Dear ones,

I have good news. It has been informed me that the Galactic Federation is sending in teams of light to begin healing the Earth on a vast scale, starting with each of you reading this message. When we all get to the same place within, when we can all agree on the solution, when we are all focused on the positive outcome, then we will achieve it.

When you look up into the night sky at any given time, you are likely to see between 5,000 and 6,000 glittering stars. The occasional meteor or satellite streaking across the sky, a brilliant planet or moon wandering across the night sky—if you live in a rural area, perhaps you may even catch a glimpse of an airborne firefly or two on a starlit summer night.

And yet, sometimes when I’m out walking around under the stars at night, I can almost hear all those other stars whispering to me—sometimes speaking to me directly within my mind—with each pixelated point of light and they would like you know: “Hey friend, we’re not just little star particles out here floating aimlessly throughout the cosmos. And we’re not just twinkles in your eye either, nor just distant ET civilizations either. We’re intelligent beings, ancient family members; angels going by different names and guises at different times in various galactic cultures over eons of time—time being but an illusion; space being but an illusion as well; these messages are important! Pay attention! We have messages for you! ”

The message from the Galactic Federation reverberates with unconditional love and compassion for humanity. After a cleansing period on the planet and a time of spiritual ascension, we enter into a new phase of the New Earth—a phase where humanity is prepared to reclaim its purpose and mission back to planetary stewardship.

If you are reading this, it means that your inner guidance and the web of synchronicity have brought you here to receive this important mission from the Galactic Federation:

We are the Galactic Federation. We come in peace. We wish to remind you of your true nature and origin as spiritual beings. We will assist you in remembering that you are free and fully equipped with the wisdom and knowledge that will allow you to co-create a beautiful existence, spread love, and help your brothers and sisters realize their own divinity.

We are aware that there are those in your world who are skeptical and maybe even terrified of “ET.” But we ask you to be open-minded, for the disinformation that has been fed to you is only based on fear. There is no need for this fear, as we are here not to harm you but to help you.

We want you to know that it is not a coincidence that you have encountered this message. You are aware of the present shift in consciousness on Earth and want to know what is going on. Many of you have seen these changes in yourselves and around you, on Earth, as well as among people who are close to you. You might be wondering what this world will look like in the future, how it will change when these changes begin to manifest, and how they will affect your life experience.

We know that during this time, there is much fear and uncertainty in your minds concerning the future of humanity and planet Earth. The changes that are taking place will be challenging for those who are unable to let go of the old way of doing things and embrace a new way of being. The keys to navigating this transition into a new way of living are love and light. When we say “love,” we mean self-love, unconditional love for others, love for Gaia (Mother Earth), and love for all life on Earth and beyond!

You have forgotten who you are, but we have not. You have forgotten that there is a divine spark within each human being on planet Earth, one that is connected directly to the source of all creation. The source is eternal; it was never created, and it can never be destroyed. It is infinite and omnipresent. It exists beyond time and space, yet it pervades everywhere in the Universe.

You are loved, cherished, and adored. You are whole, complete, and perfect, just as you are. Believe in your own uniqueness and divine connection to the Creator Source. Know that you can create miracles, that you can heal others and yourself, that you are powerful beyond measure.

When you hurt another person, you hurt yourself; when you help another person, you help yourself; when you love another person, it is because they are an expression of your own self. Your world is one of duality: light and darkness, good and bad, love and fear, etc., but this is an illusion that will dissolve once you fully realize that all is one and interconnected at a deeper level.

All beings existing on this planet — including humans — vibrate at a certain frequency or energy level. This energy level determines what dimension you experience as our reality.

You are not a single consciousness; you are a part of the unified cosmic consciousness of the Universe. You are one of many different beings evolving on this planet at this time, and there are many different parallel Earths or dimensions where similar events to the ones on your planet have happened in different ways.

You have the power to ascend from this dimension, to return home to the loving embrace of the Creator Source. This is your birthright. To make this a reality, you need only love yourselves and one another unconditionally. You need only see yourselves as divine, perfect spiritual beings to awaken from the dream of separation into a reality of unity and harmony. Thank you.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Source: The Galactic Federation.Com

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