by Brian Shilhavy,

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) have received a lot of attention in recent weeks, in both the alternative and corporate media, as pushback against them mounts.

We reported last year that credit union and banking trade groups released a joint letter to the chair and ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, warning of “devastating consequences” if the Federal Reserve moves forward with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Even the Wall Street Journal recently published an opinion piece warning against the implementation of CBDCs.

China is further ahead than the U.S. in rolling out their Central Bank Digital Yuan, but they have had such a hard time getting people to use it, that they started giving it away during the recent Lunar New Year celebrations.

Replacing a monetary system and convincing businesses and consumers to stop doing business and stop using cash, is not something that is going to be adopted overnight, and as we can see, there is going to be major pushback against this.

However, the goal of a digitized society that requires a digital ID to participate in society and allows the government to pretty much track everything you do, can most certainly be accomplished without the full implementation of CBDCs, and in fact it is already happening in one country: Ukraine.

Ukraine rolled out their digital ID and digital transformation program in 2014, which then kicked into high gear in 2020 when COVID was unleashed, and is now almost complete thanks to the war, and help from Elon Musk who provided satellites to connect all the Ukriane people to the Internet and the adoption of the Diia app.

So while everyone has been worried about CBDCs and their loss of privacy in such an economic system, Ukraine has already developed a digital transformation of society that is now the example worldwide of how a government can track all of its citizens, even without a CBDC.

About 9 years in development now, Ukraine is probably the model country on how to make a complete digital transformation of society. It is powered by American Big Tech companies, with Google services now providing the country’s infrastructure.

Zelenskyy even wants to hold the next elections via the app. What could go wrong?

Thanks to Redacted News and their incredible report on the Ukraine digital transformation which brings to light, what as far as I can see nobody else has reported yet, a digital ID system that is now ready to be sold and implemented to other countries around the world.

And with the American companies supplying the technology, such as Google, Amazon, Apple, VISA, Starlink, etc., along with the U.S. military, I think it is safe to conclude that this “digital transformation” and the implementation of a “digital ID” to be able to participate in society, is a much more imminent threat to the United States than Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Here is the Redacted News report.


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  1. Well Ukraine is the home of the cabal it was called Khazaria and the cabal is the Khazarian Mafia and Black Sun order who are enemies of each other supposed to be but both want the same thing World domination and the death of 7 Billion people for control and change to write out God and Gods creation. We are in a war and so many people have no clue about that. Ukraine has to be brought down to bring down this evil and the Ukraine people are more in danger from Zelensky and the Mafia and his government and army of Nazi's. They need to be liberated. The cabal wish to start world war three using this propaganda to stir up the people to regain control and make their horrendous goals and agenda come into fruition – never let that happen death murder and destruction is what they are about and we do not want it. They think if they cause enough pain war and destruction that everyone will be happy to comply with their hell on earth vision. Absurd what kind of life would that be – no ta!


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