The illustrious Steve Kirsch just conducted another survey that suggests Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are at least 300 times deadlier than all other FDA-approved vaccines, for which there are now more than 70, combined over the past 32 years.

The simple poll asked readers and followers to respond to the statement, “Which choice has killed more people that you know,” followed by these three options:

1) COVID vaccine
2) All other vaccines combined in the last 32 years
3) Nobody I know has ever died from a vaccine

Seventy-six percent of respondents chose the first option followed by 22 percent for the third option. Only three percent of respondents indicated that they know more people who died from vaccines other than the covid shots.

“If you have a Gab or Twitter account, please replicate my poll for your followers and then enter the URL of your poll into this form so I can publish the results,” Kirsch writes, referring to this poll.

“I’ll make a video that will be very compelling with all the polls,” he added.

Do you know of someone who became injured or died from covid injections?

Kirsch’s friends at VaccineTruth2 on Twitter launched the same poll and the results were even more stark. More than 87 percent of respondents said covid shots have killed more people they know than all other jabs combined.

“In other words, the people who responded to these public polls are more than 10 times more likely to observe that the COVID vaccines have killed more people than ALL OTHER VACCINES COMBINED OVER THE PAST 32 YEARS,” Kirsch stressed.

“How are they going to explain that?’

Keep in mind that many of Kirsch’s followers are pro-vaccine fanatics who would gladly pick option three even if they knew someone who died under suspicious circumstances. Despite this bias, an overwhelming percentage of respondents still said covid shots are the deadliest thing they know of right now.

Kirsch has been really busy in recent days putting together surveys about Chinese Virus injections to try to get to the bottom of how people are responding to them. Just the other day, he presented 10 other surveys of greater depth than this latest one, all of which support his hypotheses.

You might call this open-source peer review in that Kirsch is conducting on-the-ground science into a matter that remains mostly untouched by the major media and of course the government, which continues to push the jabs as “safe and effective.”

“Some of you wonder why the ratio isn’t more lopsided since if the COVID vaccines are so deadly, everyone should recognize them as being more deadly and everyone would vote for choice #1,” Kirsch writes.

“But deaths are relatively rare, so most people will only see one death. If the COVID vaccines are killing people at a rate 311 X more than all vaccines combined per year, then we’d expect to see the numbers above if everyone just sees one death.”

If you are interested in seeing the math and methodology behind Kirsch’s reasoning on this, as well as learning how to compute it for yourself, be sure to check out his Substack.

The bottom line is this: Covid jabs appear to be the deadliest injections ever introduced in the United States – and by a long shot. There is no denying that these things are extremely unsafe, and mounting evidence proves that they are also ineffective at saving lives.

“I believe they have to be put into a corner of either criminal complicity, aiding and abetting, obstruction in furtherance of a criminal conspiracy,” wrote one of Kirsch’s subscribers about the maniacal psychopaths behind covid injections.

The latest news about injuries and deaths caused by Fauci Flu shots can be found at

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  1. "Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are at least 300 times deadlier than all other FDA-approved vaccines". I hope this statement is not taken as an endorsement of the rest of the Lying CDC vaccines. Remember that in 2020, the CHD sued the CDC and the CDC lost, forcing it to acknowledge that it had NEVER done a safety study on ANY vaccine. Many scientists have been and are questioning the Louis Pasteur germ theory. Does the mere exposure to "germs" get us sick or is the condition of the terrain (body) more of the determinant if we are to get sick or not? The controllers are working so hard to assault us every way possible to weaken us and make us susceptible to getting sick. They poison our food and water, toiletries, air, etc. If you still do not know that vaccines are toxic slews of chemicals, etc., you probably have not read the inserts, like most of the MDs and nurses I worked with. And remember, the phrase "FDA-approved" should not make one feel protected by this sham of an agency. My knee-jerk reaction to this phrase is usually a loud guffaw. If you do a good enough research, you will find that the very companies producing all these lethal products are also hiring the FDA commissioners to work for them.


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