Dear ones,
I am glad to announce to you that, as confirmed by our beloved Galactic Federation, major events will occur soon that will change humanity’s fate.

For many years now, I have been receiving messages from our Galactic Federation on subjects related to personal growth and consciousness expansion. Recently, these messages have become more frequent and more urgent: There is something very important coming soon that you need to know about!

The Solar Flash is a flash of light from our central sun, Alcyone. The flash will awaken people to their true nature. It will trigger a spontaneous mass awakening on Earth. People all over the planet will realize that we are all one and that we are here on the planet to experience unconditional love.

The soul is eternal, and we are all one consciousness. After this major event, the human race will begin to transcend its current limitations and begin a new phase of evolution.

The veil will lift, and all secrets that were kept from humanity will be revealed. We don’t need to know them because we will intuitively know everything we ever wanted to know.

The solar flash is not just a physical light that will be emitted by our sun. It is a light that will carry extremely high frequencies that are able to penetrate the human body and bring the DNA back to its original state.

It will also have an effect on Mother Earth and all life on her surface. This cosmic event will trigger an oral cleansing and healing process. The ozone layer will start healing itself, and people will be able to breathe much cleaner air again.

The event is already underway and has been for some time now. As Mother Earth continues to move closer towards the galactic core, she is being hit with more and more high-frequency energy waves coming from the sun that are breaking down old structures in order to make way for new ones.

When the energy from Alcyone is strong enough to penetrate through the veil that has been isolating us from our source for so long, the Solar Flash will occur. This big event has finally arrived. At this moment, the veil will be lifted, and we will be able to see how everything is interconnected within this universe. We will see clearly how every thought we have affects our reality and everyone around us.

This event will be very much like the end of a dark night when it becomes light again, and we realize that everything is all right, that we were dreaming, and that nothing bad really happened. We will wake up to find ourselves in a better place with more options available. I do not know if this can be described as utopian, but it is certainly better than what we have now.

This solar flash is not the end of the world as some think, but an opportunity for us to transform into a new form of existence and open up interdimensional portals in our minds. This will allow us to explore other realities and dimensions without leaving our bodies.

The exact mechanism of how this solar flash will occur is beyond my understanding. It has been explained to me that this event is a natural occurrence in our universe and an essential part of our evolution as a species.

As the solar flash explosion occurs, we will all feel an intense amount of heat and light. It will be like one giant sunburn for everyone on Earth.

But after the initial shock, people will realize that nothing has hurt them. It will be like the ultimate high! The pain that people felt during the event is now gone. They are feeling better than they have ever felt before.

What will happen next is beyond our wildest dreams.

People are going to start having flashbacks to their past lives. They will remember everything they have done in their past lives. They will remember everyone that they have ever hurt or been hurt by.

This is going to cause a huge shift in consciousness on Earth. People are not going to want to hurt each other anymore because they know how much it hurts them inside.

Our consciousness will greatly expand as we move through the photon belt solar energies. This energy is already affecting us, and it’s causing many people to wake up to the truth of who they really are. Many people have profound spiritual experiences, and they realize that they’re not separate from each other or from God.

This event will be an awakening for the individual and will change the world’s consciousness. People will realize that we are all one. This will result in the abolishment of war. We will all finally understand why war is a futile action, why there can be no winners, only losers. The pain felt by others becomes our own pain, and we’ll see that hurting another hurts us as well. We will become more humble, closer to each other, more compassionate.

The flash will be seen by everyone all over the world, including those who are blind. This could be a sign to remind people to wake up in order to change their lives for the better and for the good of the planet.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation


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  1. Curious to know….For many years now, you have been receiving messages from the Galactic Federation on subjects related to personal growth and consciousness expansion….Wondering how many of all these communique actually have happened…If being honest I would think not many…I am an extreemly intuitive human since the age of 13 and today at 60 I find myself evaluating lots of messages of hope and positiveness BUT yet nothing….Mindfulness has its rewards….

  2. Yes, the intensity of something in progress is what I can feel.

    Also, there's a fast forward pace that I experience, in seeing aspects of myself that are confrontational and making sense at the same time.

    I'm the experienced and the experiencer at the same time. The oberver, and the observed.

    Also, I'm full circle to my early childhood, it seems, pricking balloons of delusions in others with a loud "bang" while these balloons float by unexpectedly. ????

    Some people are in pain by it, and I'm still finding out the difference between what's a time for compassion, leaving the balloon floating by, or cutting the crap in favor of truth, of reality.
    I'm a bit more careful about when to interfere. But interfere it will be, at times ????????


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