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It’s now official: Tony Fauci has admitted that vaccines aren’t working and that vaccinated people of every age are getting sick and dying. His exact quote from a New York Times podcast on Nov. 12th, as reported by Yahoo News:

They are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalization and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly…

It’s waning to the point that you’re seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections, and more and more of those people who are getting breakthrough infections are winding up in the hospital.

This is after months of claiming vaccines had “95% effectiveness” and that they were so safe and effective, everyone should be jabbed multiple times. Suddenly that false narrative has collapsed, along with a growing list of soccer players and young sports professionals who are literally dying on sports fields across the globe.

So what’s Fauci’s answer to all this? More booster shots, he says. As if a third injection will magically make the vaccine work when the first two injections have already been proven disastrous. For the record, the “booster” shot is just another full dose of the exact same poison that’s loaded into the first two vaccines.

“I think … that the boosting is gonna be an absolutely essential component of our response, not a bonus, not a luxury, but an absolute essential part of the program,” Fauci said during the podcast, doubling down on a failed vaccine that’s killing people.

People who took the first two shots may be brain damaged enough to keep taking “boosters” until they’re dead

Of course, anyone gullible enough to go along with a third shot after being told the first two shots no longer work will probably also go along with a fourth shot once they’re told the third shot has stopped working. At this point, no rational person should believe any claims whatsoever about vaccines actually working, and anyone who continues to believe these vaccines are offering them “protection” from a pandemic is obviously cognitively retarded or operating under a mind control spell of some kind.

It’s rather obvious that Fauci wants people to keep taking bioweapons injections until they die. In order to do that, they have to keep tricking people into taking newer spike protein shots by invalidating the ones they previously agreed to take. In France, vaccine passports are now being deactivated for citizens who took the first two shots, all in an effort to coerce them into a third shot (which will soon be a fourth shot). From

French residents over the age of 65 will have their vaccine passports deactivated if they do not take the booster shot when they are eligible… The government said seniors above the age of 65 who do not get their booster shot when they become eligible will have their vaccine passport deactivated and so they will be locked out of much of society.

Got that? If you refuse to take the never-ending parade of deadly spike protein injections, you will be cut off from society. It begs the question: What was the pointing of taking the first two shots in the first place?

Many people took the shots because they just wanted the government to leave them alone. Now, they’re being told that their initial wave of obedience no longer counts. Humans are being trained like dogs to bow down to ever-increasing obedience demands levied by evil government.

Yet that very same government is trying to murder us all, and they’re using vaccines — and food scarcity, food inflation, energy disruptions, etc. — to achieve that end game goal. Covid vaccine “booster” shots are merely compliance steps required for the completion of vaccine suicide.

Those who continue to take booster shots are only accelerating their biological destruction, playing right into the hands of the depopulation globalists who seek to end the viability of the human race on planet Earth.

Get full details in today’s Situation Update podcast:

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  1. The vaccines are working as they were intended to for the eugenics programme. If you get one you end up sick injured or dead because it is a bioweapon and no one in authority is stopping the roll out of it. That should ring alarm bells. Also there is this strange thing going on that when people do drop like flies at the vaccine clinic they say we cannot tell if it was the vaccine (just took it but it can't be the vaccine oh no!) Still those waiting keep waiting their turn and no one just stands up and walks out for self preservation because hey that doesn't look too safe; no lets just do what was suggested and see if it kills us and don't listen to our instincts lalalalala. Not listening! Let's just ignore that robust teenage kids got it and then the took a heart attack at a young age or they had Neurological problems or blood clots and so many more things – and of course it is perfectly normal for there to be 13 stillborn babies from vaccinated mothers in a 24 hour period in one hospital but shhhhhhhhhh you must not say it was the vaccine you must not correlate anything negative with Covid19 which does not help anyone but damages their health vaccine but even though that is the case let us just ignore these very pertinent facts and allow it to just keep on rolling out and send out appointments saying it is safe for people to take so that they keep on rolling up to take it who are so trusting of the propaganda that even when they see people collapse in front of them after taking it – they do not make for the exit like stink no it must be some other thing causing it ???????? UK 76% vaccinated. Says it all and God help us all and pray most of them got the placebo.

  2. Hello Derek, I find this post presenting a wrong picture. Why post it here? It's simply a wrong interpretation based on jumping too quick to conclusions, in want of making it turn to the truth.
    Showing a body of a soccer player in the field, lying down, pretending that it's death by vaccination, is the same suggestive imagery China used, when showing its citizens falling flat on their faces, due to SARS-Cov-2 around Jan. Febr. of 2020. Which was all staged. Using that photograph to prove Mike Adam's point is a misinterpretation of another nature. This time it's wishful thinking in Mike Adams, to cause the making of his point coming true.

  3. Hello Derek, I must ask you to change the title of this post. It's a wrong presentation of the content in the links which are part of this post. In no comment of Dr. Fauci, a confession is made that the vaccines are a failure. He's reasoning along the line of making clear how important it is to take booster shots. That's entirely opposite to a confession that the vaccines are a failure. He's merely following the strategy that is part of the plan to cause many deaths.
    We must pay attention to hearsay and Chinese Whispers, for the hope to hear of a breakthrough grows higher and higher every day. I'm sure that this breakthrough is near, but let's not create false hope, and shout victory too soon, okay?

    • Yes, Mike Adams does tend to get a bit zealous sometimes with his descriptions. I removed the reference to Fauci in the heading. Thanks, Derek

      • It's not only the description of the former title of this post, the conclusions in Mike Adams article are based on it. It's simply not based on facts. I don't agree with only removing the reference to Dr Fauci, the entire content is a misinterpretation.
        Better check first if conclusions of others are correct, based on facts. Presenting someone in a bad light due to hasty conclusions is a recipe for losing credibility.


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