GPMD CO-CHAIR JOY PHUMAPHI CALLS FOR NEXT EVENT 201 BEFORE YEAR ENDS – Why? To Test IHR & New Draft Treaty as it is written now.

Below is GPMD CO-CHAIR JOY PHUMAPHI begging to consider holding a new simulation exercise. She asked at the beginning of the 9 day 76th WHA so we presume it was a topic of discussion off camera. Most of the negotiations were in private, not broadcast.

The end of the year is in 7 months, and it is noteworthy that she asked for the simulation to be held BEFORE the end of the year.

Last pandemic simulation exercise was Event 201. Jeremy Farrar is the new WHO Chief Scientist and the Head of Wellcome Trust. He was pivotal in Event 201.

Farrar is the guy sitting next to GPMD CO-CHAIR JOY PHUMAPHI making bizarre faces


One person in the comments on Bitchute noted, “The ahole sitting next to her looked like a kidnapper making sure the message was delivered like he scripted, off script your dead.”

Video inserted here:

Remember tribe, the end of the year will be here before we know it!

(sometime less than 7 months) and counting

Soon the next “WHO treaty/IHR effectiveness and accountability simulation” likely descends upon us all!

They are PLANNING to simulate & test the treaty/IHR accountability and effectiveness.

Dear Member States, The WHO is hosting a SIMULATION with Tedros as Global Health Dictator and testing if you will be ACCOUNTABLE to the WHO from here on out… Roll with it and lets see if the Member States COOPERATE.

Will the WHO treaty (illegal administration for ones own benefit) be EFFECTIVE? They aim to find out.


What are they really planning?

When are they really planning it?

Will we be able to beat them at their own game and ACCELERATE our timeline to thwart disaster? We will HAVE to dear readers, we will just have to make it happen.


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  1. The WHO health tyranny must end before it begins. There is no freedom without health freedom. No forced jabs to kill the population. That is the reason. It's not about your health. It's about the transhumanist agenda, the globalist New World Order Madness genocidal agenda, the WEF tyranny,The UN agendas 21, 30 and so on. It's about the assaults on Humanity and Nature for the Globalists who want to take over the planet.


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