The Ukrainian war has now ended and Ukraine will cease to exist. The next targets are South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, Asian and Western secret society sources say. The fall of the fake Joe Biden regime and its controllers is also now imminent, they say.

The war in Ukraine ended with the military defeat of the Nazi forces and the destruction of the Ukrainian army. That is why Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group announced “Our task has been completed” and “Russia has achieved the results that it planned.”

Independent US analysts like Colonel Douglas McGregor agree. He describes the war as a massacre with 250,000 Ukrainian soldiers dead and 300,000 seriously wounded.

That is why the visit of French President Emmanuelle Macron to China was to negotiate surrender on the behalf of his Rothschild masters, MI6 and other sources say.

Public statements by various leaders confirm the end of the war. For example, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, -who describes the US as “a main adversary-” says that “Ukraine is a non-existent country in financial terms,” since it cannot finance itself.

Since France, as a part of the surrender agreement, is blocking all further EU funding for Ukraine, it is game over. Polish news reports confirm this cut-off.

MI6, describing Ukraine as a “CIA failed state capture,” says “France will deal with Germany aka The European Union (Soviets) to wind up Ukraine so we consider the Russo-Ukrainian Conflagration ended.”

“The German Federal Republic, the EU’s strongest economy, do not want their weapons to be used against Russia,” Polish intelligence says. The western part of Ukraine will become part of the Republic of Poland in October, they add. In addition, they say “NATO will fall apart in a year, max 2 years,” because Germany and France have agreed on a new security framework that will include Russia. MI6 agrees with this prediction.

In case you did not know the fall of NATO is the fall of the Nazi Fourth Reich. It is a fact that NAZI officers have been in charge of NATO:

Adolf Heusinger, Hitler’s Chief of Staff, went on to become Chairman of NATO Military Committee from 1961-1964.

Hans Speidel, NATO Commander of Central Europe (CCE) 1957-1963

Johann Steinhof, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, 1971-1974

Johann von Kleimansegg – NATO CCE, 1967-1968

Ernst Ferber – NATO CCE, 1973-1975

Carl Schnel – NATO CCE, 1975-1977.

Franz Josef Schulze – NATO CCE, 1977-1979.

Ferdinand von Senger und Etterlin – NATO CCE, 1979-1983.

MI6 says all that is needed now is “the end of The DVD (Nazi Gestapo) and their overlords the Khazarian Mafia.”

This means the arrest of Klaus Shwab, Bill Gates, the Dutch Royals, Eliot Abrams, Victoria Nuland etc. is all that is needed to end the mayhem we have been going through, various white hat sources agree.

They have clearly lost if the bizarre ramblings of their puppet Joe Biden are anything to go by. During a visit to Ireland last week, the fake Biden “got confused about where his office was…snapped at his son Hunter…insulted the British…told a bunch of stories that couldn’t have happened to the Irish Parliament…couldn’t answer a simple question from a child and parted by saying “we’re all doomed by climate change but we can lick the world.

Behind the scenes what happened was that Biden’s Rockefeller controllers failed in an attempt to blackmail the UK into financing their bankrupt UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

This mission was handled by Liz Rosenberg and Brian Nelson, described by French journalist Thierry Meyssan as “specialists in unilateral coercive measures” [2], sent “to Europe with the mission of forcing the Allies to comply.”.

In addition to various attempts to blackmail King Charles, they brought Mossad films of Canadian Prime Ministers Justin Castrudeau and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak having homosexual sex with President Emmanuelle Macron of France. This is typical of KM control where nobody is allowed in a position of power unless they have something they can be blackmailed with.

MI6 responded to this attempt by taking these leaders all

“under blackmail protection.” In other words, having them come out of the closet so they can no longer be blackmailed.

This means Canada, France and the UK are no longer under KM control and their leaders are working with white hats.

Of course, these leaders’ crimes are not going to be swept under the carpet. This is especially true of those who accepted massive bribes in order to vaccinate their populations with toxic substances.

It is clear from ongoing public protests that neither Macron nor Castrudeau is going to be tolerated by their people much longer.


The important thing for now though, is the KM has lost France, the UK and Canada.

One sign of this change is Sunak going out against the entire KM transgender propaganda by declaring “100% of women don’t have penises.”

In Israel as well, the mass murderer Benyamin Netanyahu is under house arrest. Also now we have none other than famous holocaust martyr Ann Frank’s step-sister coming out and saying pictures and video of the holocaust were faked even during world war two. This means governments have been producing fakery for a long time.

This all means the KM have lost or are losing control of the Jews. Most of them are now aware the holocaust was the KM sacrificing Jews to Satan.

Germany and Holland are also on the verge of total liberation from KM control, multiple sources agree. Asia is also about to be liberated, as we will discuss further below.

That leaves the KM with just Switzerland and the United States under their control. This group staged a massive offensive last week by gathering all their UN, IMF, World Bank and central bank stooges in Washington.

Their big powwow revealed a lot. For one thing, we now find out the entire COVID19 (Certificate Of Vaccine ID 2019) fake pandemic and real vaccination push was planned to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Rockefeller-owned UN.

That is why the UN published a document last week using the plannedemic to declare “There is no other global organization with the legitimacy, convening power, and normative impact of the United Nations”, to show “our preparedness for not only health-related crises but also other challenges and crises.” Now they are using this to claim the power of the UN should be “maximized in the face of crises with global reach.”

So they are saying the fake Pandemic is the excuse needed to make the Rockefeller-owned UN a world government.

This is the same UN, by the way, that is trying to order governments to legalize sex between adults and minors in order to normalize pedophilia.

The KM tries to disguise this attempted power grab by saying “global emergency protocols would only be “triggered automatically” in case of a global crisis, “regardless of the type or nature of the crisis involved.” However, just like US presidents create perpetual war in order to keep dictatorial wartime powers, the KM are hoping to generate perpetual fake crises to take over the planet.

The other thing that came out of their big meeting was their plan to create a one-world digital currency as the following IMF press release says:

Today, at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings 2023, the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) announced their official launch of an international central bank digital currency (CBDC) Universal Monetary Unit is cryptocurrency reimagined from the ground up to support central banking and regulated financial institutions….Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), also known as Unicoin, is an innovation in store of value cryptography powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The corporate slave media responded with gushing news items like this:

“President Biden often summarizes his vision for America in one word: Possibilities. A ‘digital dollar’”…,within%20the%20international%20financial%20system

The white hats reacted to these plans by breaking the neck of the Satanic European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde.

MI6 describes the push by the Rockefeller slaves in Washington as “last-ditch efforts to stay on a sinking ship.” They also noted the meeting mentioned “detrenchment in inflation, this means manually digging out of a trench if you see…”

One person trying to abandon the sinking ship is Barack Obama who appears to be behind leaks of a passport showing he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. Our own sources say his father was the American Communist Frank Marshall, but in any case, it looks like Obama is hoping to admit he was born in Kenya in order to seek political refuge there.


Another group abandoning the Biden ship are the Chinese who have thrown Biden and his controllers under the bus by releasing financial records on Chinese bribes to them.

The trail of course leads to one of Biden’s main handlers, Alexander Soros who has come out of the closet and is no longer hiding behind computer graphics of his executed father George Soros.

Soros is in any case a front for Klaus Schwab Rothschild who is still trying to cling to power by hiring hundreds of thousands of “information warriors” to control the internet, policing social media and forums for “misinformation” and conspiracy content which will then be systematically shut down.

Soon he will run out of money to pay for this because South American drug lords have cut their ties with the KM money laundering operation in Ukraine and have once again shifted their drug money laundering HQ to Cuba as this news item hints:

We hear from South American sources that silver will play a major role in integrating drug money into the global financial system.

In another sign that Ukraine money laundering is being shut down, the journalist Seymour Hersh is reporting that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his senior officials are skimming American taxpayer dollars by the hundreds of millions. Releases by Hersh usually precede white hat law enforcement action.

While the KM are losing their Ukrainian and South American money laundering operations, the white hats are also leaking intelligence about how this regime spies on and abuses other remaining allies. The official story is that all these leaks being widely reported are coming from a young recruit. However, as a Canadian Security Intelligence Service source says: “In my professional opinion, there is an exactly 0% chance a 21-year-old Air National Guardsman got his hands on top secret war plans about a war we aren’t supposed to be in, at least not on his own”.

In any case, these leaks have irritated remaining KM allies in East Asia like South Korea.

Democratic Party of Korea floor leader Park Hong-Keun condemned the United States for “illegally wiretapping” South Korean leaders saying “it is an unacceptable practice that cannot be tolerated in the 70-year alliance and a clear infringement of South Korea’s sovereignty that shatters bilateral trust…”

This comes as North Korea has cut off all communications with South Korea.

North Korea has now been given nuclear missiles that can hit anywhere on the continental United States. This means the US nuclear blackmail that has until now prevented them from reunifying the Korean peninsula has been removed.

This Korean move was almost certainly done in coordination with Asian secret societies.

It is part of a bigger move in East Asia that will include Japan, Taiwan and Australasia.

Taiwan is likely to be the first domino to fall. Charles Liu, founder and chairman of private equity firm HAO Capital says:

“The U.S is not going to fight over Taiwan…They may try to get the Japanese to do it, but the Japanese won’t be so stupid to do it. The only stupid ones who might get involved are the Australians. Sorry.”

He is wrong about Australia though, Australia and China have reached a breakthrough in their long-running trade dispute meaning “we can get back to normal trade with China,” says Australian Senator Don Farrell.

MI6 confirms this saying:

“Should China wish to annex Taiwan and for good and legal reasons then so be it.” They add it would be part of a “strategic decision to bundle all of Asia with Australasia.” the MI6 source adds. He was referring to an agreement with Asian secret societies that Australasia will become part of an East Asian zone that does not include China “The US is defunct in any case so I wouldn’t imagine anyone would put up much of a fight.” MI6 adds.

In another sign of imminent change Russia’s Pacific Fleet went on heightened alert…this also involves long-range aviation and aircraft of the Eastern Military District and logistic support units and formations.

In reaction, South Korea and the United States will kick off a large-scale joint air exercise later this week, the South’s Air Force said Sunday,

This comes after China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu’s trip to Russia on his first official visit abroad following his appointment. There he met his Russian counterpart Sergey Shoigu, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

We also note China has conducted a successful land-based, mid-course anti-ballistic missile test on Friday,

Also, all these moves came as there was an assassination attempt on Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

This is the work of the three-legged crow secret society, Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor say. In Japan, gangsters usually send a warning by sending a single bullet into the headquarters of rivals. The meaning is, “Surrender or the next bullet will hit you.” This is the message that was sent to the slave Prime Minister Kishida. The Japanese hate him because they know he is a slave of the KM who had them vaccinated with toxic substances.

In a sign he is no longer really in control, his regime urged Hokkaido residents to take shelter Thursday morning after a North Korean missile launch, but local officials told people to ignore this.

We are also hearing from Asian secret societies and secret space program sources that the resolution of remaining geopolitical issues in East Asia will lead to the unveiling of Antarctic secrets and the end of the quarantine on the planet Earth.

This writer has been promised access to the secret Antarctic bases –on behalf of his readership- late this year when the next Antarctic summer begins. Of course, we have heard this before but maybe this time it will really happen. We will know more after meetings scheduled in May or June with SSP representatives.

So, on that note, here are the latest UFO sightings from around the world:


1. 2 UFOs over Colorado, USA

2. UFO causes power outage

3. Possible Portal opening

4. Cigar-shaped UFO over Cheyenne, Wyoming

5. UFO over Medellin, Columbia

6. UFO spotted near Mt. Everest



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