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 Media myth-making: time to take a long hard look in the mirror

A hard-hitting analysis from the Looking Glass website of the New Zealand mainstream media’s craven support for the Covid programme and its abject failure to hold the government to account. “I have no sympathy for the media playing the victim – it is sickening. A dereliction of duty as huge as the one they have been responsible for cannot be easily forgiven.” The subject matter may be Down Under but the message is universal. The Looking Glass is essential reading and we urge you to sign up to it at

Call for a MILLION people to help avert ambulance failure death toll

Holding the Line has been privileged to be present at the birth of the People’s Health Alliance, a radical new grassroots healthcare initiative. HTL’s Roger Guttridge interviews PHA’s Katherine Macbean on the launch of their latest campaign, kick-started in response to the news that the West Midlands Ambulance Service is anticipating being unable to respond to 999 calls by August. The point of the freedom movement is not only to interpret the tyranny that was unleashed upon the world in March 2020, it is to build robust alternative social and economic institutions. This is exactly what the People’s Health Alliance is doing. You can support the PHA’s drive at and watch Roger’s interview with Katherine at HTL’s Odysee site (now touching 300 followers).

Believe Nothing – Instalment #1: Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse

Rusere Shoniwa artfully anatomises “the most complex deception in the history of mass deceptions” and enlists Father Ted to explain how the perpetrators have got away with it – so far. “The question is: what will it take for humanity to wake up and reciprocate the ruling cabal’s kick up the arse?” As well as appearing regularly at Holding the Line and Left Lockdown Sceptics, Rusere publishes at A Plague on Both Houses and you can ensure that you get his latest articles by signing up at

Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship

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