A horrifying video conference (video below) from inside China has been intercepted by intelligence sources and in it, bosses from the China Communist Party (CCP) discuss the future of the United States after distribution of the vaccine: “Everyone who took the vaccine is dead” they say.

The leaked segment of the intercepted video conference begins with the CCP Boss who organized the video conference telling the other CCP participants “What the CCP wants most is to have U.S. Troops get vaccinated.”

The speaker goes on to say “Once they get vaccinated, the U.S. Military will collapse, and the CCP will triumph.”

The conversation continues with the primary speaker saying “After the U.S. Troops are vaccinated, I tell you, the vaccination against the CCP virus will basically be near the end.”

It continues “When the U.S. elite society, because of fear, fear of death, lack of faith, and because these rogue, low-level politicians, opportunists, meant to evade responsibility; especially when the Wall Street, Hollywood celebrities, the White House, and the troops are vaccinated, I can assure you there will be no vaccination issue.”

It goes on “The people who are implementing the vaccination are soon to be finished. Those who are pushing the vaccination behind the scenes, will likely have achieved their goals.”

Then shockingly in the same video, below, they talk about . . . AN ANTIDOTE?!?!?!?

“Vaccination will no longer be pushed and the ANTIDOTE will be certainly offered.”

At this point, one of the video conference participants, shocked, interrupts and asks “The antidote will pop-up?” and another comes in asking “What is the Antidote for?”

The main video conference speaker replies “It’s not to heal the damage brought by the vaccines, it’s to prevent you from transmitting the virus, instead of a remedy for the vaccines.”

He then delivers the blunt facts: “Those who were vaccinated are sentenced to death. The antidote for the vaccines is still in the hands of the CCP. Since the CCP wants (you) to die, how would they offer the antidote to you, the Lao Baixing of China?”

The leaked segment abruptly ends there.

The leaked video intercept was made public by Jarome Bell.

Republican Jarome Bell, is running in Virginia’s second congressional district. He tweeted Friday, “Audit all 50 states. Arrest all involved. Try all involved. Convict all involved. Execute all involved. #MaricopaCountyFraud.”

Bell, who served in the Navy as a chief petty officer for 27 years, is running as a conservative “America First” candidate in the suburban swing district encompassing the Virginia Beach area, according to his campaign’s website. Democrat Elaine Luria currently represented the district.

Bell uploaded the video to Twitter. Literally within minutes of revealing the intercepted video conference from inside China, Bell’s Twitter account was permanently suspended.

An intelligence contact within Twitter was able to access the account from inside Twitter, and screen capture the tweet and video, sending that to us covertly.

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  1. To be expected.. All mRNA injections contain, in various calculated amounts, (to ensure not all drops dead on injection, as some did), Registered Medical Doctor verified.. Graphene: A Noack, P. Campra, Prof M. Chossudovsky. David Nixon. AIDS: V. Zalenko. A. Burkhardt. Cancer: J. Ruby. Hepatitis: Journal of Hepatology.

    Examples. Austrian graphene Research Scientist/Med. Dr. Andreas Noack was MURDERED after he released his evidence of graphene in the 4 mRNA injections, and describing it as ''razor blades in the blood that will kill all who get it''.

    Oz Dr. David Nixon, sped up his video of mRNA injection vial contents, to show intelligent(?) micro robots assembling micro graphene particles.

  2. It is indeed the exiled Chinese Billionaire who makes frequent you-tube videos trying to discredit the Chinese Communist party. If you watch this video here
    you will see the same butterfly wing behind him, that you can see in the topics video.

  3. I think this is likely propaganda. Too many contrary factors: Economically, China will COLLAPSE without US consumers; China holds about $1.2T of our debt – unless China plans to literally plant a CCP flag at the WH, it would not make sense; CDC is completely compromised, so anything they say cannot be trusted; FDA would be hard-pressed to approve vaccines if they were made to kill Americans; Pfizer & Moderna (if you read their financials) would completely collapse if what the CCP is saying is true. Just my opinion.

  4. Dead right! Canadian Dr. Charles Hoffe recently stated.. '' The spike protein in the 'injection' sticks to and embeds in the capillary endothelium, walls. Part of the spike protrudes into the
    vessel slowing blood flow, those 2 indicating.. injury. that leading to IRREVERSIBLE blood clots! These clots are too small to show up on a scan. Their signs are headache, nausea, breathlessness and dizziness. The 62%(!) who will get this from the 'injection', will have blood pressure gradually rise from lung blockages. SADLY.. from this, the heart will fail and STOP in 3 years! Search.. ''Dr. Charles Hoffe. COVID-19. Get the
    latest information from the DDC about COVID-19''.

  5. Guys this is not an intercepted CCP video.

    This is Miles Guo, who is the Chinese billionaire, living in exile in New York.
    He is allied with Steve Bannon and is one of the founders of GETTR.
    Search GETTR for "Miles Guo", GNEWS, and GTranslators. Gtranslators put out hundreds of videos like this on a regular basis.

  6. This hoax isn’t to be blamed on China, it is Jews at the CDC (Walenski), big pharma (Albert Bourla) and The Rothschild banking goblins who are profiting by it while simultaneously destroying white Christian nation with it.
    Such a bargain!


      • How is Clinton a primary driver of this agenda?
        Dorsey is only a censor, he’s not actively pushing this
        Pelosi? What’s her role?
        It’s true that Gates funds many of the orgs.
        Biden isn’t even coherent, he’s just goy window dressing to keep this operation from looking too obviously kosher.
        Moreover, when you add up the fact that Jews are the main group trying to disarm us, (Soros, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, Nadler & 40 others), you must realize that they’re itching to pull another Christian genocide like they did under Jewish funded and run by Bolshevism.
        Let me guess, you didn’t know that Stalin was an ethnic Jew-his real name prior to changing it was Djugashvili which means “son of a Jew”
        This disgusting & satanic tribe of goblins make Hitler look mild, but thanks to Jewish cover from Hollywood, school kids aren’t taught about communism’s origins or death count.
        Such a bargain!

        • I applaud your courage. The greatest hatred that ever existed in history is the hatred that Edomites (which is what many "Jews" are, according to the 1925 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia, volume 5, page 41) have for God's chosen race.

    by Mark Owen ©, Feb. 12th, 2005
    In 1946, future pharmaceutical czar George Merck reported to the US Secretary of War, that he’d managed to weaponize the toxin extracted from the Brucella bacterium and to isolate it into an indestructible crystalline form using only the DNA particles.

    Aerial spraying of the crystals via chemtrails was deployed on Chinese and Korean populations during the Korean War. Many veterans of the war later developed Multiple Sclerosis. The army recognized that the MS was Brucella-related and paid the veterans compensation. Although the Brucella mycoplasma can lay dormant for decades, it can be triggered by vaccines. Vaccines have been mandatory in the US military since 1911.

    Besides MS, this bacterium has been linked to a variety of diseases including; AIDS, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and arthritis. In 2000, Dr. Charles Engel of the National Institute of Health stated that the brucella micoplasma was probably responsible for chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia as well.

    In addition to the aerosol vector, mosquitoes were heavily tested as pathogen dispersal agents. In the 1950s, the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Canada was raising 100 million mosquitoes per month. They were then shipped to Queens University in Kingston and other facilities where they were infected with the crystalline disease agent.

    A large outbreak of chronic fatigue was reported in 1957 in Punta Gorda, Florida. The previous week a huge influx of mosquitoes was reported. The National Institute of Health stated that 450 persons became ill with chronic fatigue within the month. Many such tests have been carried out on civilians over the last 50 years.

    Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck’s current chief virologist, stated recently that the Brucella pathogen is now carried by everyone in North America and possibly the world.

    In 1993, Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, senior researcher at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology patented several virulent strains of mycoplasma. He stated in his own patents that they cause chronic fatigue syndrome. The Institute is currently reconstructing the 1918 Spanish Flu, inserting it into contemporary flu strains and enhancing its lethality. The Spanish Flu killed 675,000 Americans in the 1918-1919 interval. Many of the dead were vaccinated soldiers. Anyone born after 1918 has no immunity to the Spanish Flu.

    Since 9-11 all US airports have been under military control. According to one credible source, there is a subrosa project known as ‘Cloverleaf’ that uses domestic air carriers retrofitted with special tanks to spray civilian populations with a variety of chemicals.

    This retired government scientist goes on to say that reconstructed versions of the flu could be inserted into vaccines along with a more benign strain of the inoculum in order to slow the progression of its more deadly component. Chemicals in the chemtrails reported nationwide over the preceding decade, may assist the viral envelope to fuse with lung cells, guaranteeing ease of penetration and infection. People will pass along the flu to others and then start dropping like flies. This will cause a panic demand for more flu shots, thus accelerating the cycle. Persons not so inoculated will be blamed for spreading the disease.

    In 2002 the Department of Health and Human Services purchased 286 million doses of vaccine from British supplier Acambis. The Washington Post reported in September of that year that the entire population of the United States could be vaccinated within 5 days.

    Concomitantly, the Department drafted a law known as The Model Emergency Health Powers Act. The Act can demand that any individual be vaccinated. Failure to comply will be considered a felony.

    The latest wonder cure promoted by the medical establishment is genetic vaccines. They are hailed as the last line of defence between humans and mycoplasma. But Dr. Rebecca Carley declares that the DNA components in these vaccines can be incorporated into our own DNA which in turn could cause the extinction of all (vaccinated) life on earth.

    At least two dozen microbiologists around the world have died violently in the last few years. Curiously, some of them were working on DNA sequencing. The most famous was Dr. David Kelly who died in July 2003. Working for the Mossad, Kelly orchestrated the defection of Russian microbiologist Vladimir Pasechnik, who had been working on a doomsday biological weapon capable of destroying one third of the planet’s population.

    In October 2004, Dmitry Lvov, head of the Russian Virology Institute declared that up to one billion people around the world could die during the next pandemic. It would appear that the human herd is about to be culled in spectacular fashion. For whatever reasons, the dead microbiologists wouldn’t go along with the program.

    GOOGLE rest of article!

    • DNA wasn’t discovered till 1951-53 by Watson and Crick.
      So when the article starts ….In 1946 …. Using only DNA, might want to revisit that recommendation.

      • Watson and Crick's team were famous for determining that DNA's structure is a double helix.

        I guess DNA was discovered 5 minutes before that then, and W+C got real busy and figured out its structure ASAP? Is that your theory?

        Or maybe once DNA was discovered it took 5 years to accept it, another 5 to decide what it was good for, and another 5 to work out what it was. That's maybe a more realistic theory.

        Actually DNA and RNA were studied in the 1910s at least. It was thought to contain genetic information at least in the 1920s.

        You are a dumbass who states things as if facts, but you don't even know what you are talking about. Did you even think for 2 seconds why Watson and Crick would even be looking at DNA all day if they didn't know it existed? They did know it existed, of course they did. Otherwise they would not be worried about it.

        DNA was first isolated in 1869.

        I think you need to revisit school and stop being an idiot. How about that? Did you get your shots?


    Take  Off  Your  Mask  And  Get  Off  Your  Knees  !    COVID-19 IS FAKE  !
    Unquestioning Gullibility And Obedient Compliance
    Are Unbecoming Of A Patriot  !

    FACT :   Thousands of highly credible and qualified doctors and scientists from around the world are adamantly insisting that Covid-19 is either completely fake or practically harmless and are being deliberately and systematically censored by the Mainstream media and governments.        ( Numbers Correspond To Links In CVHOAX.COM )                                                                2,3,7,8,9,11,14,17,32,33,34,35,36,40,44,55,59,60,61,62,63,69,76,80,82.83,86,90,104,  147,157.

    FACT :   Covid-19 has never been scientifically proven to exist as it has not met any of the four criteria of Koch’s Postulate which is known as the Gold Standard of proof of a virus's existence. The scientific study of germs is known as Germ Theory because it’s a THEORY !  Germs have never been proven to exist yet have been used to sell vaccines for over a hundred years.  Exosome Theory is far more plausible.  If you don’t know what Koch’s Postulate and Exosomes are then you’re not as smart or as well informed as you thought you were. This is an opportune time to drop your know it all attitude and open your ears.

    FACT :   The creator of the PCR Test used to detect Covid-19 said it was never intended to detect any virus.  Every Covid-19 death was caused by something else and falsely attributed to Covid-19. Do you believe hospitals would be tempted to claim that a patient who died of the Flu had instead died of Covid-19 if the Government gave them $50,000.00 to say so ?   Dr. Genevieve Briand, Assistant Director for MS in Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, has proven the alleged Covid 19 has resulted in no excess deaths.       ( 157 ! )      12,23,24,29,40,94,103,120,122,130,135.    9,10,16,17,27,56,88,89,96,117,118,129,143.       21,25,30,67,68,72,84,150,151.      37.

    FACT :   Wearing a mask is utterly ineffective at blocking a virus. A virus can pass through a mask as easily as swimming under the Golden Gate Bridge. Prolonged mask wearing causes brain damage and respiratory illnesses. The first step to overcoming your mask fetish is to admit you have one. Do you wear your mask in your vehicle or outdoors when no one is near you ?  Until recently it was common knowledge that hand sanitizing inhibits one’s immune system while exposure to dirt and filth strengthens one’s immune system.  “ Mask Mouth ”.  If the Mainstream Media  and Government could convince you to do the Hokey Pokey they most certainly would. Unconstitutional and criminal mask mandates are a mass Asch Conformity Experiment.  If you’re worried about getting sick, then suffocating yourself is probably not a good idea.  Any person wearing two or more masks is actively engaging in
    Natural Selection.                   40,57,59,70,(71),78,79,87,95,101,102,132,139.140.

    FACT :   The Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ was planned years in advance and has been surreptitiously introduced into the public consciousness through popular culture. Many news articles reporting on Covid-19 are bizarrely coded with strange numbers.   19,20,38,42,46,47,48,52,53,54,56,77,121.         22,39,47,48,52,156.

    FACT :   Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are destroying your freedom and your economic livelihood and your future.  Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are causing the starvation deaths of millions of people in poor countries and soon in formerly wealthy countries. Is it wise to inject yourself with a drug falsely labeled as a vaccine, designed to alter your DNA and sterilize you, to prevent a virus that has never been scientifically proven to exist ? Is it wise for the U.S. Military personnel to be injected with this ‘vaccine’ ?  A perfect analogy to comprehend the social dynamic surrounding the public’s enthusiastic willingness to embrace the Covid-19 narrative
    without question can be seen in the video titled “Key & Peele, Pegasus Sighting”.  Simply change the word “Pegasus” to “Covid-19”.  Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds broadcast also comes to mind. Throughout history rulers have used human being's deep desire to feel like they’re contributing to the greater good to manipulate the public to act against their own best interests.  "A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon." – Napoleon Bonaparte.   The Emperor wears no clothes.                         Educate yourself or perish.           105,126,127,146,149,154,155.    18,50,51,65,74,75,85,92,100,106,107,108,113,114,119,128,134,149,152,153,158,159,160,161.

    FACT :   Lawsuits are currently being pursued against governments and other players that deceived the public to accept unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws based on a fraudulent test to detect the nonexistent Covid-19.    58,59,64,91,124,131,141.

    FACT :  Four out of five Stanley Milgrams surveyed recommend critical thinking for their patients who want to live in reality and not blindly follow orders from whomever they consider to be an authority.   147,157,162.

    FACT :   Decades of thorough documentation of placebos and nocebos conclusively and irrefutably prove that human beings can both heal and sicken themselves with their thoughts and feelings alone.   Ray Charles.   Thalidomide.   Catherine Austin Fitts:
    Planet Lockdown, the missing 21 Trillion Dollars and FASAB 56.                      (163).


    Will your ego allow you to examine the proof that Covid-19 is fake ?
    Although, the thought of the Mainstream Media and Government lying to this extent is frightening, your denial of this deceit is absolutely terrifying.

    • One small correction. I learned, about 30 years ago, that PCR is not a test. It is a manufacturing process that replicates molecules. In Mullis's words, it "makes a whole lot of something, out of something", which is why he said it was inappropriate for diagnostic purposes.

    • Unfortunately it's not that simple. Koch's postulate is hard work, and if you can sequence a virus you can prove it exists with less work.
      The PCR tests were garbage though, but that's a different thing.

  9. Pretty sure that's a Miles Guo (Guo Wengui) livestream talking about the CCPs plans. NOT an "intercepted CCP bosses discussion on vaccines". Just look at the logo "New Federal State of China" & "take down the CCP" (a political lobby group created by Guo Wengui & Steve Bannon)

  10. The Chinese guy mentioned people would take the vax because they would not have faith that doesn't sound like something the CCP would say.

    • Yes, exactly… It's the Chinese, it's the Russians, it's the Islamic terrorists, it's the white supremacists… BUT IT'S NEVER THE LYING, THIEVING, MURDERING JEWISH SUPREMACISTS IS IT.

      The elite Masonic Jews control China and everything China says and does, just like they do America and Russia and Great Britain and Canada and Germany and France and almost everywhere in between by proxy, and they control every detail of the narratives that come out of all the media and the establishment in these places.

      They are the masters at misdirection and fraud. They are pulling all these strings to do everything they can to take the heat off of THEM as the root cause of this corona fraud, 9/11, the holohoax, and every false flag in between.

        • Pogroms are coming Sholomo. even if you are a patriot you are not even close to worth the damage your cousins are doing.

          Also your post is defending the communist jews who are for sure responsible for ALL this madness.

          You are one of them for sure.

        • Seth. Just to be clear, when I reference "Jews", I am referring to "organized Jewry" led by big money interests. I have friends that are Jewish, and part Jewish cousins. Some of the nicest people I have met are Jewish. None of these people are heavily invested into the "we are all victims" or Zionist Israel narratives. The "Jews" have more than enough help from "goyim" in perpetrating their evil on the average Jew or gentile.

      • When you say "Jew", what you really mean is the Queen and her Privy council of elite families like the Rothschild's, the Rockefeller's, the Carnegie's, The Astors, The Vanderbilt's and on and on.
        THEY own the world and its banking system, they control everything.
        They are the sick pedophiles, they are cannibals and we are their slave cattle.

      • You need to stop saying it's the Jews. The Rothschilds, Soros, Rockefellers and so on are not real Jews. The Masonic Jews are not real Jews, they are part of the synagogue of Satan who call themselves Jews. They are Khazarians or however you spell it. Do not spread this false information that you share

        • The real Jews need to tell us about these fake Jews and help us stop them.

          They are the only ones who can do it, because they can't get called antisemitic and lose their jobs.

          What are they waiting for?

  11. But exactly WHERE is this video hosted ?? WHY can't we be allowed to download it ??
    Why can't we share it ??
    Maybe some of us would like to have it TRANSLATED !!

    This all seems very fishy, …. and not just because it is fisheads.

  12. EXTREMLY URGENT : October 21 , 2021

    Global Intelligence Agency Blocks Siemens International & Subsidiaries Bank accounts For Continuing No Jab No Job Policy and Not Destroying all Vaccines Immediately that have been deemed Biological Weapons by the Global Health & Wellness Consortium That has replaced the WHO.



    • <a class='bp-suggestions-mention' href='https://prepareforchange.net/members/united/' rel='nofollow'>@United</a> Ok, so the first link takes you to a site where in order to see the content, …. you must Purchase Something. …… Xclick !!!

      The second link is to a website that is 7 pages and appears to be pretending to be the "Be All, Do All" of the new order, which looks and reads like just so much Hopium at best, … and like that asinine website that is always claiming Military Tribunals and executions at GITMO, … at Worst.

      There's just no fangs in that bite !!

    • Really? You think so? Well, maybe. On the other hand ask yourself why Biden is requiring all of the Military to get an Experimental mRNA Medical Procedure for a "virus" that has a 99.9% recovery rate in healthy young people. Like those in the Military.


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