A bedroom is a place for rest. However, from bad dreams to bedtime tiffs to doom-scrolling on your smartphone, a good night’s sleep has become more and more difficult to attain.

As per the CDC, one-third of American adults do not get a sufficient amount of sleep. For some, reading a bedtime novel or a relaxing bath does the trick.

However, if all else fails, here are a few crystals that are known for making your sleep pleasant and rejuvenating.

Red Tiger’s Eye

If you are the type of person who cannot stop thinking about all the things you still need to do, then this crystal is for you. The crystal enhances restful sleep by helping natural cycles of sleep.

It is particularly effective for people with hyperactive minds or carrying negative energy. As a bonus effect, this crystal may also rev up your libido, which can make you feel tired enough to get the sleep you want.

In order to use it, meditate while letting the crystal rest gently on top of your hands. Carry the intention to release anxious energy. Then go to bed and keep the crystal near your head. It can be on the nightstand or under the pillow.


The moonstone carries the maternal protective energy toward a baby. The Moon Goddess is, after all, a maternal figure who becomes a guardian when we are vulnerable. We are the most vulnerable when we are sound asleep.

This crystal is particularly suitable for people suffering from insomnia or brains that simply cannot stop thinking about the meeting tomorrow. In order to use it, place the stone on your bedroom’s windowsill.

The energy of the stone will change according to the lunar phase. As such, Full Moon periods will be when it is most powerful. If you want help with regards to lucid dreaming, place one under the pillow or meditate while holding it before turning in for the night.

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is the recommended choice for those who cannot sleep due to nightmares or because they have a fear of the dark.

The crystal’s protective vibrations will keep away night terrors and bad dreams, and induce a feeling of safety. You can imagine using it as similar to wearing an invisibility cloak that keeps negative energies from noticing you.

To make full use of its preventive nature, keep the stone nearby while you sleep. It can be on the windowsill, under the pillow, or on the nightstand. The crystal’s grounding properties will make you feel secure and calm while sleeping.


Sometimes, your bedroom’s energy can be off-balance. It can be because of a past negative event that happened there, or simply because the energy has become stagnant. This is where selenite will come in handy.

The crystal is great for restoring, refreshing, and recharging anyone who is in close proximity to it. It also has an interesting bonus: the stone is believed to clear and expand the sinus and throat area. So it’s great if you have trouble with snoring.

In order to use it, keep the stone at some distance from you – like on the dresser. Let its energy radiate into the entire bedroom. Since its vibration frequency is quite high, you might find it difficult to fall asleep if it is very close to you.


The crystal represents transformation and helps in balancing overactive minds. It helps in cultivating inner peace and helps in releasing ruminations, negative thoughts, and anything else that makes you stay awake at night.

Keep it under the pillow or on the nightstand. When you sleep, the crystal will have a calming effect on the subconscious. It will also induce wisdom and creative energy.

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