Simplicity is the hallmark of the true soul


The trail that leads you to the 5D world

Your consciousness is the password to enter the world of the 5th Dimension. You possess this key the moment your consciousness tells you; do! or, fail! At that moment, you will be alone! No one will judge you or reward you. But you will feel it when you have really succeeded. It is the end of an era! And the beginning of a new era.


Beware! There are all over the internet Fake Truth sellers supported by channels of the so-called popular media used as mouthpieces who themselves believe they are receiving information from the Light and are privileged to pass it on.


When in reality they are operatively manipulated by the cabal. They often tell people that they have an exclusive Informant at their disposal, and that they have been chosen to be their voice in our society. They pass on information that is partly true, but in fact aims to sow doubt, lies and deception.


The Third Dimension is the world of lies, deception. competition, destructive criticism, selfishness, theft, fraud, fame and greed. Control and power is the goal. Backstabbing, malice and cultivating low frequency for conviction and control. These are actions that put firm locks on the Portal to the Fifth Dimension.


Whereas always in the Fifth Dimension cooperation, help and dedication are focused on good, pure intentions, with empathy and care for others. That is the track that leads you to the 5D world.


Nothing and no one has the power to influence the individual choice. For every individual, the freedom of free will and choice still exists. There cannot be a soul that can claim not to have had a chance.


Ascension is mounting and by definition the path of those who consciously choose to go to a higher level of Light. This path can only be found when the consciousness is truly sufficiently expanded, by understanding every lesson presented during successive incarnations. Remember that nothing and no one will decide for you.


The soul vibrating at a high frequency is generally focused on the intention of good. It takes into account the result of every action done. It always moves to the other side to feel whether each decision is indeed best for both. She is cooperative at all times and never competes for personal gain. She is loving, compassionate and respectful.


The moment the money system collapses and/or the majority of vaccinated people discover that they have been deceived by their government; global liberation becomes a reality. Our freedom must be fought from below.


Our returning alien correspondent Vital Frosi reports on the latest developments in our liberation process.



Simplicity is the hallmark of the True Soul


Beloved ones!

The soul of every human being is expressed through consciousness. When we talk about the soul, we are talking about consciousness itself. It constantly vibrates and produces a frequency that varies according to this vibration. There are no two souls on the same frequency, any more than there can be two radio transmitters overlapping on the same waveband


Intention determines the frequency of every soul. It determines thoughts and actions. And it is actions that count and determine frequency. Actions generate reactions, also called the Law of Cause and Effect. Even an omission can be called an action. It is the action of inaction.


The soul has its own life, which is independent of the physical body. However, it needs the body to manifest itself. Through its manifestation, it develops. The body allows the soul to express itself through body language. Through physical and emotional symptoms, the soul tells us when and where to pay attention, because any discomfort means there is a message or a learning process for that incarnated consciousness.


The brain that feeds the human mind is the addition to the soul. It is a mechanism of manifestation. It has the polarities that enable actions, both in what we know as good, and in the opposite polarity, which is called evil. Experiencing both polarities is the rule of this soul school.


Therefore, good and evil do not exist as we understand them, because everything is learning. Humanity has reached the apex of this learning process. No soul incarnated today can claim to be unaware and unaware of the difference between an ethical and an unethical action. Of a moral action and an immoral action.


To repeat the negative action, is a deficiency of the soul’s character. And this deficiency, vibrates at a very low frequency, preventing the soul from ascending now.


What determines the high or low frequency of a soul is its intention. The soul that vibrates high will never have any intention towards ego, towards personal interests, towards the desire for power over others, towards competition, in short, towards anything that does not fit with what is in fact ethical and moral.


On the other hand, the soul vibrating at a high frequency is focused on the intention of good in general. It considers the outcome of every action to be done. It always places itself on the other side to feel whether every decision is indeed best for all. She is cooperative at all times; she never competes for personal gain. She is loving, compassionate and respectful.


Simplicity is the hallmark of the true soul

It is in simplicity that good reveals itself and good is done. It is in simplicity that one can feel true joy and true happiness. Simplicity fulfils much more than excess.


The soul that enjoys the having, will never feel the pleasure of it. The soul that seeks abundance will never have enough. Simplicity is the hallmark of the exalted soul.


Life in itself is beautiful and simple. Simplicity would be enough for humanity on earth to feel joyful and happy. But the competition of the ego has turned the collectivity into a battlefield where the strongest have more opportunities to conquer.


What a mistake! The ego does not set limits. On the contrary, it is a bottomless pit from which the one who falls cannot get out without going through multiple reincarnations of trials. The pain that man goes through is nothing but the way back after reaching the bottom of this pit.


Simplicity is the home of the exalted soul

In this school of souls, suffering is not compulsory. On the contrary, pain is an option. If we accept the trials and actually use them to learn, there will be no pain as a result.


However, when the incarnated soul tries to bargain in its favour, by harming something or someone, the Law of Return will bring the corresponding atonements.


The Divine Laws are simply just. Therefore, simplicity is the home of the true soul. The consciousness that has already learned the meaning and importance of being incarnated here has already understood that simplicity is the shortest way to complete the course.


Ascension knocks at the doors of those who are meek and pure of heart. And those doors lead to the abode of simple souls because they are exalted.


The clock of the Third Dimension is about to ring the bell for the end of the Old Cycle of this planetary home.


A New Earth is being born. Simplicity is the key that will open the door to this new home.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.



The waiting is finally over!

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

Higher frequencies open the veils of secrecy; Planet Earth has moved up an octave in the Galactic Spiral and this is changing its vibration and frequency. These frequencies will break through the veils and liberate the consciousness. A New Age has dawned. As the sleepers awaken through higher resonance with purpose!


Nothing will ever be the same again. Earthly souls who have not yet completed their learning process by moving to a higher frequency will have to move to other Schools, other Third Dimension Planets. This mutation point is the beginning of homecoming. Then, your consciousness has reached the frequency level of 5D. And, liberation for the awakened has finally arrived!

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