Dark Moon Reading 1 Feb 2022

Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger

By Katharina Bless

Since we are entering the Chinese Year of the Water Tiger, I use the chart of Beijing. This is very significant because it will be an energy that influences the whole world!

I will interpret this one like a personal horoscope to make sure it’s better understood.

The AC shows the unfinished business and what we did not achieve before and Taurus is very accurate, considering we are coming out of the year of the Ox. Now things start to move fast! There is not holding back anymore and dams will open up and tidal waves will flush away the old systems. The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is in Sagittarius in house seven together with Mars. So the female and male energies are coming together to crack up boundaries and system.

You can expect that also the relationships will change and the whole gender changing made easy will have to face new facts. Those awake know already that a physical gender change never can change a man into a woman and vice versa. You have agreed to be born in a certain gender for a reason. But often, if a woman, for example, had lived several incarnations as a man, it is difficult to adjust to the new gender and body and also vice versa. But this is necessary for balance. The spiritual understanding will be more easy and the “new age” which was controlled by the cabal will cease to exist.

The karmic aspect of 150° (orange) will bring up all the hidden agendas into visibility. We will be able to see and understand the law of karma better and not in the ways that some religions teach it, which also has become a dogma to control, which is not correct. The Aspect involving the North Node shows that it involves humanity as a whole and once again, those not open for the changes, those who are rigid and dogmatic, might be flushed away by the tidal wave coming. What is happening now is just the beginning.

A good sample are the truckers who are coming like a tidal wave and the movement is spreading, they start to get ready in other countries too for tidal waves of big trucks and other ways to show that the people are ready to take over.

We will need a lot of courage to face the truth that is coming out and look deep inside of ourselves to find the comprehension of what we are here for. People need to understand their soul contract and the true purpose of why they have incarnated now!

Since Mercury is still retrograde and in conjunction with Pluto in house 8th, the home of Pluto, we can expect that now the time for real soul-searching has come and some talk about the “last judgment days”, they are here. Right now!
Mercury is retrograde for this Chinese year’s horoscope! This means that no hidden stuff can be held under the “cover” and will come out at times like a under water volcano, that was not visible before, triggering huge emotional tidal waves. This is the split of the timelines and the next few hundred (or so) incarnations are being determined now.

The main purpose in this year is to look beyond the veil of illusion, all illusions we have on all levels. We have to question every thing and be ready to let go of what we did believe.

Moon/Sun conjunction in Capricorn with Saturn in it’s own sign will take all the “flesh from the skeleton” and show the naked truth. All artificial camouflage and “beautification” will fall and the natural structure of things come to the surface.

There will be a lot of great people rising with innovations and all the stolen and hidden patents of free energy will be discovered and implemented. You can expect great things to happen, with Jupiter in Aquarius. Aquarius is the equivalent of the Tiger.. and Jupiter will help for the visibility of the genius in it and support the breaking free of people. New ways in a more evolved human consciousness will turn every thing around and those aligned to this energy will have great success this year and be able to manifest plans that lingered and just didn’t “take off”!

I also see the medical systems crash and people go back to understand that the real medicine is natural and homeopathy and other energy medicine methods will start to be very popular. People distrust the pharma industry and it will totally collapse.

Like minded people will start to create groups and create new models of ways how to live. There will be a fantastic symbiosis of natural and high tech coming together to support each other and not create harm.

I like the IC of Leo, many will take back their power and start to realize that they are divine being having a human experience. Once they do, they are fearless and committed. With the goal in Aquarius, a spiritual revolution will happen which is far bigger than “normal” people can imagine right now. We truly will not be limited by the rules of people who would like the masses to be ignorant. This is the past, the awakened ones will never let this happen again and are ready to be responsible – response able – for what they do and who they are.

We will also see the beginning of new kind of government forming, even if this will take much longer to be in place every where, here is the beginning and the seeds that will sprout fast around the world.

I have also made the chart for London which is for Europe and there we can see that the main focus is in the houses 1-4 with Mars/Venus at AC, Uranus at the IC and MC Libra. The break through energy might be more harsh, but people will get up faster and it’s more a personal shift with leaders like Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and others who stand like lighthouses in the masses and show the way.

Even though many are connected through the EU, those different countries are still having their own culture and it will be more difficult to bring them together under “one umbrella”. One of the most important things in this area is to honor all the different cultures and make them unique again. All the migrants who are relatively new in those countries will have to go back to their own and help to restore their peace and work for their liberation. The crazy migration policies that have misplaces millions of people has to stop and be resolved. Many are not where they belong and need to go home.

Some have soul contracts to live in other countries/continents, but this is a different story connected with past lives and promises and agreements.

The chart for the USA I made for Omaha, Nebraska. This is about the middle of the country and would apply for the US and Canada. With a Virgo AC and an IC/MC axis that is not “classical Western Astrology” they have to let go of the idea of supremacy and glamour. The whole “greatness” is a illusion because it has led them into all the misery of a junk food culture and “Tell a Vision” brainwash. Hollywood has successfully corrupted the conscience of many and it is no surprise, that they are in the lime light of the falling illusion.
Moon/Sun/Saturn in house four will help them to see through the illusion and they will be able to reconnect with a more natural life, especially in the huge cities where life has become very inorganic and artificial. Those in the country regions will rejoice and receive a lot of help to restore a healthy agriculture and generally a more healthy life.

Strong leaders will emerge, but not taking on the role of conventional leadership as we knew in the past. It will be representatives of the people (real people) that organize the whole new ways and help and then step back and give the power back to the people once they are organized.

With an MC of Cancer, there will be a lot of women in leading roles and the new energy will be much more feminine. It will be the “wise mothers” who are role models not the skinny transvestites of holy-wood without hips! Mothers who are not fixated in the moment of pleasure, but see the responsibility and honor mother nature and think in terms of “wellness for generations” and not cut down the natural resources for a shortsighted pleasure!

Stand strong and bold… this is your chance and you have waited for this moment thousands of years!

Many blessings for this year 2022 of the Water Tiger!



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  1. Sorry Author, Katharina Bless slipped that Propaganda piece in about the gas chambers that never were, but Zyklon-B did kill millions of Lice.

  2. So Author, You took a fun piece 'New Year of The Water Tiger' that equivalates to the 'New Age of Aquarius' just to turn it into a Propaganda piece against the Germans. Ernst Zundel sacrifice made this a mute discussion. It has already been proven in a Canadian Court Room in 1985-1988 that Auschwitz/Birkenau was indeed only a Housing & Work camp. You just lost 3 million of the fake narrative, that's why Poland removed the plaque with the number.


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