Discover the hidden esoteric meanings behind the symbol of Christ, Christmas & the Christified Masters of all the great religions and traditions. Learn the Christic science of Kabbalah and how Kundalini ascends through the Tree of Life (Christmas Tree / Spinal Column) by our individual efforts in the Great Work in the Secret Inner Path.

0:00 – Original Spiritual Meaning of Christ Has Been Lost

2:35 – Jesus & Other Masters Incarnated The Christ Energy

7:10 – Astrological Significance, Faith, Belief & Salvation

10:28 – The True Meaning of the Christmas Tree (Kundalini)

13:28 – Worshipping our Inner Individual Christ-God

14:54 – Powerful Prayer Ritual Meditation (Pater Noster)

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  1. If one was paying attention as a Roman Catholic, one would realize through our Symbolism's & Holy Sacraments, that we are truly "Ever Ancient & Ever New"
    Welcome to the "New Age" of Aquarius.
    The Catholic Cemetary by me Welcomed us in with the sign of "Aquarius" with 3 new water falls that they worked on summer of 2020 & 2021, with a beautiful garden by the existing 3 bells.(3 represents: father, mother, child or father, son, holy spirit.
    Aquarius=Water Bearer
    Out with the old, Pieces, just as Jesus spoke of, "I will be with you till the end of the age"…

    • Lynn, Listen with an open mind to ancient history. The video is teaching what Roman Catholics preserved, if one is paying attention, they really never hid this.

    • Lynn, you should give it another try. The video even ended with the historical "Lord's Prayer" that the Roman Catholics recite at Mass every Sunday.

  2. I have not listened. This sounds like a message from the WEF play book. Believers around the world would argue that Jesus was real. God is real and we are not God.


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