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Join Sunny and Kim for the REAL News and the World Situation Report! It begins getting ‘heated’ around the 1:33 mark — Kim, who KNOWS Biden and Trump have been dead for at least 2 years — gets passionate about the U.S. fake “dead presidents” and the lies that are fed to the military and the American people. Note: This report runs longer than usual. To ‘save time,’ set the playback speed to 1.25

~via United Network News

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  1. August 29, 2023

    The origins Of peaceful humanity

    Thomas Williams – Truth Honor & Integrity Show

    From History to our Story Plus 21 – The Vedas, Rus and URS

    • Also on Youtube :

      The New "Peaceful " Guardians of Midgard-Earth, Check it out !

      THI-Show presents Vedas, Rus and Urs Show

  2. Goguen funded her buddy Trump the funds for the scamdemic, the system was broke, funds

    could of only come via her when she funded blackrock & blacksun Trump

    Goguen's boyfriend is also Blacksun

    she also has a marduk chip in her brain , if She doesnt remove it soon on her own

    someone else will be doing it

    she is only trustee in name as she has been stripped of that position

    due to uncompetence & dereliction of duty

    and has no access to any trust funds anymore

    clueless people in her group still expecting funds for projects

  3. Launched March 2023 :

    Thomas Williams & The Truth Honor & Integrity Group Present :

    The Freedom & Peace New Blueprint for Humanity Restoration Plan !

    Please Share Far & wide !

  4. I dunno about this woman. Some of things she says is VERY controversial and non-sensical. No body has ever heard of her and no body is touting her praises.

  5. This sums up the backlash against Pride Month from both heterosexual people and members of the LGBTQIA+ Community.
    "I hate pride month and not because I care about who you want to love but because I'm sick of the corporate pandering. I'm sick of seeing all-age Drag Shows where bearded men wrapped in fishnets and BDSM outfits are grinding their man bulges into the faces of children. I'm sick of society pushing children to transition. I am tired of men dressing up as women to victimize other women in sports, public restrooms, locker rooms, and life. We have Pride Flags painted on our sidewalks, they're flying from our embassies, they're hanging in our schools… "
    "As a lesbian and the founder of Gays Against Grooming, I'm done with Pride because it's become a degenerate Kink Fest. it doesn't represent me at all. It doesn't represent the gays and lesbians I know and they're shoving it dow everyone's throats especially children's"
    "I'm done with pride because it's become an embarrassment. As a gay man I want nothing to do with it because all it is now is a celebration of debauchery, Indulgence and narcissism victimhood and grooming of kids who shouldn't be there. in the first place"
    "You know you've jumped the shark when members of your own community start attacking you."
    "I didn't walk away from P, Pride Pride walked away from me and they went in a direction that I don't agree with and I will fight against this agenda along with gays against groomers"
    Video: Woman Just Destroyed Pride Month, Even Gay People Can't Support "PRIDE" Anymore

  6. Kim Goguen says people who celebrate Pride Month are people and love who they love, Kim is obviously clueless that there is an Agenda to attack Gender on the children of the Western World. The blow back against Pride Month is because the members of the LGBTQIA+ Community do not just live their life but push their LGBTQIA+ Agenda on children via Drag Queen Story Hour, attacks on gender in schools by teachers telling the children they do not have to be the gender they were born, "Pride" clothing being sold for infants and Pride Month being pushed on TV shows targeting children on Sesame Street and in some cartoons. Many schools are pushing Pride Month on the entire school population. Gender-Neutral Bathrooms and Locker Rooms are part of the attack on Gender ans Sexual Identity. It is the "in your face" antics of the LGBTQIA+ Mafia that people do not like and protest against.
    Parents who object to the sexualization of and gender assault on their children that is happening in schools are called Transphobes by the LGBTQIA+ Mafia and "Domestic Terrorists" by the corrupt Department of Justice.

  7. Kim Goguen is obviously a fraud carrying out a psy-op, and her nodding dog Sunny has no capacity of asking K.G. any genuine and sensible questions, let alone face K.G. with her previous claims, statements and promises, which never came true. If any of her followers dare to ask inconvenient questions, she apparently gets furious and distracts, like all professional liars. Pathetic.


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