“We’re the government, and we’d like to disclosure our secret programs to you”

By Jordan Sather

The recent UFO whistleblower David Grusch is going viral across the media landscape with claims that the U.S. government has secret programs reverse engineering craft of “non-human origin” that they have allegedly retrieved. He is not the first to make these claims, some of us have been talking about this possibility for years. One thing that is a first is how this whistleblower is apparently getting the red carpet treatment from the establishment about it. Not only that, but the Pentagon cleared his statements for publications two months ago. Something’s fishy here.

While he may be telling the truth from his perspective and honest with what he’s saying, that doesn’t exactly mean what he is saying is true. His claims so far are based largely on hearsay and rumor, his evidence is purely testimonial based on things he heard while working for the government. It’s very possible he was told disinformation that he thought was true, and now he’s claiming whistleblower status and relaying what he heard to the public. I have detailed the red flags surrounds this story in a previous Substack article, a dedicated video on Rumble, and talked about it at length in my livestream from last night.

Those familiar with my work know that I am a “believer” in UFOs – I think that it’s more than likely that:
> Extraterrestrial life exists in the cosmos (species with both good, bad, and neutral agendas), they have visited this planet before and are possibly monitoring it right now.
> The military industrial complex has developed working electro-gravitic craft (“UFOs”) in their black projects, and were able to do this decades ago.
> The Deep State has shrouded this issue in secrecy with complex disinformation campaigns for a long time.

With our new UFO “Whistleblower” on the scene, I think it is also more than likely that this is being used as a part of a mainstream UFO Disclosure psy-op by the Deep State, in fact I believe all the mainstream UFO “Disclosure” we’ve been seeing over the past 5.5 years, ever since the New York Times released their “Secret UFO Program” articles in December 2017, is a part of a psy-op campaign. It may have even extended earlier than that, with the likes of Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the mainstream media discussing UFOs and Disclosure as early as 2015/2016 during that particular presidential campaign.

Why would the Deep State run this sort of grand psy-op after all these years of secrecy? There’s a few possible objectives. Distraction is one that comes to many people’s minds, which could be one aspect. I think setting up a community a left-leaning, social justice warrior UFO activists to feed the normies into is another.

But what may be the most important goal of the Deep State in these UFO admissions is conducting what’s known as a Limited Hangout operation.

A good definition of a Limited Hangout is as follows:

According to Victor Marchetti, a former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a limited hangout is “spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.”

This definition was written by Victor Marchetti in the 1970s when he was looking into how the CIA was handling the JFK assassination investigations.

Now thinking of this definition in terms of the UFO Disclosure we’ve been seeing, it makes perfect sense.

Volunteer a small piece of the pie through the mainstream media, intelligence officials and managed “whistleblowers” with the goal of distracting people using small potatoes, meanwhile the more important and sensitive information is swept under the rug and further concealed.

In reading many articles from the mainstream media over the last few years on the UFO subject, the limited hangout is apparent to me. I’ve read numerous excerpts from the New York Times stating “these UFO’s we’re seeing are definitely NOT American made craft. They could be the Chinese, the Russians, or even aliens, but we definitely don’t have this technology!”. That sounds like something the intelligence community with this technology would say.

The goal of the limited hangout is to keep the more revealing, bombshell information secret. The Deep State here would be keeping secret the fact that they likely already have working UFOs, built them decades ago, and have been suppressing zero-point energy and exotic propulsion inventors for decades as well. It’s also likely they want to keep secret the true extent of their black projects and the ten/hundreds of billions of dollars that have gone into them. They’ll admit a couple programs that were worth $10 million, like the AATIP program, but won’t admit how much money and how far back they really go, and what they’ve actually been able to research and develop.

I foresee the narratives presented from our new UFO whistleblower on the scene, David Grusch, being used in a limited hangout fashion along these same lines, too. The government could say, “oh yeah, we’ve been trying to reverse engineer these things but we’ve had no luck! That’s why we’re admitting them to the public now, because we need help… and money. But we definitely haven’t been able to do anything with the technology!” (wink wink)

With the nature of how compartmentalized and classified these programs are, it wouldn’t seem all that complicated for them to admit bits and pieces, maybe one or two programs, and keep the rest secret. And when you have defense contractors involved, which are not subject to FOIA requests and have the ability to keep things more secret than the government can, it becomes a difficult task to find the full truth through all the weeds.

Another example of a limited hangout in action is the COVID virus emanating from the Wuhan laboratory. In early 2020, the establishment considered it a crazy conspiracy theory to suggest such a thing, and social media was censoring across a variety of Big Tech platforms discussing it (I had a few YouTube videos removed in February 2020 over talking about COVID being bioengineered). As time progressed through 2021 and 2022 and more information came out showing that it was undoubtedly the case, the government switched their stance from “crazy conspiracy theory” to “oh it probably leaked from the Wuhan lab, but it was an accident!”. Yeah, oookay.

Limited Hangouts are typically conducted when enough people are sniffing around and figuring out sensitive things about a topic that the intelligence community feels the need to conduct their limited hangout in hopes of placating the truth seekers with enough to get them to stop looking for more. That could very well be what’s going on with the UFO subject. The advent of social media being utilized by citizen reporters to share information over the last 8 years or so has put increasing stress on the Deep State’s ability to keep their shady dealings secret. Throughout the 2010s social media allowed a whole host of information (some true, some likely not) to circulate about UFOs and black projects, enough so that it appears the Deep State felt the need to conduct a form of a Limited Hangout about UFOs beginning in the late 2010s, namely 2017 with those New York Times articles.

We’re now seeing this Limited Hangout go into overdrive, and apparently many are falling for the “official story”, hook line and sinker. Very few are asking the tough questions about these mainstream media UFO reports, supposed whistleblowers, and government sources of information about it.

”We’re the government, and we’d like to disclosure our UFO programs to you” – makes total sense when you don’t think about it.

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  1. Another “limited hangout” of disclosure is why the current dominant humans (Whites) can’t stop destroying themselves with AI and destroying the air, water and soil of their environment and destroying other humans.

    This has to do with disclosure that Whites were genetically modified by ETs using Orangutan DNA, something many find abhorrent and refuse to admit.

    Whites are unaware of their destructive programming and origins, and this is why they must practice silence.

    There is nothing Whites could have done to avoid what has happened to them or the destruction they've caused to the world because it was part of an ET experiment over which they had no control. Therefore, it can never be considered their fault.

    Their actions and behavior (placid, deliberate, ingenious, and persistent) were inherited from the Orangutans with whom they share 97% of DNA,) and has destroyed our food supply, water, air and soil.

    Why did the Fallen Angels splice African human DNA with orangutans to create Whites?
    • placid – remain unemotional while they destroy themselves and their habitat,
    • deliberate – careful, intentional behavior required to carry out the plan of ET beings they were fooled into believing were Gods
    • ingenious – smart enough to use the tool of intellect to dissect the original creation and modify it to destroy
    • persistent – tenacious enough to stick with the plan imprinted in their consciousness no matter how much reactionary force against it.
    This is why the ET chose the orangutan DNA to create Whites, similar to how humans created dogs from the wolf.

    No other species on this planet destroys its own habitat but the White man. This is why the Son of Man returns to bring the “Times of the Gentiles” to an end.

    This is why it's so important that White People know WHERE THEY COME FROM, like James Baldwin said. Only then, can forgiveness come easily and swiftly. Whites must be told that their DNA was spliced with Orangutans by malevolent ET.

    However, it is their responsibility to clean up the mess they made which starts with listening to those who were hurt and understanding that the infection of their consciousness with the ideology of White Supremacy makes it impossible for them to lead. Every idea, every inspiration, every innovation comes from an infected consciousness. We are all infected with this ideology; black, white, red, and yellow but Whites are impacted more deeply so they cannot lead in the new world unless they have completely been deprogrammed.

    When we can embrace this reality, we can forgive ourselves without guilt and shame and focus on breaking out of the programming. Whites must be instructed on the steps required to break out of the programming. This is why the Hindus came to teach meditation. All superiority complexes demand suffering which closes the higher chakras and meditation opens the higher chakras. What has been difficult is keeping them open because Whites have not yet jettisoned the programming from the ideology of White Supremacy.

    If we keep denying this truth, Whites will never find complete forgiveness and will completely destroy themselves.

    At the 1-hour mark in the video below, Dr. Bush says "we are destroying ourselves" which is exactly what the ideology of White Supremacy is designed to do.

    Most scientists destroy materials at the end of an experiment when they clean up the lab. The ET planned on destroying Whites at the end of the experiment. The Son of Man offers Whites an “Awakening” to what has happened to them so that they can break out of the programming. This is why the Book of Enoch says the Son of Man will be a “light” to the Gentiles.

    The scientists among us will lead the way in this PAINFUL DISCLOSURE.

    Whites need to hear what Mr. Tyson has to say. We need to start this discussion now.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson Scientifically Explains Why Whites Resemble Monkeys More than Blacks (Part 9)

    Unless Whites have opened their higher Chakras and jettisoned all programming from the ideology of White Supremacy, they must remain silent and stop trying to lead. The desire to lead and tell others what to do is part of the programming as stated by Senator Beveridge on the floor of the US Senate. The God he mentions were ET masquerading as God who programmed Whites to “organize the world” which is why you have so many White “Karens”.

    A quote from Senator Albert J. Beveridge, speaking in the chamber of the United States Senate (1900):

    “GOD has not been preparing the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing but vain and idle SELF-CONTEMPLATION AND SELF-ADMIRATION. NO HE MADE US MASTER ORGANIZERS OF THE WORLD to establish a system where chaos reigned. He has GIVEN US THE SPIRIT of progress TO OVERWHELM THE FORCES OF REACTION throughout the earth. HE HAS MADE US ADEPT IN GOVERNMENT that we may administer government among savage and senile peoples. Were it not for such a force as this the world would relapse into barbarism and night. And of all our race He has marked the American people as His chosen nation to finally lead in the redemption of the world. Record, 56 Cong. I Sess., pp. 704-712.”


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