“Please spend your time thinking about all the ways that things need to be fixed, and focus on what it takes to get there. And we will do that with or without governments, we will do that with or without your militaries because we have our own, we will do that with or without your intelligence agencies because we have our own.

Again, for the last time, there’s 8 billion people on this planet earth that don’t understand a word I’m saying. Three-quarters of the alternative media that’s going to watch this report doesn’t understand what I’m saying — they’re talking about the Brunson case, and the damned ‘orange guy’. Who cares, HE’S DEAD.

Half the people you’re watching are wearing a mask, including your current President of the United States — and THEY put you here (in harm’s way), but what means the most to you? Fixing the media, let’s all participate and stop talking about the nonsensical government bullcrap ‘White Hat’ joke of the conversation that’s not real.

IT’S NOT REAL. And start focusing on our planet, for kids and our grandkids and our nieces and nephews, and our future, because this right here is what’s going to save humanity — not some orange fat guy in a suit.

He is NOT Santa Claus. Maybe ‘Satan Claws’. So please — focus on what you can do to fix this planet. And I can promise one thing — there’s not a damn one of these people saving any babies and are running through burning fires, and let alone ‘the fat guy’…

Now the ONLY fire he’s burning in is not on this planet, or on this plane. So please people, really start taking action NOW. So really put your work, your time, your effort, your thoughts and your meditations on creating better systems —

EVERY system that you find is broken, and you’ll find that there’s many more, not just the few that I mentioned here — and that’s The Restoration Plan, and everything that goes into it. We have a lot of work to do.”


~Kim Goguen, The Office of the Guardian


The New Year is on the way and things are about to go LIVE!  Kim explains how the FEDS are going down, and how the financial system works then and now and much, much more!!

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  1. I used to defend Kim everywhere I read people "maligning" her. I figured people just weren't read enough to understand when she talked about Enki, Enlil, Marduk, "source", vibration, etc. However, I never shelved my thinking cap, and slowly I started seeing cracks. We are all looking for truth, so here are some articles to consider. I can go into a litany of reasons why I no longer believe her aside from the below articles, but I usually just get censored by those wanting to protect her at all cost. I've been fooled many times, but when I realize I make a mistake, I admit it.

    Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on KIMBERLY ANN GOGUEN + MANNA WORLD HOLDING TRUST + DONOVAN FOUNDATION = upfront fee fraud, ransomware, bank fraud, hacker. A highly sophisticated, targeted, malware-laced phishing scheme designed to penetrate internal network systems of your bank so they can steal + launder money using


  2. These people have been caught in the act of trying to kill everyone on the planet as she is on the side of God and the light there are rules you are only allowed to kill people who are trying to kill you or the innocent and have been caught in the act of doing it, and that is what has been happening they were given every chance but continued on with their plan to kill us all and have world domination. She does explain things people who have a subscription for United Network News it is all explained in detail and you can go to Just Empower me and they do a typo of the information. it is not gobbledegook when you are educated. I do not think we should trust anyone completely but we do need to overcome this bunch of Satanists and Kim and the team know what is going on and there for are able to help with turning that around. The way the world actually is and the way the Satanists have run this world is both fascinating and horrific. The money is not the problem it is fiat money and corruption that is the problem. Kim is not talking about insurance that is a money making racket she is talking about Assurance which will assure your wellbeing with any treatment you need totally free of charge it is the opposite of insurance. This is going to be beneficial to all mankind. What is great about Kim is she tells you the truth about what is happening so all the lies they try to perpetuate in the news you know why they are trying to sell it to you.

    • Did anything she predict come true last year?
      Personally I never pay for information, thats just silly when I can find it elsewhere on my own.
      But for some who dont have the time I guess they can justify paying someone else for simple research.
      I mean Alex Jones is over the target and he wont charge you for his info.
      We know Kim is NOT over the target because she isnt being Sued into oblivion and taken off the internet permanently.
      Just something to think about

    • Listen to "all" her updates. She said "it is free", then another time she said, "It is already paid for, anyway". Paid for how? This "Assurance" is most likely a business.

  3. I wish Kim and Sunny were more professional in their broadcasts. The lack of professionalism stuns me! Kim is supposed to be in charge of our world currency, really?!?! I want to believe, but as usual no real evidence. Kim reported that they took out many Generals, show us the damn proof!! Obituaries, something! And fix your server so we can watch it on our TVs, cannot see the whiteboard on my 3" phone screen…So much improvement needed by Kim and UNN, and Prepare for Change.

      • Steve, yes, follow the African Slave Trade that began in 640 AD. by the Oman/Muskat/Arabs, that would continue till the 1920's and you will see the enemy of humankind.
        Technically their nefarious ways never went away.
        Muammar Gaddafi was murdered for exposing who really controlled this African Slave Trade. He made several public appearances apologizing on behalf of the Arab/Libyan community. One being at the 2nd Arab-African Summit in Sirte, October 10th, 2010:
        "On behalf of the Arabs, I would like to condemn and apologize, and express deep sorrow for the Sub-Saharan Slave Trade and the conduct of Arabs.
        The Arabs treated their African brothers with disgrace, that began with the Arab Slave Trade that began in the 7th Century after the Arabs defeated Egypt, and took control of North & East Africa, and other areas such as Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast & Nigeria.
        With full control of Africa, Arabs hunted & captured boys & girls (castrated boys 9-12), sold them into slavery in Africa, Indonesia, China, Southwest Asia & India.
        Arabs engaged in human trafficking in the most gruesome & abominable fashion. They engaged in Colonizing & exploiting, which still continues today."
        One year later Mr. Gaddafi would be hunted down like a wild animal.
        Muammar Gaddafi not only exposed who really controlled, owned and operated the African Slave Trade, but exposed where human trafficking is being done in today's time. Follow the United Nations, who controlled the act to have Libya bombed by NATO…(Hillary & Obama ordered it, but where did the order come from) What has happened since…."Arab/Muslim invasions" into Europe & North America. Follow the Gold being trafficked out of Africa & ending up in United Arab Emirates. Where did Libya's gold go after the 2011 invasion??

  4. Kim already knows about the stuff you are focusing on. These people are now going down for their bad life choices that have been affecting us all negatively for thousands of years and as time goes on this will lessen and end. You cannot expect everything to be sorted in 5 minutes. We are dealing with world wide Mafias with tentacles going everywhere. Every system runs for the dark so all that has got to be overturned and it is all going in the right direction. There is a great deal of doom and gloom in their media making out that they have us all corralled. Well I am going to be the one that got away because I have no intentions of being imprisoned by them or letting them bully me. We are going forwards in the right direction so hang in there. We should be dead now but because of people fighting back and and stopping them from doing all the things they have tried to do to destroy this planet and everything on it we are still alive. I think that Kim is doing a great job and Sunny is a really sweet person. I have learned so much from Kim. Those who do not comply with their dictates that are not laws are also helping to push it all back. I am very excited about the restoration. Things can only get better I am very optimistic about the future. I would just like to say thank you to Kim and life force for all their hard work and to thank God. We are getting there. Let the sunshine.

  5. Restore Ur Earth already!!How about ceasing the weatherwars on us especially Buffalo California and the deepfreeze attack on midwest during Christmastime!!!!!Our skies kook like Venutian skies with all the heavymetals graphine oxide nanocrap viruses mycoplasm and God knows what!!!Chemtrails have been insane the last year and worse during the last 6 months!!Wheres goguen and Guardians in this?We realize that cover for ops must be maintained but this is b.s. Also,where are these medbeds and healing tech?Is draco queen dead?Why do Sunnys eyes look like horrible fake cyborg a.i.crap?Wheres all the decent nutritious food???Why are mcdonalds still operating when theyve sold human bodyparts as food? Wheres the zero point energy and other cheaper energy? Everything is broken.How do we focus on improvements when we cant breathe or think normally due to toxic air and water and nanocrap filled food?How about true free speech not hypersurveiled online comments lies deleted or blocked comments?Whys Israel building world"s largest fakemeat plant in n.carolina?When do we ensouled humans get every last stolen quanta of energy love manna vril lifeforce functionality returned?Restore our dna and functionality.Everything else is Secondary!!

    • I've never given any credence to Kim Goguen because she pretends to explain things. I see her as another arm of controlled opposition – maybe to capture the military minded. We don't need banks, period. Why do we need banks to be a go-between for the money that is transacted between two entities? And like you say, she talks about banking structures like the dragon people and quantum computing but doesn't talk about the basic subjects that we want to know about such as what you suggest – geoengineering. As if she has any power within the power structure. But what really ticks me off is that it's just the same thing all over again – an elitist group that decides for us. She already says we don't have to worry about the people who do evil. That's ridiculous. We no longer "exterminate" people – that is the old way. And what have they done with the evil doers? Where has anyone's banking account changed? I feel she is a very good actor, a plant that the ghouls employ to keep the mind control going. She is talking in the same hierarchical way that our current paradigm is in. I want to know who issues the money in this new money system she's talking about. You know, plain and practical stuff like that. I get some seriously eerie vibes from Kim Goguen and always have. I think though that she's very good at convincing people and the cabal always latches on to people like that. What she says is all gobbledygook, without explanation of the underlying assumptions. Gold isn't the basis of currency, and it is another vandalism we do on the earth to mine it. Don't forget the Vatican is behind insurances. They started the idea of insurance. So really she's saying we're going through all this but we're still going to be tied to a money system that she hasn't explained who the issuers are.

      • It doesn't matter who I listen too. Everyone has a differing opinion, but they all pretend to be connected with the source of the information. I am coming to the conclusion that NOBDOY on the White Hat side is authorised to tell us shit.
        People like David Wilcock's, Benjamin Fulford, and a whole lot of others are repeatedly proven to be wrong, ill-informed or just plain "'no idea"' people, that make up stuff that can't be proven.
        I think Steven Greer is right. They just won't let him release the UFO information. SO it's never gets out even if he has it all, the suppression is just too good. So waddya do….

        • Everyone needs to listen to Corey Goode's deposition, revealing him and David Wilcock as grifters. Wilcock has a new book about his "conversations with Archangel Michael". I wonder if he will also wrap around that, classes and conferences which will net him more millions of dollars from the clueless sheep.
          One thing I am always censored for is when I post a link to videos where "the chosen ones" are boisterously talking about how they're the chosen ones while the rest of us goyims (animals) were created just to serve them. These are the bane of humanity's existence and I am censored anywhere I post video links about it, PFC included. We are barreling into a totalitarian society and there are massive gatekeepers to keep us constantly distracted from the real bad guys. We have the gangster ADL quick to scream anti-Semite at anyone who dares to speak the truth, the real truth. Those willing to stand up to these tyrants are the ones truly fighting for humanity's rights. That is the litmus test, if you ever need one.

          • Cecille, & there are two branches of Semites, one being Jewish, the other Arabs/Muslims & they do Not get Vaccinated ever. Certainly on the rise of immigrating to the Midwest States I've noticed for the last decade, our replacements.

    • Get some tuning forks
      128Hz will help you cope and down regulate your CNS when you start to get overwhelmed which can be frequently in these times.
      Good Luck and i agree with everything you have said.


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