From Clif High:

We are considering a very complex, and complicated, subject, that is, the occurrence of Change.

Herein we will gnaw on aspects of Change itself. We are chewing on the Act of Change as it manifests here in this Matterium. In this cogitation, it becomes obvious that while time is an essential aspect, it is not THE critical component, rather that is, the ‘field potential state’.

A simple explanation for the function of time in the manifestation of Change in this Matterium can be extracted from comparing the manifestation of Change with a sneeze.

Sneezing frequently happens so fast as to occur before there is much of any conscious awareness that the sneeze will, or is, happening. You just sneeze. Unbidden, unaware, your body convulses and the sneeze is snorted out. But sneezing does not always occur thus.

Some sneezes are felt, in the body, as they are developing. The feeling can precede the sneeze by long or short time, but in both instances, the mind becomes aware that the body is going to sneeze before the act of the sneezing occurs. Your conscious mind tracks the building potential for a sneeze developing in snout, lungs, and abdomen, through the ‘feeling/pressure/temperature’ sensor organs in various parts of the body. Your mind registers the ‘sneeze potential’ as a grouping of these sensors reacting. As an instance, not many people have their sensors in their feet involved in sneezes, but most people have felt the development of a soon-to-occur sneeze as a ‘field of’ sensors in the body becoming active.

As each new sensor becomes involved with the growing field of hundreds, perhaps tens of thousands of activated sensors within the body, our minds become aware of the ‘state of the field’ of the potential sneeze growing within us. Take a moment to reflect on your personal sneezing experiences, and to acknowledge that the ‘field effect’ exists to the point that it intruded on your conscious mind, brushing away other thoughts as it builds up within you until it is dominating your attention, letting your awareness know that a sneeze was on its way.

Then it happens! The explosive release of the sneeze as you seemingly burst out all the thousands of active points of the sneeze-field into the room as you feel the release in the body of the collapsing of the field of potential.

It’s over; it happened. Whew. Snout cleared, brain reset off the awareness of the field now that it has been snorted out of the body, the feeling of minor ‘relief’ in those sensors that had been involved produces a ‘shadow field’ effect as the sneeze fades from awareness and memory. Sometimes the sneeze will complete in such a way as to produce a ‘body rush’ feeling as the field of sensors draining away from your awareness as their individual states return to reduced tension.

However, sometimes, it doesn’t happen. You get the building potential of the sneeze-field, the heightening awareness, and you….wait. But nothing. The field of potential sneeze seems to reach a large, but less than critical level, then, usually, slowly will dissipate.

It is from sneeze experiences such as this, the no-show sneeze, the failure to reach ‘sneeze critical mass’ that we know that Time, while a key element, is not THE key.

The determining factor, for sneezes, as well as Change, is the ‘state of the field potential’.

Some fields, as in those that create sneezing within humans, are described as ‘potential to completeness’, while others fields, of an opposite nature, will be described as ‘incomplete’ in their ‘potential’.

The ‘potential’ being considered herein is the ‘potential to manifestation’. Change, can be thought of as the ‘actual manifestation’ that occurs out of the field.

Now things become a bit tricky in our thinking. In the comparison to sneezing, all is well and good up to this point, where we have to note that our body’s actual ‘sneeze’ is the result of Change, that is, the act of sneezing is the ramification within the Matterium of the ‘collapse of the field potential into reality’. The sneeze is the after effect, the result, not the actual Change itself.

Much of our thinking will be distorted by our language about Change and Time unless we establish that the act of sneezing is but an instance of the ‘continuity’ of Change. That is, the collapse of the field of potential within your body that is a state change that results in the sneeze is only a time-bound example of the constant nature of Change here in this Matterium.

The collapse of any field of potential always, and only, produces inputs for other fields of potentials that are both existent, and unstable, either themselves building or collapsing.

Change can be conceived of a measurement of the level of instability of all the fields that constitute the Matterium.

Change, as a subject, is an examination of the interactions of ‘fields’, near and far, and their ‘state of potential’ at any given point in time. Again we note that aspects of Time, such as duration, and rates of alteration of the field versus duration, are critical elements in the examination of Change, but that time alone is not a constraining limitation.

All fields collapse, in Change, just as in sneezes. Either the field collapses in such a way as to provide the impetus to Change local to your body that produces the sneeze, or it collapses by fading away; but collapse it will, as all fields of potential do.

All human thought is part of a field of potential. As elements of such fields of potential manifestation, both Thought, and the Human thinking it, are reactive, both at a self actualized level, and through interaction with other ‘field elements’, that is, other humans, and other thoughts, and will participate in the collapse of fields, both of Thought, and human interaction. We observe this effect as ‘schools of Thought’ arise struggling for dominance, within a given discipline, only to later fade away, successful, or not. Thus it has always been, thus will it be always.

We note in passing that the I Ching, Tarot, and all forms of ‘divination’ are attempts to monitor ‘field potential’ for collapse, while astrology is more used for, and useful for monitoring ‘field interactions’, though it also provides hints as to field collapse points.

There are many other aspects of field potentials that bear examination in considering Change, such as ‘rate of change pressure’ as determined by ‘development rates over duration’, and ‘scope of change pressure’ as a component of field element density within the duration. These and other aspects including the ‘speed of collapse of the field’, and ‘element warp direction’ will be visible in the Change that will manifest this Summer here in our Matterium.

As we are all very much aware, the field potential for CHANGE, writ large, is very high at this time, here in this Matterium. If you can’t feel it, please get to a mortuary as you are a dead fucker. The levels of the fields, in any, and all, metrics have never been higher in my lifetime. Perhaps these levels of potential have not existed for several thousands of years. That remains to manifest and thus be observed, but from this side of the field collapse, it is a distinct possibility that the resulting Change may be at levels not experienced since the collapse of previous civilizations, such as the Bronze Age Civilization which ‘dissolved’ for unknown reasons in 1177 BC.

For my convenience, the label being applied here is “the Summer of The Bug”, as it is my thinking that Secrets Revealed late in August will lead to more of Humanity to be thinking about non-human life, aka, ‘The Bug’. The field potential within the area of ‘space aliens, UFOs & shit’ is huge, and has been building steadily for centuries, as well as growing rapidly in recent years. This suggests a very large field collapse and much resulting Change manifesting.

The Summer of The Bug will also provide for Change in the field states in economics, including down to the core levels of currencies, and the financial systems that the currencies support, as well as all things dependent on currencies, such as politics, and nation-states. So, Big damn Change just ahead.

In essence, the BIG CHANGE is coming in the Summer of The Bug as the fields begin collapsing from potential into actuality. The BIG CHANGE will be manifesting at all levels of our society, and will be altering our civilization. We will be in a Shift Of Ages level of Change as the manifestation will be throwing off the central control built up over the Ages of Aries and Pisces. Combined, these ages have a near 6000 year influence. We will be manifesting our Change into the theme of self-reliance and decentralized networking as the Age of Aquarius makes its first manifestation patterns visible.

Looking to our language, we note that sneezing is seen as being a tell-tale for ‘having caught a bug somewhere’. In my thinking, the bug that our civilization has caught, these Space Aliens, arrived here about 6000 years back, and will be producing a very prodigious sneeze indeed. One that will manifest over years, perhaps decades, and produce much resulting Change, both broad and deep. It is also my conclusion that conditions exist for this Humanity level sneeze to produce a resulting body rush that will be both socially, and spiritually, cleansing in its effects.

Our collective, humanity level, Sneeze Time is here.

Wait for it.

Look around. You can see it and feel it building….


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  1. It's more than a sneeze field interaction. World armies are inept against alien's advanced technology (Stockholm Syndrome). Hybrid Central world bankers have driven derivatives (all assets) to debts into quadrillions, non-payable intent, as hidden alien controllers occupying this planet for thousands (17.5 K) of years are now setting the stage for extinction of real humans (15%) and 85% mixed alien hybrids. WWIII is here but not nukes as positive aliens will inactivate. Freeing humanity is as simple as "voting", your DNA daily soul report directly to our Creator/Coordinator asking freedom from all oppressors. It requires each person's inalienable free will to ask accumulating a threshold of the Fibonacci Sequence energizing their eviction from our planet. Be your own hero while yet another planned world war goes on.

  2. Big seed drop here. We've been "sniffling" for some time. A sneeze is like a spiritual orgasm and clearing- Bring it!!!!


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