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People are told that they must constantly do things they don’t want to do, and their resulting unhappiness is treated as arbitrary.  The secret is that their unhappiness is not secondary, but is primary.  The real focus of the negative forces is to make people as unhappy as possible as often as possible.

I look at the world, and all its insanity, and all of my own insanity, and it all really just comes down to this:  suffering/misery/unhappiness.  

Why do the negative forces attack the family unit so much?  A non-dysfunctional family unit is happy. 

Why all the covid insanity in all its forms?  What’s all of this really for?  Unhappiness.

With various ‘stuff’ I am exposed to, I now often ask the question, “Is this just trying to make me unhappy, and if so, how?”   

The surface population is finding it painful to wake up to some very ugly truths, but this is uniting humanity to liberate the planet.  Unity within the surface population creates happiness.

Ultimately, the negative forces don’t want us all to die because they need our loosh.  Realizing this can allow people to break free from being livestock loosh generators.

Think about it.  When’s the last time you were actually truly happy and carefree?  With all this insanity in the world, when’s the last time you actually truly felt happy?

The master agenda behind all agendas is to create unhappiness.  I analyzed the many ways this is accomplished by the negative forces this morning, and I was amazed by their countless methods.  I could see the entire matrix centered around loosh.  That’s what it’s all really about.

I could talk about so many different negative agendas going on right now.  I could rant endlessly about all the problems in the world.  Yet, it’s all the same in the end, because it all comes down to one thing – unhappiness.  

Don’t give the negative forces what they want.  Be a light that shines.  Be happy.


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    • Great observations, Starry Light, and well presented too 👍🌼
      It's great to find a new way of not being available to dark forces by conscious exercises, instead of the impulse or idea that fighting is involved. For fighting is the very thing these forces thrive upon, isn't it?
      It's why I'm always fascinated by the true nature of martial arts, not the Westernized version of it. Where the use of energy is made conscious, with direction, a true art without elements of conquering.

  1. This is so spot on – yes, the overall agenda is to produce loosh. How insightful. I see them do it in so many ways as well – even in the way our computers are programmed, anything to cause small disturbances or annoyances. These pesky loosh triggers are everywhere. Good catch – this is exactly what it's about.

  2. very interesting to read and to share, lets party, lets laugh and create happiness, the only way to sabotaged their through agenda, power of the people to collapse this society of consumption. Master your ego and be happy

  3. The Truth is we choose. Humans have this need to be constantly entertained. Their entertainment lead them on this dark path. The controllers know that, that's why they entertain.
    When I was 19 my husband at the time wanted me to work so he can buy a Corvette & a boat, in life. I wanted a modest house & children.
    I also recognized that 2 incomes meant more taxes for the Federal government to collect. I understood that a larger home meant higher taxes for the County to collect, besides the larger house using more utilities.
    We both got what we wanted, but with someone else.
    We are the ones that choose.

    • Hello La Verne, that's very well said, yes, I agree, we are the ones that choose. Glad you got what you wanted with someone else.

      My first boyfriend lived by the grace of a Jaguar, a Harley Davidson, martial arts, HiFi devices, with a band in his studio every night, in clouds of sweet smoke. We lived separate lives for 9 years, but sharing one bed, before I had the guts to walk away and stand on my own feet with conscious intention to do so. "I choose to see with my own eyes, and to hear with my own ears" was my strongest argument for leaving this boyfriend whom I didn't connect with in love.

      He never said a word, but later tried to have his revenge, for he was a man who "owned" a woman on his terms only, and these terms were very weird. I've heard friends telling me after I left him "We're so happy and relieved that you left this guy, he's a nasty horrible person."

      I sometimes answered "Oh, why didn't you tell me earlier? I could've taken it as a warning!"
      Of course, in the reality of all this, I first had to wake up to myself more. I remember how strong I was when I left this weird relationship, those 9 years of theatrical lifestyle, in much pomp and circumstance, jet-set, dancings, parties, drugs and drink, hippies and artists.

      I was an outsider and observer of it all, it saved me from drowning in it. I was both celebrating and trembling in insecurity, when I lived on my own, for the first time, leaving that scene. For me, often it was (sometimes much later) after discovering my motives for acting and experiencing in my life, that I found out what the choices I made were about. What need they filled.

      Now I try to be aware of my motive first, before landing in the wrong choice, by ignoring my boundaries and freedom without being bothered by what others will say or think, at least, far less than I used to. It's a new roots-and-shoots experience for me to begin to feel, inside, that I'm truly the creator of my reality, of my moods, and whereabouts. In rain or shine, both are equally appreciated, for the sun always shines 🌞🙋‍♀️


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