Folks, just a reminder to question every single thing you are seeing on ALL media outlets.  Why are certain people allowed to broadcast certain positions while others are not?  I am not saying that this video reports the absolute truth……decide for yourselves.  Easy to see how the first major division to establish is the political one, Pick a Side!

As we always say, Discernment!  What is your truth?

From 7grainsofsalt5:

Taking a quick look at Stew Peters. What do I see & do I trust him? I wouldn’t put my trust in any man, just as the Bible says. Test everything & be as wise as serpents, but innocent as doves. Enjoy the day!

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  1. Just sayin'? You're slandering and trying to get people to condemn a guy doing a valuable service on covid murders (along with others he presents who have been pivotal in making a genocide public)??? You're dredging up a bunch of nothing then trying to get people to accept your outlandish conclusions and you're "just sayin"????? If I were Stew you would be just saying to a civil slander suit. What's all the BS about new age? You're at this site and talking about new age as something warranting censure??? Why don't I see your real name? We see Stew Peters' name. Why don't we see yours? Who are you? Who are you working for? Put up YOUR history. It's you I don't trust. YOU'RE ONE HATEFUL FANATIC, ATTACKING DECENT PEOPLE USING YOUR SICK INTERPRETATION OF RELIGION TO HIDE BEHIND.

  2. Simple litmus test: if they won't say the word Israel, or City of London…they are limited hangout. How many have heard of the Pilgrim's Society? This group founded in 1906 carries on Cecil Rhodes plan to keep the Brit Empire alive and well, and to take back USA. Founded with newspapermen as spies around the world sending back intel to Hydra Central in London.
    Banksters start the wars, funded the Bolsheviks, funded Hitler, and Zionism. Anglo American banksters-industrialists-Wall St kept the old Soviet Union under Stalin alive and well with continuous cash and technology infusions. See prof. Anthony Sutton.
    Two good sites:
    Brendan O'Connell channel still on boobtoob (toned down) or full force on Bitchute.

  3. I've stopped listening to this guy and his frequent always "sensational" guest, "Dr. Ruby". Apparently Stew was a former rapper too, and not a very good one at that (I tried to listen to his rap performance. I couldn't stand rap music to begin with, but this performance was mediocre to ridiculous at best). This guy shows up out of nowhere, like the Soros supported BLM, all of a sudden, they are front and center, with endless funding. Stew has one sensational report after another. Riveting for Covidiots, I am sure. He is no different than Dan Bongino, Shapiro, Dershowitz, Glenn Beck, Robert Kennedy, Alex Jones, Larry Elder, etc., always broadcasting their full ire against the injustices of this world, yet they do not sound fully convincing. They come across as theatrical players. One can sense the tether attached to them. Some of them are out and out creepy even if "they keep their pants on". They insult my intelligence. Disturbing that many actually just believe anything they say and go as far as consulting them because of their propagandized "expertise". We have stopped thinking for ourselves. I think these people feel so empowered because of who is backing them; the very same people who control our justice system (?), the very same people who has the power to coerce us into total submission to their demands or suffer imprisonment or death. If you haven't seen the movie "Big Brother", it is a good time to see it.


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