Founding member and frequent contributor to Prepare for Change Rob Potter is set to interview Kim Goguen, this Thursday, January 20 at 1 pm PST on his website, The Promise Revealed as well as on YouTube and these outlets:

The link will not work until 1PM on Thursday, January 20 but you can click the YouTube link (Bell) to receive a reminder.  For those in other states or countries, here is a time zone converter for your convenience:

This exclusive interview comes on the heels of Goguen’s huge proclamation of planetary freedom that came out this past Wednesday the 12th. Goguen, who claims to be the Ground Commander of planet earth among other titles and responsibilities, made the surprise announcement that the cabal’s global institutions and financial system were essentially taken off-line due to the ending of certain planetary covenants that weren’t renewed that the dark forces have used historically to assert their claims of rule over the planet.

Global Restoration Plan – Introduction To Kimberly Ann Goguen Part 1-3

Goguen claims to be the earth ambassador of humanity who controls a back-end system that allows distribution of funds to the highest levels of government, military, and financial institutions. She is encouraging humanity to prepare themselves for self-governance. Her announcement is linked here.

Potter who has over 45 years of experience with higher realm beings and also has been a contactee and ambassador to our nearest neighbors the Venusians, brings a unique perspective to the conversation that will occur on his website. As a precursory explanation of who Goguen is and to set the context for her claims and to further explain the action as related to the Global Restoration Plan, Potter has released a series of 3 videos that readers can view at the following links:

Global Restoration Plan Part 1

Global Restoration Plan Part 2

Global Restoration Plan Part 3

Potter has been very active in the community for years and helped create many initiatives such as a Restoration Plan and the Community Leaders Brief. Elements of the restoration may be discussed in the interview with Goguen.

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  1. At first, last year, when I watched a few videos with Rowe, nicknamed "Tank" I began to feel doubtful about this man's genuinity. And I feel doubtful again, now that I've listened to what Kimberley has to say, about hers. There's nothing in her words that connects to her own presence involving her blood, sweat, and tears, as I perceive her presence in this video.

    When I hear what she's saying, using some terms and names of covenants, etc. which is hard to get a handle on, when one stays down to earth, understanding how this has its place in our existence, in our Universe, it's all knowledge that many of us know from studying the "larger picture" of our human and planetary history. Where's the heart in this conversation? And what's new?

    With Rob Potter, I can't help feeling that he's in it for this reason only, that by having Kimberley in his "show" he seems happy to use her presentation for the greater glory of himself. Both comparing notes, and feel comforted by being on the same page. But what's the page, I wonder? I may offend some PFC people who work with him, or have worked with him, as one of the founders of PFC, but I can't help feeling the same doubt about his genuinity, as I feel toward Kimberley and "Tank".
    There's no

  2. Kim is speaking in code. King Solomon never existed, the name represents the Sun God in 3 ancient languages. Sol= Anglo Saxon, Om=Hindu, On=Egyptian.
    Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Samson, Joseph, Daniel, and all other Patriarchs and their wives, sons & daughters symbolize alignments & conjunction between the brightest Stars, (also known as planets) and the smaller luminary stars, represents degrees and minutes of the Zodiac Arc of the Heavens and within the firmament.

  3. Thank you, Rob Potter for interviewing Kim Goguen. I've read all the negative articles about her, but persisted on listening to her. Keep in mind that the controllers of this planet consistently malign the good guys. People unfamiliar with the almost half a million Sumerian plates (they are extant), among other things, are triggered by her information, thinking she is inventing them. I read for hours every day, and I still do not know everything, but to relegate what this woman has to say to her being a "nut" is disingenuous.

  4. I wonder if Rob Potter will ask Kim 'The Eve' Goguen why she has made over 40 pronouncements since January 2021 that have ALL been proven to be false? And whilst he's at it, I hope Mr Potter also asks why she and her handler 'Tank' are pushing cryptocurrency wallets – which are backed by the very banking institutions she once claimed to have gained control of. This woman is a fraud. She is delusional and dangerous.

  5. The Big Dipper is the Constellation in which the Pole Star is found, Star of Magi. When documented throughout the year in all its seasons the Big Dipper forms a Swastika. Throughout history and different Cultures the Swastika is found throughout the World. We see it in mosaics, woodwork, pottery, rock formations, auto & aircraft emblems, Electric Power Companies & Hydroelectric Stations. Its association with Electromagnetism & Mercury carried by Salt Water is the Old World order Power Grid of Clean Energy. The Swastika represents the Vortex here on Earth, the same Vortex Mercator & other documented maps the Whirlpool surrounding Rupes Nigra, located at the North Pole the Black Sun. The Old World order knew the Earth they walked upon and had a relationship with the creators, with Source. They are the builders of the Great Cathedral's and Domed Mosque. The icons of the Cross and Moon with a star of those structures were not for religious purpose, it was made of gold or cooper as a receiver/antenna for Ether. The Old world knew the Alchemical metals-Gold, Cooper, Iron, Mercury, could be fused in ways that allowed them to access the Ether Electromagnetic clean energy. This is why the New world order had to demonize the ancient sacred Swastika- The Big Dipper in the Sky= Ether & the Black Sun-Rupes Nigra at the North Pole in the whirlpool= Salt Water

  6. My discernment about Goguen goes back to when sh was working closely with Thomas Williams. Every week another promise. I cannot stand to watch her. My well honed inner discernment is repelled by her. She is bloodline Illuminati. Is she lying to herself? I don’t know . I wish interviewers would have more discernment and avoid giving her a platform. But, we are in a war and there is much deception.


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