Democrat policies are killing the top Democrat states.

According to the United States Census Bureau, California lost 367,299 residents in 2021.

That is 1% of its population!

New York lost the second-highest amount losing 352,185 residents.

Breitbart reported:

California lost one percent of its population over the last year as residents fled for other states, the United States Census Bureau revealed this week.

While California’s population stands at more than 39.5 million, a record high, the state lost more than 367,000 residents over the last year. The state’s population decline is among the largest in the nation.

“In 2021, 20 states and the District of Columbia lost residents via net domestic migration. Largest domestic migration losses were in California (-367,299), New York (-352,185), and Illinois (-122,460),” Census Bureau experts wrote.

In comparison, Florida gained 220,890 residents and Texas gained 170,307.

Here is the breakdown by state:




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  1. In my area of Coachella.Valley, CA, we have seen a population swell since 2019. I have no idea which areas are losing residents. Our area has seen real estate and rental prices shoot through the moon, lower availability, some rental prices have DOUBLED in 3 years. Something certainly does not add up here.

    • I left the Bay Area after I lost my house in the fires and they closed my business. There were 100,000 people homeless overnight with zero shelters and nothing provided by the State of California to help us. We have the largest homeless population in the country with most of them now drug addicted and unable to find work or housing. People are streaming out of the cities, like San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles constantly. What rock are you living under? Everyone I know is fleeing California because housing is unaffordable and hard to find. I am so happy to be gone from a dying corrupt state with an evil governor beyond belief.

  2. Whatever you do, live not by technocratic notions and communist notions.
    Do anything you can to identify, expel and eliminate such notions from yourself.


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