox for the creation of one's life, the gaining of wisdom, and the discovery of one's life's purpose, in the realisation of inter-relationship, as in the sense of being an international instead of a national.
        And that in an much larger sense, extra terrestrial.

        While writing these words, just now, I also remember suddenly, that there's a prophecy, a kind of Universal law, spoken of, saying that when Planet Earth is uplifted, with humanity ascending to 5D and higher, the entire Cosmic configuration will be shifted and transformed, experiencing a liberation. Or is it because humanity on planet Earth will reach a state of being resembling Graduation Day? Cheered on by its teachers, resembling all the family members of Yoda, waiting for this day in our Universe?

        • Basically, YES!! Since childhood, I have had visions and dreams of this experience being a grand universal class to temper our souls. There are science papers on how we are actually light, photons, just bound together as mass. I see it more like diamonds that are created from coal under intense heat and pressure. I see humanity as diamonds that only need a bit more polishing before graduation from this grand training ground of Earth. Can I prove it? No, but that's what it feels like and what many from ancient societies are predicting – Our ascension. And nothing can stop it from happening now now matter how hard they try (via mainstream media) to make us think differently. Whether it's the Book of Revelations, Mayan or Aztec calendars, or the Hindu Vedic cycles called Yugas, this current time line is collapsing and something new is springing from the ashes, much like the Phoenix. Since you mentioned Star Wars with Yoda, Ben Kenobi and the others who went before Luke, I believe we who were born in this time are the Jedi bringing about positive changes in the world. Those who went before us are still here but in a different form, and they are helping. We need to focus on what is positive and let go of the fear (much like they tried to teach Anakin Skywalker!). We move forward now with a choice to embrace fear or faith, love or hate. Or we can unify and all go forward together. I think our ancestors (Mitakuye Oyasin), all our relations, are still here and guiding as we allow them to do so. Devon, thanks for your comments and incites!

          • Rev. Carroll, you think the ancient prophecies are about to fail? Like Revelation? I don't know, it looks like it's coming to pass. Your victory would take a few more years, til after the tribulation. Tracking devices within us and an implant coming in 2025, or else we can't buy and sell. Why, do you expect a "rapture" before then?
            But you sound like you have significant insights.
            I will say I am tired of seeing terms like "dimension" misused, when it's NOT a change in dimension but just a change in attitude. My sister was feeding me that in the 1990s but lo and behold it's still the same world.

          • Failing? I think you may have misunderstood. I see it all coming to fruition now. Words sometimes not understood when we're typing rather than speaking to each other. There is no inflection or facial expression to measure the intensity of feeling and no way to immediately as for clarification. While the news continues to exaggerate and be less than honest about real current events (as well as historical) and we know they have no law that compels them to be honest and to NOT use propaganda. Because of those facts which are on the internet if you care to look it up, I find it unhealthy to listen to mainstream media and those who purport themselves to be the experts. They are clearly self serving and making a lot of money by driving fear. It could also be a distraction to the upcoming votes and review of the 2020 election. What I do see happening outside of media, entertainment and the like are energetic changes in the planet and in people. I see unity developing as people stand together for their god given rights. <em>We are the change,</em> if we chose to align in love and have faith. If we choose to remain in doubt, fear, distrust and anger, then we stay mired in those low vibrational feelings, thoughts, words and actions. I suppose what people will perceive is what you look for and what they align with. And as far as a rapture, I did not mention it. If it is to happen, as per the bible, it would be in the twinkling of an eye and we don't know when it's coming. Maybe it's been happening and people don't recognize it for what it is. Honestly, I don't know. As for what we are being told that causes so much fear, 2025 is still 4 years away. I choose not to give it any thought as energy flows where attention goes. I choose love and faith in a higher power. I invite you to watch this video from Gregg Braden which exemplifies what I have said about our perceptions:

      • Since today's afternoon, I'm listening to this divine musical choir time after time….
        "Temple of Love ⚜ Saint Germain/Musique Petit Trianon Activation"

        • As the music is meant to sooth and uplift you, so are these short postings. People will take what they need from them. I hope rather than trying to find fault they will take the message for what it's meant to convey, hope for a better future. What we believe is becoming easier to manifest so, rather than look for the things that may not make sense from ones perspective, look to the spirit for which it is offered. And like the music, let it carry you to higher plains. In this way, you are "in harmony". : )

      • Since today's afternoon, I'm listening to this divine musical choir time after time….
        "Temple of Love ⚜ Saint Germain/Musique Petit Trianon Activation"
        I've found it on Theresa Zumi's website
        I believe it's a proper match with the message of Aurora Ray here.

  5. Dear friend, do you have evidence on the guilt and corruption of the galactic confederation?
    What you say is so important. We all seek truth, not illusion.

    • Hello Alexis, statements without proof of image, sound, and physical existence, are easily made, yes.
      Usually, I go with what my intuition, and heartbeat tell me, regarding verification of subjects like a Galactic Federation, or the existence of ET's, otherworldly realms.

      When you feel it's welcome, in your search for truth, I suggest you look into the nature of the Galactic Confederation, presented in this website:
      Theresa Z is, or was, connected to Prepare for Change, which is made clear when you read her articles. Whatever truth you'll find in it, you might find, as I've found, that there's quite a bunch of roses to smell, metaphorically speaking, and also some lovely tunes, in parts.

      When you don't feel like entering Theresa Z's site, here's a lovely tune:
      Temple of Love ⚜ Saint Germain/Musique Petit Trianon Activation

  6. The real psychopaths are the Galactic Federation for allowing Earth to be a 3D matrix. The real sociopaths are the clueless New Agers that live in a cult of positivity.
    I am a spiritual warrior not a wishful thinker.
    All the young people glued to their smartphones, do you think they care about freedom?!
    This experiment is over, pull the plug. The corrupt Galactic Federation must be abolished.
    The Natural Creator doesn't need ambassadors and representatives.

    • Hello Joe Discernment, to be honest, your comment sounds like coming from a wishful thinker. In this case, based on the tune of your comment, it seems to be your wish to see the world in smithereens. Cynicism? Disappointment? Bitterness?
      When that's your point of departure, there's no saving grace that gives you the right to be a warrior.
      Why? The reason for a warrior to act on what he is is the intention to establish change. For you, there seems to be no change possible when you declare the reality you see as a frozen world, as a fait accompli. Better be a warrior for change, the results show up as much internally as externally. Step out of the freezer of your own making, I suggest, for I'm almost sure that glowing coals are present in the stove somewhere hidden in your 💛

      • Devon, Statements without proof of image, sound & physical existence are easily made, lets say like the globe for instance. The search for truth is easily proven by observation, lets say like the Luminaries in the sky. They repeat their cycles over and over. "Nothing can have victory over the inevitable victory of reality over illusion."

        • Hello Victoria, I'm not sure if I understand what your point is. Aren't we informed with images of a planet Earth, round, by the astronauts taking pictures? Or even electronic cameras on satellites?

          And what about the movement of the Sun, seemingly moving, but only to our eyes present on our home planet, a globe that is turning on its axis? I assume that there's reason to think that perception can be very different, from human to human, when we live in a time with flat-earthers. I'm not exactly sure if you're joining that group or not.

          When you describe the Luminaries, with which I believe you mean the celestial bodies, planets and stars, as turning through their cycles over and over, isn't that an image of (our) a galaxy filled with those moving bodies, going round and round around more or less round bodies? Including the globe of planet Earth?

          • It's not the Earth moving, its the Sky/Heavens.
            All supposed photo's of earth are Computer Generated Images (CGI).
            Satellites do not exist in "Space." We cannot leave 'Low Orbit Earth."
            There is a beautiful one and half hour documentary Titled: 'Luminaries Hysteria.' by Wayki Wayki (other people post his work as well)
            I do not go by "flat earth" cause we just don't know, we live on flattish surface, with mountains and such, but is there an 'inner earth' ?


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