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 Tuesday, September 6, 2022
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The Frequency of Truth
Guest Speaker, Denise Dryden

Denise Dryden discusses the role of Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, and Diamond children in our fast-evolving world.

By PFC volunteer Roger Guttridge

Integrational coach Denise Dryden defines an Indigo as a ‘soul, seeded into a human incarnation and intentionally placed on our Earth to introduce and hold the frequency of Truth and Justice’.

In The Indigo Assignment, her first book, she adds: ‘The Indigo placement is a volunteer mission, designed to seed the most powerful masters, skilled warriors of Light and royalty from other Galactic worlds on the planet Earth.

‘They are the superheroes of our world at this time, hidden within family systems, jobs and neighbourhoods scattered across the Earth.’

The Indigo Assignment, published in May 2022, is the first in a planned series of four.  It offers insights into, and guidance, for the waves of the frequency-seeded Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, and Diamond children who have arrived on Earth over the last half-century or so, and for those involved with them.  It is a subject that few are better qualified to explore than Denise.

Montana-based, Denise, who will be guest speaker at PFC’s Ascension Connection Call on Tuesday September 6 (see details below), has a background in history, education, and psychology, and for many years worked in therapeutic programmes in the US for teenagers ‘who cannot be at home’.

‘It started in 1995 working with the oppositional, defiant, really pissed-off young adults in programmes, whether it was addiction, fighting with the parents, personal destruction and stuff like that,’ she says.

‘I started working with the parents and slowly moved further out on to the fringe of skills and tools to support the child.’

Denise, whose clients have included the children of many ‘reptilian, Cabal-based Fortune 100s, politicians, entertainers, sports professionals’, noticed sequential patterns beginning to emerge.

‘The first ones were really angry, rebellious, oppositional, defiant. The second wave of teens started coming through the programmes in 2005-07 and that’s where we treated a lot of computer addictions, autism, and low executive skills functioning, so I explored the metaphysical to discover the difference between the two.

 ‘In 2015 I started to develop the construct of Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Diamond children and I took a really deep dive into what are their characteristics, why they are here, what is their purpose, what is their frequency, and why now?’

 Denise describes the Indigo frequency as ‘the frequency of Truth’.

‘The Indigos came en masse, starting in 1977, and the Truth frequency is what we are seeing now, 45 years later,’ she says.

 ‘Everything that doesn’t hold the resonance of Truth is now being dismantled.

 ‘Indigos are the seekers of Truth and also the protectors. They are the warriors. We say they clear the ground, and they protect the Crystals and those that follow.

‘The real power comes in the late ’80s when the Crystalline kids start coming in.

 ‘They were so unique and different, and they liberated every single thing that we knew how to do.

‘They liberated the family system, the education system, the church, the sports, the workforce.

‘Everything that they touched they literally melted, and it had to fall apart because it’s a construct that can’t serve them.

 ‘They physically dismantled the conditioned construct that had been holding our world in place.

 ‘We are seeing that Crystals’ energy expanded into everything.

 ’The Crystals are deeply embedded in the Millennial generation. They have gotten a really bad rap of not knowing how to do anything constructive – school, work, responsibilities, etc. They don’t actually do anything that’s based on a construct of 1930s, ’40s, ’50s conditions or world values.

 ‘The Rainbows are free. They have such freedom. They have freedom that never existed anywhere else.

 ‘They are the cross-pollinators – the ones who have no black and white thinking. It’s “and” and “both” in everything.

 ‘They are blending genders, blending education, blending jobs, blending relationships, blending everything, ‘which is why we are starting to see the greatest sense of freedom we have had on our planet come through these little ones who are at this point 15 to 20 years old.

‘They are not very old and there is a very small group of them. They only arrived for five years, yet they set the pace for all of us.’

Denise says these strategic seedings of various galactic masters were placed through Sirian Councils.  She spent 12 years working with an experienced channel called Ahriah to access this information and build a perspective of seeded frequencies designed to create change. Some of these channellings are extensively quoted in her book.

When Denise asked about the Indigos, Ascended Master’s spokesperson St Germaine said:

‘They come through Sirius; they are Sirian by nature. They open up this blue energy, of course, the sapphire energy of Law and Light.

 ‘It is an extremely purified and rarefied field. It only knows Truth. It beams this essence through their physical bodies.’

Referring to the consequences of challenges faced by Indigos during an earthly incarnation, St Germaine adds:

‘When the Indigos move into disarray, it is because of the gift of Truth that is dismantled within them.

 ‘They hold themselves in such integrity, and when that is misused, shall we say, by the parents, or by the parental governing body, such as politics, or even churches, these Indigos go in opposite directions because they are so dismantled that they do not function within the law, and they try and find the law outside of the reference point of their own truth.

‘This causes enormous, shall we say, addiction issues, and separation issues.’

You can learn more about Denise, sign up for Newsletters, see her videos, presentations and interviews or learn about upcoming Master Classes and coaching offerings at:

Preview or order her book, The Indigo Assignment

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