Situation between Russia and NATO is deteriorating fast:

The Light forces are asking as many people as possible to participate in our urgent meditation for peace (every 4 hours). Instructions are here:

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!

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  1. Hello Kat, I hope you are well. The point of course is to have as many people as possible do the 'every 4 hour' meditation in order to counteract any plans put in place to cause a war. These global synchronized meditations really do work and many of us have stopped many wars in their tracks. Plus, when you sit down, you feel the whole world sitting down with you to cause very positive change. The meditations put forward by are only positive (And: I don't think Hal Turner Radio show has any association with Turner Broadcasting system. Hal Turner has a completely different profile and wouldn't have any association with Turner broadcasting).

  2. Dear Kat: I hope you are well…. but…. NOTE: Surely the point is to get the word out that the world needs calming down. The point of this post — and getting people to see it — is for each person to sit down every 4 hours and feel the world sitting down with them.. and with our meditation effort, we will inject calm into the plasma layers on the planet and calm down the hot rhetoric. This goal, by Cobra, is the OPPOSITE of creating predictive programming. We can and we WILL reverse the tides of war.

  3. We should keep in mind that Hal Turner is part of the controlled media narative and not neccessarily sharing all the information. The Cabal wants a war and they will do what they can to create predictive programing. Just keep this in mind when you listen or read his broadcasts:

    Want to know what news assets the Turner's own?

    • Rev. Kat Carroll, I've been following Hal for quite some time. He can be 'over the top' at times, but he's definitely not a part of the mainstream media narrative. The mainstream media has gone to great lengths to smear him, with your politifact link being a prime example.

      Regarding those assets the Turner's own, there are many people with the last name 'Turner.' I would be very surprised that this is the same Turner. I could be wrong, but I did some research and could find no connection.

      Hal Turner used to work for the FBI, and later called out the FBI for their gross negligence and abuse of power. He says this is why the justice system went after him, fabricating accusations against him.

    • Hal Turner was a literal racist agitator for the FBI. Years ago my internet friend crank-called him on public radio claiming to be a member of the gang "Battletoads" and got him to say he advocated vigilante lynching of violent black people. It was hilarious, but in retrospect I can see what they were trying to do. The FBI is corrupt as hell.


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