“The cabal is going to set traps for us, rather than be obvious. This is why we must be hyper-vigilant going into 2023.”

December 27, 2022

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The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):

Part 1 – The Agenda For 2023


Bill: My feeling is this is a big year, and that 2022 was this transition or preparation year, and 2023 is going to be a year of implementing plans. Is that about right?


Gideon: “The groundwork laid in 2022 will come to fruition in 2023. If a person is not prepared, they are going to become ensnared in the cabal’s plans. We also believe CSRQ will come online in 2023.”


Bill: I hear all the time that 2025 is their big date, it’s all going to happen then, all leading up to that, but you’ve maintained it’s coming sooner than that. What’s your opinion of 2025? What will be going on then?


Gideon: “By that time, CSRQ will be fully operational. The mass die-off of the vaccinated will be evident, but generally covered-up and dismissed as the effects of Covid or other things. The cabal’s main focus at that point will be implementing the new vaccination agenda, which will tie into a new pandemic. Their focus will be the non-vaccinated.


They know the hold-outs, or those who resisted, will not comply easily, so this is where we see a lot of focus on using the gatekeeping operations to bring them into a compliance, and possibly a point they may even be unaware they are complying.


I also suspect we will see a greater popularization of Alt Media, alternative truths, where that is brought into the light more, which will lead to the deception that we are somehow winning and the cabal is losing. Meanwhile, it will be the cabal doing it in the first place, a sort of false sense of victory and security. This is already happening, on a small scale, and it’s cabal-controlled in nature.”


Bill: That’s a very interesting point and you’ve brought it up more and more with me, in terms of compliance. I guess I see how it’s possible. Like how we just accepted debit and credit cards have these RFID chips in them, which is now ubiquitous. We accepted 5G, too. This incremental shift into accepting these things, I guess, and if they do it under the banner of a so-called truth movement, or Elon Musk, we’re even more likely to fall into that trap.


Gideon: “Yes. I am looking at this using the information the whistle blowers give me, and other sources, and trying to ascertain exactly what they will do. I am now of the opinion this transition will be smoother than expected. Not abrupt, not necessarily a switch that will happen over a period of a few days.


My speculation is that is what they wanted originally, but since they are operating dynamically, they are shifting the agenda to fit the prevailing Zeitgeist. I think they believe there will be more resistance to something overt.”


Bill: I wonder if it’s because there’s more awareness of the vaccination agenda? I mean, that is going to put people in state of skepticism. Then you have Elon Musk, sort of this truth-teller now. I wonder how he will play into this, because we think he might be used to gain everyone’s trust, then later get them to buy into CSRQ.


Gideon: “That is almost certain. Watch carefully what is going on. The cabal will use Musk and others to create deceptions, you could say in the same way Trump was used. The cabal is very focused on the resistance, and not on the sheep. Their sheep are safely herded into the corral. We are the targets now for their agenda.


But instead of the resistance realizing that, they are looking at everything through a lens of the cabal still trying to fool the sheep. But the sheep are already fooled and already doomed. The agenda is entirely focused on us, but we do not seem to realize that, which worries me.”


Bill: One of the biggest revelations you’ve brought to the world is the vaccination agenda, to kill off a certain percentage of the compliant and brainwashed, and send them into the afterlife for this other purpose. So, it goes way beyond population control, into a much bigger, sort of spiritual agenda, with this war going on. But it explains perfectly why the cabal would kill off the very subservient class of idiots who actually bolster their agenda, which seems totally counter-intuitive. Am I making sense?


Gideon: “Yes, you are.”


Bill: Ok, to continue the thought, we’re talking about a world with a lot of people gone, a lot of gullible people, who believed all this garbage about the vaccines. By 2030, they’re almost all dead, serving the cabal in the next life. Now we need to look at who is left, we need to look at that agenda, because that is a big question mark to me.


Gideon: “The cabal is preparing for this new world, one that will be largely populated by those who resisted and did not take the poison. For the cabal, it is a question of how those people will integrate into their plans, how they will comply, or not comply, and how the cabal can find ways to trick them into compliance. This is a very complicated and complex question.


You also have to realize, this is what the cabal wants. This is not a problem for them, it is literally a designed outcome. So, I am watching and studying it closely. I believe the cabal is going to set traps for us, rather than be obvious. This is why we must be hyper-vigilant going into 2023.”


Bill: This must tie into the A.I. we talked about in some way. I really appreciate, too, your warning about A.I., because without that, I think people could easily fall into that trap, just curious about it and not realizing the bigger implications. So, I’m trying to figure out possible deceptions. What we have to look at is ourselves. We have to ask if we’ve being deceived without knowing it. This is going to require some internal self-reflection.


Gideon: “It will. Because the cabal knows we believe we are against them. The cabal now wants to tweak our own belief and turn it against us, without us realizing it. This requires levels of deceptions we’ve never likely seen before. The more obvious ones, which are being done through Q Anon, or GESARA, or their many gatekeepers in the Alt Media, those have already trapped the weak-minded of the resistance. I suspect the cabal is going to be very focused on people like you and me, those of us almost totally resistant to their deceptions.”


Bill: The thing that scares me the most is this future vaccine they’re planning. It won’t kill us, but it will do other things. I personally think, and I think you agree with me, that the vaccine to kill all the gullible actually has some technology they tested that they’ll use with this future vaccine.


Gideon: “Independent researchers have found very odd nano-technology in the current crop of vaccines, but it serves no purpose if the purpose is to kill, which it is. So that tells us the deadly vaccines were also being used as a test, for a future vaccine. It is very confusing when researchers find this. They are not really seeing what is going on. There is another vaccine being planned.”


Bill: Right. I think some people think this whole vaccine agenda was the Mark of the Beast, or just used to mark and track everyone, or change their DNA, with a few causalities to go with it. But really, it’s actually just intended to kill the sheep off by 2030, it just happens to have a lot of tech in it they wanted to test, too.


Gideon: “That would be the correct way to look at it. The tech was tested on sheep and will soon be used on the resistance.”


Bill: One of our Sovereigns had a question, which I wanted to bring to you. They are understandably worried like everyone, and they weren’t sure if the Sovereign status will really protect them. Do you have some thoughts or reassurance on that?


Gideon: “We have no reason to believe it would not. We know a lot of things about CSRQ for certain. We have independent verification that many people in the Alt Media have been offered Sovereign status if they go along with the agenda, which tells us Sovereign status itself is not some kind of trap, but in fact the cabal’s method of opting out of their own agenda. The cabal needed a mechanism to not have to comply with the insanity they want to impose on the world, and that is this classification within CSRQ.


So I am confident we have put ourselves in a good position. I also know we will never comply with an implant or vaccination, if the cabal ever tries to push that onto Sovereign classes. So far, there is no indication of that. We will never do something that violates our will or what is right.”


Bill: When this thing comes online, I mean, you’re going to have it all taken from you if you’re Common, Restricted or Quarantined class. Everything is taken from you, and you are given back some crumbs. I don’t want to be in that position, ever, to have to face forced vaccination or have to go along with this crap. I’m scared to death of it, to be honest.


Gideon: “It is terrifying, but I do think many people will acquiesce to it, because the cabal is going to come up with things that make compliance more favourable. But there will be sacrifices, no matter what, sacrifices to freedom and sovereignty. For the cabal to fulfill this agenda, that is required.


We are required to give up our souls for this, one way or another. Sovereign status appears the only way out, or resisting to the bitter end. We would rather be on the inside, and have an opportunity to stop this. I do not believe the resistance will be able to stop it.”


Bill: We’ve talked about drones, quarantine camps and so on. Do you still see a brutal response to those who refuse to comply?


Gideon: “Yes, that is inevitable. It will happen. The question is to what extent. Even people who resisted the vaccines still wore masks. The cabal is going to see how far people will bend before breaking. How they can manipulate the resistance into this? But for those utterly steadfast against it, there will be a harsh response, an unforgiving one.


I think what stood out to me, in learning about this, is that they do not want to actually kill the hold-outs. We talked about this, because for the cabal, to lose a soul that remains truly sovereign in the eyes of God, is a loss for the cabal. They do not want to kill us, they want to convert us or control us in this life and this world and keep us here.”


Bill: We talked before about suicide. You were completely correct about that when we released that Intel Drop covering it months ago, because since then a ton of confirming stories have come out showing the cabal is pushing this. I want to state again, suicide is never an option to escape this.


Gideon: “It is not. It is a spiritual mistake that will carry on into the next life. It is a mistake the cabal would like some of us to make, though. When CSRQ comes online and people who are resisting see what is really planned, some will consider suicide, and the cabal will make it available, just as they are now. But it is a mistake to consider it. You will want to resist in a way where you force the cabal to kill you.”


Bill: The way they are going after kids, it’s just sickening to me. First, the vaccinations of children is heinous, now encouraging suicide among the young. This is just outright evil and violations of free will. This tells me you were right, they did change the rules and they have domain over the Earth. But in that knowledge, can we say God is still in control of the outcome?


Gideon: “Our souls are connected to God as long as we maintain that connection. God’s concern is us, not the Earth itself. I believe we will win this battle and the Earth will be renewed, but that outcome is dependent on the choices I make, you make, we all make, over the next decade.


I also believe if we could not be made Sovereign in CSRQ, we would lose, so for me, there is a spiritual component to that, that this is possible. I think God wanted the whistle blowers to do what they did, because without that, I see no hope of stopping this.”


Part 2 – The Antarctica Photos


Bill: I wanted to ask about these incredible photos that have surfaced of Robert Scott’s Antarctica expedition in 1912. Do you know about this and do you have any thoughts on this?


Gideon: “Yes. They are A.I. generated using Stable Diffusion. But I will add a caveat to that, because there is something very strange about them.”


Bill: What’s strange?


Gideon: “It is possible real photos have been mixed with A.I. generated ones, to hide truth in plain sight, and it is also possible the A.I. generated ones are using real, existing photos to create something that mimics something real. I would not put it past the cabal to do something like this.”


Bill: Why do you think that?


Gideon: “Because there is a lot more to Antarctica than people know, and there are, in fact, ruins and pyramids. The photos are interesting in that they show this, though it may be true they are A.I. generated. My feeling is there is more to this, and we should not be quick to dismiss this. There may be a reason the cabal put this out there.”


 As a test, the photos above were created by Bill in Stable Diffusion in a few seconds.


Bill: I noticed they’re posted on Ben Fulford’s site. Fulford is a gatekeeper who posts nonsense constantly about how the cabal is running scared and about to be defeated. Why do you think he would post these?


Gideon: “I cannot speak to that because I do not know for sure, but you are correct he is a gatekeeper. Do we know if he originally posted them there, or someone else?”


Bill: I’m not sure if he posted them or someone else did. It seems like they’ve been around for about a month, floating on the web.


Gideon: “I will look into it then.”


Bill: What about Antarctica itself? You’ve mentioned it to me before but you didn’t get much into it. What do you know?


Gideon: “Antarctica is a continent protected by the cabal, and cut off almost entirely from normal people in terms of access. The cabal has been researching ancient ruins they found there for decades.”


Bill: Ok, well, I see why you would be intrigued by those photos. What has the cabal discovered there exactly?


Gideon: “First it needs to be said I do not have direct knowledge of this. I have knowledge from a source I trust, who would be in a position to know these things.”


Bill: Ok, so this was described to you about Antarctica, but you don’t have direct knowledge. Did they tell you what was found?


Gideon: “Yes. A vast network of mazes and catacombs, which are made of stone. The walls are impenetrable to radar or detection devices, so the cabal has trouble knowing what is underground. The entire complex, which stretches for hundreds of miles in various directions, is dangerous and difficult to enter. The cabal has lost many people exploring it, and now mostly uses robots to enter it. What they find are vials of substances, bizarre artifacts, and lots of images, paintings, and depictions of past and future events. They have also put things they found into the media, movies and television.”


Bill: Incredible. There’s expeditions that go there and you can book a trip down there. I wonder if there are just areas you’re not allowed to go?


Gideon: “I suspect you would find the expeditions are tightly controlled, and yes, there are areas they would never go. I would venture you could ask to go there, and you find out you would be denied such a request, probably for a multitude of excuses or reasons, bad weather, no reason to go there, science experiments are being conducted in a certain area so it is off-limits, and so on.


It is also difficult to find good photos of Antarctica, and many places remain unexplored, at least publicly. That should not be the case at all. The NASA photos of the continent are also suspect. The mysteries of the continent are too numerous to list, but after a hundred years of exploring it, the public should know a lot more than it does.”


Bill: I heard something about the cabal meeting down there, John Kerry went there. The cabal must go down there a lot, right?


Gideon: “They have a great interest in the place, to say the least. But what is there is extremely dangerous, even for them.”


Bill: Do you think there is anything good about it? The cabal is clearly suppressing this knowledge, do you think if people knew the truth about it, it would threaten the cabal itself?


Gideon: “It is possible, but that is entirely speculative. I simply do not know. It may be dangerous, it may be evil, even. My knowledge is limited to what I was told. My personal belief is that there is something ancient there and it is hidden from us. I am communicating what I was told.


I would caution anyone to do their own research with respect to this topic, and not necessarily take my word for it, because my knowledge is second-hand, something told to me. I personally believe what I was told is true, but it is not something confirmed for me, not like CSRQ, where there is so much corroborating and confirming evidence, where it is beyond all doubt. “


Bill: Ok, I’m going to stop this conversation, because it is like opening up yet another can of worms and we’re far off-topic. We’ll get into this at another time. I want to know more. Is there more that you know beyond what you said here?


Gideon: “I have some additional knowledge. We can discuss it privately, and then release that conversation later. The photos intrigue me because of this additional knowledge, but we have to be mindful and wary of anything that comes from A.I., as well.


I think this is probably a teachable moment, and a moment where we must heed caution, because here I have recently warned of A.I. in the last Intel Drop, and now here I am intrigued by some A.I. photos. This is the power this technology, and why we must always use discernment.


But as I said, it would not shock me if the cabal put some truth out through the A.I. generators, because they can always dismiss it as something A.I. generated and not real. I know how they operate, and that is why I did not dismiss the photos immediately. We simply do not know at this juncture and we should not jump to conclusions.”


Bill: Ok, it is bit like coming full circle here, because we went from warning about A.I., to me testing it out, to warning about it again! But it is amazing. I was able to mimic the original photos easily. They’re still amazing to look at. Maybe there’s a hypnotic quality we need to watch out for?


Gideon: “There is. I want people to know these are A.I. generated, so it is good you asked me. Normally, I would completely dismiss them. I am just intrigued because of what I already know about Antarctica. It eerily ties into that. So, I will do some more research, and let you know what I find on this.”


Part 3 – CSRQ Whistle Blower Update


Bill: The other day you were telling me about some of these internal memos the whistle blowers have seen, can you get into that?


Gideon: “Yes. Recently, their work demands have expanded. They said they are doing stress testing on some existing systems, like Amazon’s website and the Apple app store.”


Bill: So CSRQ will be integrated into more things than we were expecting?


Gideon: “Based on the memos and internal communications so far, there is an expanded focus on integrating CSRQ more into everyday life. The cabal wants a seamless transition. They want the digital currency, USDR, and social credit systems to interact with a wide range of commercial systems already in place.”


Bill: Is this a major change, or just part of the process of completing CSRQ?


Gideon: “I asked them that, and they said they are not sure if this was always planned, they had just not been presented yet with these memos. So they think it may have already been a plan in place, and they also think other departments have been working on this.”


Bill: Will this delay its release?


Gideon: “They did not feel that way, except they felt it would not be coming online at least until this Summer, at the earliest. They said to simply watch events and the news, you will see examples of these integrations taking place. They said they see clues everywhere in the media, they are just not explicitly stating what is coming. I see the same clues, as it is obvious they are planning something like CSRQ, even if you did not know about CSRQ specifically.”


Bill: There’s a map of all the CBDC’s being developed all over the world, not sure if you’ve seen that, but I thought it was pretty interesting. If you go back nine months or so, that sort of thing was unheard of, now it’s almost common knowledge.


Gideon: “It is USDR integration. They are not going to spend all of this time developing different CBDCs. That would be an opportunity lost, but it seems people think these are different, disparate programs. They are not at all. The cabal wants a one world digital currency and that is what they are doing, period.”


Bill: I’m thinking all this might sneak up on people and we’ll barely realize we agreed to this new system. I’m saying this based on some of our conversations, maybe you can elaborate on that for the Intel Drop.


Gideon: “I have been informed, from other sources, that the cabal does not want this to be so disruptive that it is rejected. So this aligns with what the whistle blowers have been telling me, in terms of how CSRQ will be integrated into all manner of life.”


Bill: Do you want to discuss publicly some of your sources and how they are are connected to CSRQ?


Gideon: “I can speak about some of them. These are people with a wide variety of backgrounds, who I have known for years, in some cases, decades. They know what is going on, and some also knew of CSRQ after I had met the whistle blowers.”


Bill: Ok, I already know the background here, but for the sake of this being posted publicly, I’m going to basically use an interview-style with you right now, if that’s ok?


Gideon: “I understand, that is fine.”


Bill: Are any of them in a position to help or do anything?


Gideon: “They are not in a position to do anything. We are talking about a handful of people in various positions, now retired. They would be killed, eliminated, silenced in some way. There is no pathway there, and it has been explored.”


Bill: Do you know where they gleaned their own knowledge of CSRQ? Because CSRQ is classified.


Gideon: “Specifically, two individuals had direct contact with CSRQ, in two different ways. The first individual is in the banking industry. The second is in the alternative media, and they were approached to become Sovereign and CSRQ was explained to them.”


Bill: That’s a whole story in and of itself. Should we get into that?


Gideon: “I will have to be vague to protect them, but yes, we can discuss it.”


Bill: Ok, tell everyone about each person’s story in as much detail as you can.


Gideon: “The first source disclosed this to me early last year, and at that point I confirmed for them that I was working with whistle blowers working on CSRQ. We shared notes, and everything aligned. Since then, I have maintained contact with them. They recently retired, but before retirement, they described that their bank was doing a lot of things they did not agree with, internally and on the back-end. All of the things we expect that will involve CSRQ, and the integration underway. 


The second individual works in alternative media. They are not a known personality, but a producer. They are aware of the agents and how the astroturfed projects are promoted. They were approached in March of this year. They were told about a classification system that would be coming online and that they could have the best class available, Sovereign class, if they agreed to certain things. They rejected it. This resulted in a lot of changes in their professional life, leading them to eventually quit.”


Bill: Ok, thank you for getting into that. I thought the second person, the one working in the alternative media, gave us some incredible intel. Can you describe some of what they said?


Gideon: “They said the entire Q Anon movement was manufactured. Certainly, we know this Bill, but they confirmed it. They described how all of the teams work together, how it is promoted. It is entirely an astroturfed campaign, and people may want to look up the definition of that term. So, what appears organic, is not such at all. It is promoted on purpose, by the cabal.”


Bill: Ok, when I see these Telegram groups with 50,000 people in them, I get disheartened, and I get angry. I mean, I’ll see groups just pop up out of nowhere, and there’s a million people in them following around. These groups are all over, all the same, all promoting Q Anon in some way, with some angle or some new personality.


Gideon: “You should not be disheartened by that. All of those groups are promoted by the cabal. They have resources we do not. They have access, funding and entire teams of agents working to promote these things, while at the same time, they suppress information like ours.


Unfortunately, the public is gullible and drawn to these astroturfed movements, utterly convinced they are getting some kind of inside baseball from patriots against the so-called deep state, when, in fact, it is the deep state itself promoting it! It is out of our control. We have done what we can within the confines of what is available.”


Bill: Can you describe this friend of yours, the producer, their experience with all this so people know?


Gideon: “I cannot say who they worked for, I want to protect them, but I will use an example. Let us say this person was a producer on the Alex Jones show. Their job was to schedule guests, direct the show, make sure the audio was working properly, provide the host with resources, and so on. You can imagine, then, in the course of that, they saw certain things. This person began to notice an underlying agenda in place, and saw certain narratives were pushed, while others were suppressed. They were told not to schedule certain guests, for example.


Eventually, they became aware of funding sources that did not make sense, in the millions of dollars. They became aware of contractors, teams of people, what we would call agents, who would leave comments on articles, or be used to promote material. They concluded that the operation they worked for was not independent at all. By this time, they were approached, and they rejected the proposal.”


Bill: How did that play out? Approached how?


Gideon: “It was a lunch meeting with the show’s main personality, and three other people, all higher ups within the operation. It was very friendly. Then the subject was broached, and they felt their reaction was being really heavily gauged. They felt they either responded with enthusiasm, or else, and if they did not, that the writing was on the wall for their career. So, they said in that moment, they did their best to show interest and some enthusiasm, but ultimately, they declined to participate. They rejected it.


They told the group at the table that they did not think a classification system like that was right. They said when they said that at the table, the mood shifted, there were a couple of dismissive remarks made, but then other topics were brought up and they moved on. But from that moment, they felt things would change for them, and they did. Job duties were reduced for them, and retirement was brought up, and eventually it was clear they were being politely pushed out the door. They announced their retirement and walked away.”


Bill: It’s incredible, I guess most people join up when they are approached like that. It sounds like a good deal.


Gideon: “It does. He was told all the benefits. He said it was done in a way that it seemed like they were special, they had a special role, it was important to agree to this so they could keep doing their work. But it also made little sense, as they were supposed to be freedom fighters, fighting against the system, exposing it. Why would they be offered Sovereign status? They said at that lunch, they felt this was all a big club, and they were being invited in.”


Bill: Did they know anyone else who was approached or who had joined? Was it ever discussed outside that meeting?


Gideon: “No, but they saw other people around them being promoted, and saw relationships grow with the main on-air personality and other producers and higher-ups. They felt like it was clear what was going on, they were being pushed out, others will gaining more power and more responsibilities. They thought there had probably been a lot of other lunches or meetings, where others were approached, and took the deal.”


Bill: It feels like Freemasonry, or other types of Illuminati groups, in terms of how it’s approached. I was once approached to join the Masons. It’s very informal, but they are looking at you and reading you carefully. I declined. They didn’t treat me bad, they just sort of distanced themselves after that. So I relate to that.


Gideon: “In that moment, they are going to know if you are part of the team or not. They are going be able to see where you stand by your bodily reaction, your voice, your response. In that moment, you are saying who and what you really are. Most people take the deal. They are sitting at lunch, with powerful people, being offered something very special, and they take it. This individual, my friend, stood on principle and rejected it. Very few do that.”


Bill: How’s his life been since?


Gideon: “He walked away from all of it, and since has been focused on preparing. He hasn’t reported any harassment or issues. Our communication is secure, and we do not believe the cabal has made any connection there.”


Bill: I know the answer to this, but I’ll ask it for the sake of our readers. Did the whistle blowers make him Sovereign? Because he’s one of the good guys we want on our team.


Gideon: “I can neither confirm or deny that.”


Bill: Ok, you talked about secure communication, so I’m going to segue a bit here because it brings something up I want to talk about. I had a person on Telegram complain we weren’t releasing enough Intel Drops, so I think we need to explain how communication is done and what we’re dealing with.


Gideon: “Yes, in terms of how you and I and others communicate, it is not simple.”


Bill: Well, it’s not like we get on Telegram or the phone and talk.


Gideon: “To create completely secure comms is difficult. You have to use a separate computer built specific for that, and various encryption. So we have steps for this, but no, it is not simple, and there are times you and I are not able to speak. Michael also edits everything in our conversations, as well, to remove unique markers that can reveal writing styles linked to our identities. There are many steps.”


Bill: I just want people to realize sometimes things move at snails pace. I might send you a question and not hear back for days. There are also only specific times we can arrange to talk. We also had the delays in making people Sovereign, which has been a let down. It’s not the whistle blowers’ fault, to be clear on that.


Gideon: “Yes, and we have ironed some of that out. The delays are also certainly not their fault. It was already a risk in the first place, what they have been doing. They have to fit everything into their work schedules, and with some of the changes going on, they have less opportunity to directly access accounts.


So, it has slowed things, but they have told me they will not stop. I think they see the importance more and more of what they have done for us. They told me the fact we even have a handful of people changed to Sovereign is so significant, it is extremely significant.”


Bill: You talk a lot about degrees of separation, which I guess is something key in espionage, surveillance and counter-intel. Maybe you can explain that more.


Gideon: “Yes, between you and me, and between the whistle blowers, there are so many stages of separation, that it is near impossible for an outside investigative body or team to make a connection. If, for example, you ask me to ask the whistle blowers a question, by the time it reaches them, it has gone through so many iterations, processes and changes, to trace it back to you, it is near impossible. This takes time, and results in some delays. So it is important to understand that.”


Bill: Ok, I’ve just had a few people come at me, and I got the impression they just want more. I get that, I do, but we’re not here for anyone’s entertainment. What I realized is how the cabal operates with these Alt Media clowns is they pump out crap non-stop. So people look at us and say, ‘Why isn’t Gideon posting more stuff?’ I mean, it’s just crazy but people are conditioned now to expect constant updates, videos, news.


Gideon: “All of the cabal operations are designed this way, to produce a stream of content, to the point a person feels like they must view each video, each update, or they will miss something. The person almost becomes addicted to the content and updates. It also drives views, traffic, sales and revenue. A true publication or outfit operating in the spirit of truth would not operate in such a way.”


Bill: Yes, exactly. All this stuff in the Alt Media has become a source of entertainment and distraction. I’m not saying it’s all bad, either, because we post a ton of articles and media updates in our Telegram from a lot of sources. It’s not all bad, but we have to be really aware of the agendas behind these operations. There’s also a huge amount of junk, just false information being posted all over.


Gideon: “Indeed, there is.”


Bill: Well, to illustrate that I don’t think it’s all bad, just some of it, I just posted something in our Telegram that I thought was so direct and accurate about the vaccinations and deaths (here is the link). It was stating real numbers, of 200 to 400 Million already dead from the vaccine, which I agree with. Meanwhile, I see so-called “truth” posts citing data that says “50,000” dead from the vaccine. They are low-balling the numbers then posting it in truth channels. That has to be the cabal, right?


Gideon: “It is. Release some truth, but downplay the numbers. The deaths are far bigger than reported. The actual impact to the economy and real world will begin to be seen. Difficulty in finding workers, fewer cars on the road, huge drop-offs in corporate revenue. You will begin to see it, and it will be shocking.”


Bill: There’s also data out about NFL injuries, the National Football League in America, being way up this year. Way up. Every game, multiple players are getting hurt. So, it’s noticeable, but excusable, because they’re playing a violent game, so people don’t notice it. But it has to be vaccine-related. I wondered about that, what batches they gave the NFL players. It must have been a very low-dose batch.


Gideon: “They were low-dose. They did not want NFL players dropping dead on the field. You will see the effects but they will be minor, and begin to materialize slowly in the coming years. Such is the result of using so many various batches of potency. It creates plausible deniability. The sheep think the same vaccine was used in all doses, therefore, side-effects should be the same or similar. But the same formulation was not used.


Over 150 formulations were used, leading some to die right away, and others to die years from now. In the end, when you are dealing with heart damage or blood clotting of any kind, and cancer, you are talking about a severe reduction in life expectancy. Even if a person is alive and well now, if they have this kind of damage, it will reduce life expectancy. By 2030, the job will be nearly finished, and only probably around 5 to 10% of the vaccinated will be alive. Some will still live beyond that, maybe for years, because there will be outliers. The cabal will use them, of course, for their ends.”


Bill: The effects on soccer players and other athletes is also undeniable. Do you believe they all got a low dose, but due to the strenuousness of their profession, even with a low dose some of it was exacerbated?


Gideon: “This is certainly the case. Even with the lowest dose, strenuous exercise will highlight the damage.”


Bill: We’re also hearing a ton of anecdotal evidence of the vaccinated being sick all the time and complaining. Yet, they still can’t make the connection to the vaccine.


Gideon: “They will not. They will blame it anything but the vaccine. The cabal will also pump out fear about new variants, new viruses. The damage is already done, though, so we think the next pandemic will serve some other purpose. They want the non-vaccinated to be vaccinated, with this new formulation that will serve another purpose, and that is not to kill. I will say this, both types of vaccination are a form of spiritual death, either way.”


Bill: I have a couple questions people sent to ask you, so I’ll go over those. If you had to take a guess at some wild or unexpected events coming in 2023, what would you say? Maybe predictions, I think they were asking you to make some predictions.


Gideon: “Predictions feed the fertile mind its desire for fantasy, so I am loathe to engage in such things. I will only say I know of two dates coming soon, which I am watching closely, but they are not to be shared publicly right now. I will need permission to reveal them. If I feel it is important enough, if I feel it may save lives, I will seek that permission, and issue a warning before those dates come to pass.”


Bill: Someone wanted me to ask you about about near-death experiences, which I know you know a bit about. I think we already covered this but I’ll ask again. I don’t think we’re up for a deep discussion, but is there anything you want to share on that?


Gideon: I would advise if you listen to NDE experiences, use discernment and be doubtful of what you are hearing. Some of them are instructive and you can learn a lot, while others will present a false deception, and the person who had the NDE simply has no idea they were deceived.


There is an astral dimension beyond us, controlled primarily by the cabal, full of spirits and entities, in a world similar to ours but ethereal in nature, lacking in the solidity of our world, where powers of perception are heightened, where souls have greater abilities than they have here. If people knew this, once they passed on, they would be more skeptical of what they are seeing, but instead they are just overwhelmed by it and it is easy for entities on the other side to deceive them.


Bill: Ok, I had this question again, someone complaining that we use Google forms. We addressed this before, but I think it bears going over it again.


Gideon: “The Google form is designed to be anonymous. Yes, Google collects data, but they can only collect what you input into the form. If you input anonymous data, it is not useful to them. It should also be noted, all forms and any kind of company that offers form inputs is going to collect data, not just Google. We are simply past the point of needing to worry about data collection, because it is already all in CSRQ. All of your data has already been collected. They have a profile of you and you are in CSRQ, likely classed as Restricted or Quarantined.


I will add, the Google form is also a screening process. What a person places in that form can tell us a lot. If someone uses their real name, even though we suggest they not, and an email we’ve advised repeatedly is not safe to use, like Yahoo or MSN, it will tell us whether that person is really suitable to be changed to Sovereign.”


Bill: It seems like the agent activity has subsided, but that wasn’t before someone named “T” left a really hateful voice message in Telegram attacking me, saying they want to blow my brains out and reported us to Federal agencies. What possesses these lunatics to spew that kind of hate?


Gideon: “It is an intimidation tactic. And anyone who would work with U.S. agencies is either an agent or incredibly deceived.”


Bill: Right, and look at the recent revelations about the FBI. They’re totally evil, I mean completely evil, top to bottom.


Gideon: “They are. All of the U.S. agencies are Satanic and enemies of the American people, and all of humanity.”


Bill: Agreed. Ok, I think we’ll end this. We need to prepare the Sovereign-only newsletter, so we’ll do that now. Do you have any final words for the public reading this and how they should approach the new year?


Gideon: “Yes. Be mindful of the fact the cabal is now worried about you, not the sheep. This means everything is going to be geared toward influencing you. We have to re-align how we once viewed the world, because before, we saw all the deceptions directed at the sheep, to keep them confused and deceived. We never really considered we were the targets, but now we are, because soon we are all who will be left alive on this planet.”


Bill: Ok, well, I wish you a great New Year, and hopefully we become stronger. I feel like we will. We’ve gotten past some security and communication hurdles, so my hope is we will be doing more going forward.


Gideon: “That is my hope is as well. Blessings, Bill, and we will speak again soon.”


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  1. This was really interesting stuff. Nothing I didn't already know but it sure is good to see someone else saying it. Yes the cabal is preparing for devouring everyone and "the resistance" is next so we have to be very nimble and creative and know that they always are laggards behind us, as we are the creators. But if we snooze we looze so be aware – they will try to set us up with different programs and definitions. We must now make our own narratives and terms and we must be talking, talking and talking because that wipes away the cabal effluent. Thanks PFC for bringing this article and many other good ones like you do. Pity you believe in censorship though, that's a big no-no.


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