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Historic Decision Against Mandatory Vaccination by Italian Court + Covid Vaccine Risk to Human Genome Now Legally Established (Italy)


On July 6th, 2022, the court of Florence has approved a sentence annulling the measure taken by the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany against one of its members, the reason being: ‘the suspension of the exercise of the profession risks compromising primary individual rights such as the right to a livelihood and the right to work’.

The judge ruled that the psychologist doesn’t need to be vaccinated in order to do his job by establishing that:

  • these substances don’t prevent infection and transmission. Therefore, in front of the Italian law, there can not be an obligation.
  • She also recognises that these substances provokes severe adverse events.
    Therefore, it even less legitimate to force anybody to be injected.
  • The judge put the dignity of the human being at the centre and referred twice to the period of Nazism and Fascism. Mandatory vaccination is possible if there is informed consent. For Covid injections, she explained that an informed consent is not possible as we don’t know the ingredients and the mechanisms of these substances because of industrial and alleged military secret.

This interim decision is grounded in serious conclusion: there is no right to suspend a citizen from the right to work based of this illegal request of vaccination with these experimental substances.

With this historic court decision, “the Risk to human genome is now legally established” Renate Holzeisen, Italian attorney engaged in the defense of the Human Rights, said in an interview for an Italian radio.

“This could be a milestone” said Reiner Fuellmich during the Corona Committee 113, interviewing Renate Holzeisen.

No obligation as the official data show that these experimental substances don’t prevent infection and transmission amongst people treated with 3 or more Covid shots.

First of all, the judge declares that based on the datas published by the Ministry of HealthAIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) and the SSN (Italian Health Services), it is very clear that these substances (aka Covid vaccines), defined several times by the judge as “experimental”, don’t prevent infection from the virus. For a mandatory vaccination, the substances should be proven to work.

Therefore, as they don’t work, in front of the Italian law, there can not be an obligation.

Doctor leading the intensive care in Verona has declared in television that all Covid patients in intensive care are people treated with 3 Covid shots.

Nobody can be forced to be injected as these substances provoke severe adverse events and this is based on official public data regarding adverse events.

In the court decision, the judge also recognises that these substances cause very serious side effects that can even lead to death, and also refers to the risk of genetic mutation.

Therefore, it even less legitimate to force anybody to be injected.

The judge declared that you cannot sacrifice life and health of an individual for the benefit of the population, but based on the public data coming from the Italian and European health authority, there is evidence that, at the end, there isn’t even a benefit for the community.

The Dignity of the human being is at the centre. Mandatory vaccination is not possible because there is NO informed consent due to industrial and alleged military secret regarding the ingredients and the mechanism of these injections.

Even if these substances would work to prevent these infection, after the Nazi and fascism period, it can not be a mandatory without an informed consent.

The judge stated that there is no benefit for these substances BUT even if there was a benefit, we can not sacrifice the individual right in the name of the common interest, and put the dignity of the human being at the centre.

The judge referred twice to the Nazi and fascism period, to the Italian Constitution article 32 highlighting that there is a reason why Dignity is at the centre of the first article of the German constitution.

She explained that an informed consent is not possible as we don’t know the ingredients and the mechanisms of these substances (industrial and alleged military secret).

We should recall a group of Human Rights Italian activists who presented a Freedom of Information Act to the EMA and to the Italian Cares Authority asking for clear informations about the ingredients and the safety of these experimental substances aka Covid injections. As an answer, the EMA said that no information can be shared as there is a military secret in place.

In his decision, the judge stated it: no information are available about these substances and even if we ask for information publicly, we don’t receive it. There is no informed consent.

In this historic decision, the Tuscan judge concluded that based on all these, the discrimination of this psychologist and her suspension from work is totally illegal. Even before hearing the other part (Tuscany’s Chamber of Psychologists), because of the ongoing irreversible damage the plaintiff suffered and because of the clear evidence, she suspended the decision of the Tuscany’s Chamber of Psychologists to suspend the plaintiff and fixed a court hearing for 15th September.

But the judge showed as well that there is no need to go to the constitutional court as we know that these substances (aka Covid-19 vaccine) don’t prevent infection. In front of the Italian law regarding mandatory Covid vaccination, it is enough to say the suspension from labour of healthcare workers is illegitimate because these substances don’t do what the constitution request.

Mandatory vaccination for many other categories of workers (teachers, fireworkers, military-members, policemen etc.) was already foreseen and for the citizen over 50 years the mandatory vaccination is still in force.

This is the first decision with which an Italian judge declared the material truth and the imposition of the treatment is radically illegitimate.


READ the Court Decision Here.

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