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Former Pfizer employee pharmaceutical, medical device business analyst and big pharma drug trials expert Karen Kingston and Thrivetime founder Clay Clark joins SGT to expose the Covid mRNA injections agenda which Kingston describes as “just pure evil”.

The pharmaceautical industry has commited so many crimes by mislabeling and hiding the effects of their medications and vaccines. Many have left the industry in order to expose the fraud and dangers at great risk to themselves.

According to Karen,

“The FDA and Pfizer are unable to distinguish between the virus and the adverse effects caused by the vaccine”

Hospitals are reporting an increased trend in Covid but the likely increase is from those people who have taken the vaccination, and more likley with those who have taken the booster and needed medical help within one to two weeks. As the symptoms of Covid and the adverse effects are indestinguishable, they are being reported as Covid. The side effects are being considered “intended consequences”. Covid-19 is now being called a Bioweapon being used to reduce the population by causing spontaneous abortions and infertility as well as damaging the immune system by modifying or DNA.

What’s more frightening is that when people show up at hospitals for care, they are given treatments such as Remdesevir which is known to cause kidney damage and renal failure which causes the symptoms of pnemonia as fluid begins collecting in the lungs as the kineys fail. When patients request ivermectin or Hydroxychloriquin, they are often denied until a lawful court order is presented forcing them to comply. All the while the toxic medications are continued as “hopital protocol”.


Kidney disorders as serious adverse drug reactions of remdesivir in coronavirus disease 2019

This IS pure evil!

This is part one of a two part interview.

New York State Supreme Court Says NO to Mandatory Flu Vaccinations for Kids 6 Months to 5 Years ...




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