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I asked myself the question, “What would life be like in a Civilized Galactic Society (CGS)?  This one’s difficult for me to know because of being on a currently fallen planet, and there are many different Civilized Galactic Societies with varying levels of development to consider.  I could start with what does not exist in any CGS, as the following:

Right vs. Left political division/identity politics

Political propaganda/media deception of all types

Racial discrimination and its counterpart (false projections of racial discrimination)

False projections of any kind


Food shortages/starvation

Wars, including timeline wars


Diseases and illnesses of all types, including cancers




Mental disorders

Fallen technologies


Need for a money system

Uncontrolled aging

Negative elites and their minions/negative forces

False Vacuum/anomaly


There are probably more additions I could write, but perhaps the above list covers most of what does not exist in a CGS.  So, what does exist in a CGS?  The following is what exists in a Civilized Galactic Society that comes to mind.  This list is by no means complete:

Empowering spiritualities

Source-oriented, non-fallen technologies that are in harmony with nature

Physical immortality, if chosen

Peace and harmony between all peoples

Ascension to Source, when ready

Constructive hierarchies and/or authentic, constructive egalitarian systems

Transparent governments

Fully activated metaphysical abilities

Authentic free will

Authentic love

Free flowing abundance

Active communication with other Civilized Galactic Societies

Galactic Codex

True vacuum


It’s difficult to imagine what life would be like in a CGS because almost all of what the surface population has ever known are the very things that do not exist in a CGS.  I suspect that the lowest level of happiness in a CGS is far beyond the maximum level of happiness ever achieved by anyone on Earth.

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  1. Those who have a semblance of understanding the realm we're in know that they have to imagine what they want to manifest. So by imagining a whole lot of what you don't want, you are actually generating that. That's how I know there is no one who knows anything about any "intergalactic" beings or anything. We don't even know if those lights in the sky are not some kind of a gif, of a timeclock. It's so pretentious for those who speak as though they know beings from other galaxies. How's about we get things right here first hey?

  2. What exists in all advanced civilizations is called Light and Life. It simply entails the acceptance of seven factors or tenets.
    1. Complete Equality of every man, woman and child in that civilization.
    2. A Quality of Life that enables and enhances everyone's Soulular Ascension Journey.
    3. Equal Educational and Growth Opportunities for All.
    These are enabled through 4. Love 5. Compassion 6. Empathy of, by and toward everyone. All of this is aligned with 7. The Great Circle of Life with Unity Consciousness toward all lifeforms extant in each civilization.


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