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Liz Truss is to issue a statement resigning as prime minister after just 45 days, following the near-complete evaporation of her political authority, a process begun by last month’s disastrous mini-budget. “It’s over,” a source said.

Truss, who would become the shortest-serving prime minister in UK history, has been under pressure from Tory MPs to quit after the resignation of Suella Braverman as home secretary and as the Tory party plunged into chaos.

It is unclear whether she will step down immediately or set out a timetable for departure, with the Conservative party so far unable to coalesce around a successor, although Rishi Sunak, Jeremy Hunt, Penny Mordaunt and Ben Wallace have all been mentioned as possible successors.

The final straw for many Tory MPs appeared to be the chaotic scenes on Wednesday, in which a vote on a Labour motion over fracking led to mayhem in the voting lobbies, with shouting and jostling. Afterwards, a dozen or more Conservative MPs who rebelled did not even know whether they still had the whip.

This came just five days after Truss sacked her chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, replacing him with Jeremy Hunt, the former foreign secretary and health secretary.

Truss made Kwarteng take the blame for September’s mini-budget, despite it being widely seen as a joint project. A panicked market reaction to the £45bn of largely unfunded tax cuts caused the pound to slump and the cost of new government debt to soar.

Truss, facing a mutiny by her MPs as mortgage costs rocketed, sacked Kwarteng but was unable to explain why she should stay on when the tax-cutting measures had been strongly advocated by her as well.

Another humiliation came when Hunt announced the scrapping of almost all the tax cuts, and the scaling back of Truss’s flagship scheme to cap energy bills, in an attempt to restore stability.

SOURCE: Guardian UK

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  1. Truss certainly looked happy about getting out of that job. She was clearly pleased, what is that all about. WE not only need an election right now in UK, but we also need a new parliamentary system free of these black sun and Dragon family agents who are not working for the people but for the order they come from which works against the people. The whole system is unfit for use it is broken and corrupt and it is following the agenda 21 programme that 179 countries signed up for in 1992 and threw us all under the bus knowing full well that they were it promotes the fake climate crisis green agenda and their supposed to be sustainable renewals are a complete failure and are now going to lead to 3 hours a day of black outs in the deep of winter when there is not enough wind to power their big ugly useless wind generators. so, we have rationing of energy when there is no shortage because people ignorantly went along with total BS dished out by these crooks about climate change this is all about getting us to have to depend on their Nazi World order. They have created inflation and food shortages deliberately as well in order to deprive us and make us beg for their hell on earth reset and they created a fake pandemic to action emergency powers to pass unacceptable laws that terrorise us and to bring out a bioweapon vax to make a shed load of money on and murder and Mame the population with that makes WHO a centralised power of tyranny. They are trying to create an unnecessary war and pull us in to it using Ukraine and their sanctions were the most stupid thing they could ever do because they do not work, and it is now affecting us we are the ones suffering not them! Fact is, it is Ukraine's Nazi cabal government that are killing its own people and the Ukrainian people want out of there to get away from them, they voted over 80% to go with Russia that should tell you something. The news is propaganda do not let yourself be drawn into an unnecessary war. The satanist cabal blood line families are death cults they create war to get the war chest open which has the war funds in it, and they sacrifice your blood to pay their God for power and wealth it is a programme they run over and over. Stop being mugged by them and playing their evil games – do research and refuse to comply. We need to kick the cabal operatives out of every part of the system. Ban them from any positions of authority and make a new parliamentary system that is accountable transparent and incorruptible for the people by the people. I would advise prepping for the bumpy ride ahead this winter.


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