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Being Winsome and Nice Won’t Cut It Anymore, Christian


by Pastor Andrew Isker,

On Monday, March 27, a woman who believed she was a man deliberately attacked a conservative Christian school in Nashville, murdering three nine-year-old children and three staff members. It was a deliberate terror attack by a transgender on Christians and their children. A 28-year-old woman named Aubrey Hale, who also went by “Aiden” and demanded others use male pronouns to refer to her, was shot dead by police minutes after the attack began.

Given these circumstances, any reasonable person can safely conclude this was an ideological attack. Whether Hale’s manifesto recovered from her vehicle ever sees the light of day is another story, especially if it is damaging to the transgender narrative the regime has devoted massive resources to prop up. What can be pieced together is that:


  • 1. The female-to-male transgender Hale was once a student at Covenant School in Nashville.
  • 2. Tennessee recently passed a bill to protect children from sexualization at Drag shows.
  • 3. March 27 is the beginning of “Transgender Week of Visibility,” yet another celebration in the bloated degeneracy liturgical calendar.
  • 4. Every Regime propaganda outfit is in the midst of a full-court press saying evangelicals are Christian Nationalists who plan on genociding transgenders.

The result is that 3 children and 3 adults lie dead, murdered by a person whose mental illness was turned into an ideological weapon by the most evil people on the planet. All day long, 24/7, you hear the message that conservative evangelical Christians are evil scum. We are the only group that hatred of is not only seen as acceptable or allowed but positively virtuous. Add that to a group of people put through the meatgrinder of a callous, godless world that manufactures mental illness, whose minds are so warped they believe that they are the opposite sex and will mutilate their bodies surgically and with hormones, who have been told they are being targeted for extermination, and you have the recipe for mass violence.

As Jim Hoft reported, the trans “Day of Vengeance” rallies will take place this weekend at the US Supreme Court despite the shooting Monday at a Christian School in Nashville by a “transgender” terrorist who murdered three adults and three children.

Credit: Daily Mail

Now we learn the Virginia chapter of the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN), the organization organizing the rally, raised money to train trans activists.

They held a “dance party fundraiser” in Richmond ostensibly for self-defense training on March 7, before the school shooting happened.

As I wrote nearly a year ago after the Uvalde shooting, “the question we ought to be asking is not ‘why does this happen?’ but rather ‘why does it not happen a lot more?’” We live in a society that is past its breaking point (see right). Everything that used to give life meaning has been taken away, driven far from the reach of ordinary people, or made an object of ridicule. Love of one’s nation and people is both mocked and called “racist.” The normal impulse to desire a spouse and children is ripped apart by divorce, feminism, and sexual perversion and then put out of reach for many by worsening economic and social conditions.

The major institutions of the Christian faith that provided a spiritual foundation for a once great nation—the mainline Protestant churches—were hollowed out over a century ago, now with teary-eyed female pastors offering moralistic, sentimental discourses on Chicken Soup for the Soul at best and gay transsexual, antiwhite race hate, Marxist propaganda, at worst.

The churches that grew over the last century in response to the mainline apostasy retained their adherence to the Bible but are largely beset by a pragmatism that places church growth ahead of faithfulness. The result has been precious few Christian leaders willing to defend the Christian faith in a way that matters to a culture in freefall.

That pragmatism that has infected the church is responsible for much of the cultural rot we are experiencing. The entire ethos of selling the Christian religion as a lifestyle product you separate from and add to your pre-existing way of life has dominated the practice of ostensibly conservative American evangelicalism. It was a convenient arrangement for a lot of people, especially when you lived in a culture that enjoyed the fruits of two millennia of Christian cultural formation.

You could separate the Christian life and keep it self-contained to Sunday morning and maybe a few small group activities throughout the week. You could keep “spiritual talk” separate from talk of your work, of news and politics, of sports and entertainment. That was a convenient arrangement when the entire society, Christian or not, agreed that marriage was between a man and woman and foundational to civilization, that men and women are entirely distinct and immutable sexes, and you had functioning, well-ordered communities where people could reasonably expect to trust one another. But that convenient arrangement no longer exists.

Today you live in Negative World, and Negative World just became deadly. No longer do you live in a place where there is a distinction between being a Christian and “fighting the culture war.” Those three nine-year-olds that the monster shot were not consciously combatants in the culture war. They were not little James Dobsons. They were just Christian kids being raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord by Christian parents. But we have reached a point where simply being a Christian means participation in the culture war is unavoidable. You may not want your children involved in the culture war, but if they bear the name of Christ, they are part of it whether you like it or not. Your enemy has made them a target, if not with bullets, with a poisonous mind virus that they constantly want them exposed to.

It is well past time for Christians, particularly Christian leaders, to recognize this. You have enemies. You have enemies that want you and your children dead. You have enemies you need to fight. Your desire to “win them over” through niceness is a weapon they wield against you. They manipulate your desire to avoid conflict. They know that you are terrified of offending anyone since that will negatively affect church attendance. And so they have rolled over you, they have destroyed your culture, and have now made you a pariah in your own country. You are not going to winsome your way out of this. You can choose to remain silent out of cowardice, or you can begin to fight an evil ideology that could not be in more stark rebellion against the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

You need to be preparing your schools, churches, homes, and selves for this spiritual war. You need to have a plan in place. You need to have men willing to protect your people with force. You need to be physically able to protect your family. You need to be getting in better shape. You will notice the two police officers who dispatched the trans terrorist did not have dad bods. Hard times are here. It is no time for soft men. And lest you think this is an unprecedented time in the history of the church, it is not. Violent individuals provoked by the government to attack dissident Christians is nothing new.

It is even part of the Anglo-American Christian tradition. As one commenter pointed out, the 1689 English Bill of Rights guaranteed the right of Protestants to bear arms to protect themselves against anarchy allowed by the government. The government didn’t send goons to attack them; they just let armed thugs loosely aligned with them do their dirty work for them. Sound familiar? We are in a very similar place and will require similar courage and strength of will. The Protestant churches of 17th-century England had strong leaders, strong fathers, and men who believed so strongly in the Lord Jesus they were ready to die for Him. Do we have such men and such leaders? If you are reading this, you are the answer to this question, one way or the other.

We have reached a crossroads in our country. Either biblical Christianity or sexual degeneracy will be tolerated. One will be eradicated by the other. This will not be the last time Christians will be martyred by mentally ill leftist freaks. Will you have the courage to take a stand for righteousness and truth, or will you submit to the hideous and disgusting abusers and murderers of children? The choice is yours.



Andrew Isker is the pastor of 4th Street Evangelical Church in Waseca, MN. He is a graduate of Minnesota State University and Greyfriar’s Hall Ministerial Training School, and he has served churches in Missouri, West Virginia, and Minnesota. He is the author (with Andrew Torba) of Christian Nationalism, and the author of the forthcoming book, The Boniface Option. Andrew, his wife Kara, and their five children reside in his hometown of Waseca, MN. He can be found on Gab @BonifaceOption.

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  1. I am both a Christian and a bigot. I can tell you from long study and experience that the Christ was not a bigot and taught against bigotry in general. There is no connexion betwixt my belief in the Christ and my being a bigot. The thing that has made me such an unreconstructed and unrepentant bigot is that I simply recognise the obvious reality that I am vastly superior to all Democrats. Actually I am an equal-opportunity bigot. I recognise my superiority over all Democrats without regard to colour, race, religion, sex, or to type or degree of insanity.


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