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The End of the Coronavirus Meditation on April the 4th/5th reached over a million participants, and the Age of Aquarius Activation on December the 21st, 2020, reached about 400,000 participants. The level of unification among lightworkers was stronger during these times compared with afterward. A reason for the unity level (“unity” is not to be confused with Biden’s misuse of the word) dropping among lightworkers was because lightworkers were told that positive manifestations would occur afterward. Instead, there were negative manifestations in the form of many countries becoming very dystopian, and lightworkers were then told they were ‘lucky to just be alive and not in concentration camps.’ (I’m not speaking negatively of Cobra and the Light Forces here, but am making an observation.)

Lightworkers, however, are very resilient people, and are re-unifying for the Divine Intervention Meditation and petition, which is fantastic news! However, it is important to address the causes behind disunity among lightworkers, and also the surface population at large.

In addition to negative manifestations of dystopias in many countries throughout Earth causing disunity, (a new form of unity resulted in certain cases in the form of unified protests as a silver lining), in the dreamstate I’m being involuntarily shown the most extreme child abuse imaginable. I won’t go into the horrific details, but as an observation, the damage done to the grids when the negative elites and their minions abuse children is another cause of disunity.

More abuse exists and has existed on Earth than any other planet in this universe, and because of this, I am making an urgent request to the Civilized Galactic Forces and Councils that special help be provided to Earth that is not normally provided to other fallen planets in a given timeframe. Earth needs to be regarded as a very special case regarding intervention. I request that intervention occur that would otherwise be a breach of protocol, with intervention being provided in a much quicker timeframe than usual. Again, I’m making this urgent request because of the extreme level of abuse that goes far beyond any level of abuse on other fallen planets. I am also making this urgent request to Source itself.

To all the lightworkers out there, I want to congratulate you on being able to, despite not having the promised positive results from the End of the Coronavirus Meditation and Age of Aquarius Activation last year, being able to come back from this through your continued support of the upcoming Divine Intervention Meditation and petition! The negative forces underestimated you. They didn’t think there would be enough unity among lightworkers to come back from the damage that was done, but you are proving them wrong! The strength, courage, and fortitude you have shown is indeed beyond exceptional! Keep going!

Victory of the Light!

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  1. Light work and light guides are not something that is ever dropped by the very essence of what it means to be a light worker and a Being of Light. It is eternal and working with evolving spirit and soul in unity with the Creator Source. Light workers need to get on board to what it means and the sovereignty of the body, mind and spirit. The development of our innate quantum healing abilities and other out of this world manifestations and connections we make. Time for some light workers to wake up to the greater reality we live in. We are eternal, infinite and unbounded and originate from Divine God Source Beings.

  2. Why is it when someone says "I’m not speaking negatively of…" they really mean they are but pretending they aren't?
    It's unbecoming.

    • I was simply calling matters out, but also encouraging the petition and meditation. I suppose it's a 'fine line' I'm walking at times.

  3. Child abuse, torture, sacrifice, trafficking, etc. have been going on throughout human history, overtly or covertly, depending on the human population's level of tolerance, so it doesn't explain the ever-growing global covid-tyranny.
    At this point, the human race is being systematically and deliberately exterminated on this planet, with the silent assistance, or even worse, with the active participation of ETs, galactic or otherwise.

    As I see it, our own spiritual energies (e.g. controlled mass meditations) are siphoned off and used as a weapon against us by the very forces that utterly naive humans are trying to appeal to in that particular petition.
    As if those who were crammed in wagons heading for Auschwitz had been appealing to Hitler and his minions…

    What if the energy of the upcoming mass meditation will be used to suppress and counteract the mass protests against the covid-fascism all over the world?
    Are we going to mass meditate and sign petitions to our false saviors until we get to the gate of Auschwitz?

    Humans, it's time to get off your knees!

    • To say that this is all to lead us into Auschwitz implies that we all live in an evil universe. I'm taking a leap of faith that we do not live in an evil universe by signing the petition and doing the meditation. Also, I've covered the base of simultaneously taking a stand while participating in the petition and meditation here:

  4. Perhaps the unification of lightworkers started to drop afterwards because the realization that the Galactic Forces/Federation is No different than dependency on any other Savior, whether it be a Jesus figure or Donald Trump figure.

    • That's a good point, Jon. A lot of people are beginning to realize that self-realization, ascension, awakening, or whatever term that is chosen to describe it doesn't involve some group outside of ourselves saving us. It involves going within and realizing our own divinity. I also realize how difficult this has become for so many that feel broken, defeated, overwhelmed and unable to find the energy, motivation, or desire to continue along that path. This is where the rest of us come in. Those of us that can remain strong must reach out and help give strength and encouragement to our brothers and sisters that want to give up. Our unconditional love and acceptance of each other is our greatest strength. Love cannot be assailed by anyone or anything. It will always prevail despite what may be going on around us at any given moment.
      There is a line in "A Course in Miracles" chapter 6, that says,
      "Teach only Love, for that is what you are."
      This realization by each one of us is the core principle of any ascension process. It is what makes us divine beings.
      I will hold and share this love with each and every one of you as I continue to struggle as well, along side you, as this whole process unfolds.


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