Inner Truth: Love is why we came here in the first place and love is why we stay

By Sandy Stevenson, Everything is in Divine Order and there is a higher picture to everything. Even if we don’t see it, it is so. We are all aware that for some years we have been working on releasing and cleansing ourselves of denser forms of energy in our lower emotional and mental thought bodies. … Read more

“Lost” Weekend Awakenings Replay Video and Community Leaders Briefs

Last Saturday, January 2, our Weekend Awakening video was graciously taken down by the lovely folks at YouTube. They suggested, ever so politely, that we may have spoken out of turn with information that counters the WHO. We are so glad that they care enough to monitor our free speech and do their job of … Read more

God has Spoken

Our world is changing. Can you feel it? By Merrilee of Solana, While some are still caught in their slumber thinking they’re awake, others are dressed and ready to party. The old paradigm of corruption, lies, deception, demonic plans, pain, and suffering plays in the background as some continue to give it energy keeping the … Read more

The Black Sheep – Is It Okay to Leave Your Biological Family?

By Lia Love, “You did not invent these family habits. Your family is like mine; for thousands and thousands of years our families have embraced a dysfunctional lifestyle, passing these habits as gospel on to subsequent generations. This was not done out of malice, spite, or hate, but what they knew best.” ~ David W. Earle … Read more

The Great Divide

Thoughts to Ponder   The great awakening. It’s been a long time coming. Those of us who have been summoned by the light have been working tirelessly to save those indoctrinated by the black robe society. My brothers and sisters stand divided by what appears to be just another political fight between the red and … Read more

Flamethrowing Tractors – Get Rid Of Weeds Without Using Chemicals

By Gerald Sinclair, While the concept of flame weeding might sound insane, it could replace chemical use in big ways. Now, for those who do not know flame weeding is a process through which weeds are killed with intense heat.  Flame weeding can be done with a single flame or even on a huge tractor … Read more

10 Vegetables You Can Easily Grow at Home All Year Round

By Elias Marat, As the coronavirus spreads across the United States, countless families are preparing to hunker down for what could be an indefinite amount of time. Whether it’s because of orders to “shelter-in-place,” self-quarantine, or simply our own conscience telling us it’s the right thing to do for the public good, many of us … Read more

How to Improve Personal Relations during Lockdown

By Guest Author: Tiffany Harper, The lenses of reality are uniquely shaped for each and every one of us. Our perspective and belief system are dictating the course of our existence. For that reason, our reality can be easily altered by changing one little belief or by daring to look at things, situations, and experiences … Read more