It’s become abundantly clear that we’re living very much in two worlds now, not one. The Old Paradigm is still very much present, with its daily game of escalating charades, BUT, its roots are broken. It’s a shape-shifting lost cause. It’s there in your face, BUT, only provided your vision isn’t on something more productive, more expansive. It’s a critical time for focus now – the light of the new world is breaking through the darkened veils of the old, for all attuning their inner eye.

Digging Up the Roots of the Old Paradigm

The Alien Intervention that has so manipulated the multidimensional landscape of the planet anchored its matrix through many of the ancient megaliths, that bound into the earth’s Toroidal field and slowed it down. They then supplanted the natural energetic harmony with one of their own, which they could control and manipulate. The synthetic metaverse is just the latest iteration of that.

But it will be short-lived on this planet. The galactic alignment of 2012 saw a massive realignment mission by benevolence which kickstarted Gaia’s natural energetic flower of life. That re-emergence is well underway. And it’s coupled with regression healing work for the various intervention groups that are ready to realign. Powerful changes are in flow, and specifically, we’re at a new stage where the roots of the old construct have been dug up.

What does this mean? How is it experienced?

DISCLOSURE: the full extent of Alien Intervention on Planet Earth

The Confused and Confusing Landscape

You will likely feel it all around you, by people you know still plugged into the old world construct. Friends and family, who as yet, have not discovered the evolutionary path. There’s a growing anxiety and insecurity about the way things are shifting. It’s because the psyche is plugged into that system which has now detached and begun writhing in its final death throws.

For sure, it’s an uncomfortable place to be for those in it.

For those who are awake, it’s now a critical time for focus. We must attune to the new emergent consciousness in everything that we do. Meditation, meditation, meditation – that’s the name of the game. Attuning the chakras so that you may progressively infuse sovereign soul consciousness. Free wheeling as much as possible so that you may pick up the signs and synchronicities, the symbols and sacred geometry – we can already weave the new reality from these observations.

Explore the Critical Elements of Your Daily 5D Shift Practice

But it’s a confused and confusing landscape too. Why?

The Leopard and its Spots

The saying goes, “a leopard does not change its spots overnight.” What we need to appreciate is the absolute depth with which Alien Intervention has affected the planet, right down to the DNA humanity embodies. It’s so that spurious frequencies of subconsciousness can slip into the psyche and control it. The field is awash with entities channelling “this” and “those” misguidances. They take a truth, non-duality for example, then have you sitting on the sofa just watching life happen – “it’s all just a story, why bother?”

Or else you’re blissed in love n light, only to find you’ve been inadvertently sucked into 4D Ra consciousness which bleeds you of the will to try something new. Then there are subtle distractions that stop you from journeying all the way to the Torus, the God-source within you. Sitting long hours in presence is a powerful antidote, but then also following the soul’s calling emerging from it.

If you find yourself in situations of insecurity and uncertainty, that’s entirely okay. Authentic creation begins from the infinite potential of not-knowing. Get used to the sense of risk associated with change – on one side of the coin there’s anxiety, but break through this to the other side, whereupon, you find yourself in a multidimensional adventure of a lifetime.

Sounds complex, right?

Learning to Hold Reality Lightly

Indeed, the surrounding landscape is complex. However, there’s a remedy – learn to hold reality lightly, without fixating on “this” or “that”. There is no absolute in the world of relativity. We’re learning to work with subtle inflows of nuances and perceptions, we’re softening the rigidity of judgment. But when you start to move due to the soul’s pull, watch as the signs and synchronicity click in. It must be an embodied feeling though, right down to your toes, then you know it’s real.

Therefore learn to hold “truths” you come across lightly. Each has their own perspective. And if you received some “higher dimensional channeled wisdom”, then be extra careful. Don’t stand it on some pedestal of respect unless the reflections you gain truly work to stand you in your own power and direction. Unless they compel you forward to unravel the old and transmute into the emergent new.

Sinking Sandcastles in the Rip Tide

We have indeed reached another pivotal point in the shift. The Old Paradigm is sinking like sandcastles on shifting sands. But beware, this unravelling old world consciousness still pervades the psyche, emotions and karma. You’ll no doubt feel that sideways pull and may get sucked into it by the rip tide plenty of times. So keep questioning, DON’T be distracted this way and that. Learn to feel you’re own soul and make sure it’s properly engaged before you venture in a particular direction or approach.

Now is not the time for wasted effort down blind alleyways. The shift is in full swing and the strength is growing day by day. Likewise, the level of distraction is escalating – it’s the fizz on top of the inflowing tide. Let’s work to be abundantly clear: which is the real thing and which is fake!

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  1. Digging up the Roots of the Old Paradigm? There´s precious soil attached to these roots, I believe.
    I imagine that by making the choice to integrate the esoteric, and daily grind knowledge, dug up from our past, and the esoteric wisdom, history and evolution of it, in our daily lives, this actually will begin to merge with our daily lives.

    In what way? By the awareness and comfort of such knowledge, of a conscious choice to live in that awareness, we can step in trust and truth of purpose. This involves the practice of real thinking, clarity of mind, and good health, in heart and body, and the value of structure and discipline. The masculine quality that joins the feminine quality, where floating in ecstacy, and being nowhere at the same time with being all over the place, is a state of chaos without it.

    To many youngsters, gender identity, and those two values of structure and disciplilne are an enormous challenge. No need to explain it I believe, it´s obvious everywhere. Exceptions not included of course.

  2. And then there are those of us who have dissolved the 3D matrix, self realized, and KNOW the illusion. For me, at this time, it is the last bit of unattachment from the few left in my life…even times a little disconcerting but then Truth awakens me and it’s Gods way of preparing me for the next step…transition beyond this illusion. Exciting and totally awakens, because it’s like situations occur you can’t believe are happening, shocking like, and then realize God will do whatever needs to be done to assist you to your let go of this and move into that! This is the moment I’ve prepared for and Nothing will ever deter me from my GodSelf and work beside the Divineness I chose to incarnate into. The time is Now and I AM ready…blessed ????????

    • Without meaning to spoil your happiness with the (illusion of?) truth, isn´t holding on to duality consciousness as tenacious as a hungry cat playing with a mouse? One is bad, the other is good…. let´s skip the balancing act of integration as the homework for humanity, and forget our toolbox of transformation. A tenacious loop that holds us in the treadmill of a 3D reality. Releasing one´s human nature is one of many ways of following a deceptive program.
      It sounds like you´re ready for that ride.

    • Hello MaHa, even when you´ve incarnated into the Divineness you experience (I hope), the fact that humanity is now living on planet Earth holds a double edged sword of truth. We all may arrive from different planets and stars, during our cycle of lives, but when I understand that here on planet Earth there´s a special condition where duality is part of our experience, looking at the world in terms of good and bad, I perceive that condition as the most helpful way to clear what´s accompanying us as unresolved issues. How can we otherwise get in touch with them?

      Not that this condition is ruling us, as a given, it´s helpful as a tool, so to speak. Bypassing that process is a deceptive path, for we would never evolve, entering a dimension where our unsolved homework would prevent us from passing through that portal.

      What I mean to say is, that accepting my human nature as perceived here on planet Earth, is as valuable as my divine spark. How could I do my homework properly without loving what´s hidden in it? Besides, by choosing to love one´s shadows, one doesn´t need external doctors and saviours.

      To me, it´s the magic of transformation that opens the door to healing, not shoving painful shadows aside as if it´s of minor consequence, not looking so good. I hope you embrace your human nature.


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