The US Corporation really did go bankrupt earlier this month and what we have been watching on our so-called news is corporate theatrical performances. The evidence for this is clear.

The first thing to notice is that Washington DC remains a ghost town. As this news item confirms, US Government workers “are choosing to stay home, perhaps for good, leaving vast federal offices empty and the city struggling.”

The corporate excuse is that they are “teleworking.”

The next bit of evidence is a photograph sent to us by P3 Freemasons showing the Rockefeller-owned UN Headquarters building in New York apparently shuttered. We are asking readers in New York to personally confirm if this is true.

Yet another proof is that US ports have shut down and trade is collapsing. The shutdown of ports like Seattle is being blamed on “labor disputes,” but that does not explain the collapse in demand for cardboard boxes, a mainstay of trade.

Asian secret society sources explain the attempt to use Taiwanese and Thai royal gold to keep the US Corporation going has been stopped. That is why exports to the US have been stopped. They say they will restart trade if Donald Trump is made public president again. This has been promised before July 4th, but don’t believe it until you see it. We have heard this story before, so let us see if it really happens this time.

For more evidence that we all are watching is corporate theater, take a look at the background of the so-called White House being shown on Fox TV.

With that said, let us look at some of the latest corporate theater. The big “story” is a complete BS tale of US President Donald Trump being indicted for “keeping government documents at his home.” As many people note, Trump was indicted over something that is not illegal. See below for an example.

The “Trump indictment” is clearly part of a sophisticated campaign -by his Rothschild/Harriman backers- to take down the Rockefeller “Joe Biden” avatar. By creating a legal precedent with trump they can now go after “Biden”. That is why corporate media widely reported Congressional hearings about how Biden accepted “$5 million in bribes.”-simultaneously with the Trump indictment.

As Representative Paulina Luna notes:

“Just left meeting for House Oversight. The FBI is afraid their informant will be killed if unmasked, based on the info he has brought forward about the Biden family.”

So who exactly does the FBI fear would be doing the killing and why can’t they defend a high-profile informant? Whatever happened to witness protection?

Maybe Jens Psaki Rockefeller should have asked former FBI head James Comey this instead of talking about fear of Trump retribution.

Nonetheless, in a sign the US military is finally getting its’ act together and recognizing Trump as commander in chief, US armed forces radio, which until now has been 100% pro “Biden” propaganda, is now reporting the “Biden” bribery story. We also notice as this photo below shows, that Trump now has military and not secret service protection.

Regardless of the theatrics, it is clear both the Biden and the Trump factions are circling the drain of bankruptcy.

We talked to the creator of the Quantum Financial System who explained “An awful lot of people owe an awful lot of money and they want to kick the can down the road, The yield on the sovereign bonds is artificial. The T bills don’t have any value; they are money laundering. Everyone goes to the 18th floor [at BIS headquarters] in Basle [to get their fake money]. The cartel is the Rothschild family. This entire geopolitical landscape is all families refusing to give up their territory.”

The source notes the “carefully calibrated biological warfare,” by the Rockefellers is actually a sign “they are losing their grip and they know they are losing their grip.”

The Rothschilds, the head of the Jesuits and others have now surrendered, he says. “The end of the KM was the use of

central banking and charging interest for money. The IT that I developed does not charge interest. They are beating a retreat. They have lost. The removal of usury has been steadily draining their swamp.”

In a sign the FRB is still trying to pretend their money is real, they used fraud to turn a recent $28.4 billion of deposit outflows (NSA) into $102.5 billion of deposit inflows.

However, the fact they can still launder fake money like this is why we are all sick of hearing talk about “draining the swamp” or more accurately sewer. We confronted the head of MI6 about this. Here was the answer:

The only viable way to install an alternative is to remove or eject those in the shadow of the US corporation who sustain it simply as a front or laundry mat for their own criminal enterprises…[this requires] a massive forensic exercise first to define the theater of war. Thereafter it would be a matter for military intelligence and armed forces…because the problem is actually (High for Monarchy) Treason.

While we are all justified in being skeptical; there does seem to be a new round of heads being chopped, prominent people going into hiding and public confessions of guilt.

Last week saw Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller admit Meta (Facebook) censored information and opinion during the COVID pandemic. This means he has publicly confessed to being a war criminal and is now subject to arrest as such. The same is true of the heads of Google etc.

We also note widespread articles in the truth media appearing now about Jane Burgermeister predicting forced vaccination in 2009. We were in contact with her at the time. She had just filed a big lawsuit against big pharma and the WHO for –among other things- sending out 72 kilograms of live bird flu virus mislabeled as a “vaccine.” Before she could complete it, she was killed and replaced by an identity theft fraudster. This fraudster was hunted down but we were unable to save Ms. Burgermeister,

The WHO -sponsored by Bill Gates and the Rockefellers- has also been caught fraudulently sterilizing millions of Kenyan women with vaccines for “tetanus.”

This means the WHO plus Bill Gates, the Rockefellers etc. are guilty of war crimes.

We also note the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked authorization of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine for causing blood clots. This is important because it will open the floodgates for lawsuits against the vaccine manufacturers.

We also expect criminal charges to follow.

In the UK, former Prime Minister Boris “Covid” Johnson has resigned as a member of parliament, opening the way for him to face criminal charges.

Then we see former Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has been arrested for “misspending” £600,000 of donations.

Next, we notice King Charles has gone to Transylvania -the home of his ancestor Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula- “on a walking holiday” without his wife. This came immediately after he was caught forging documents to keep the KM show in Ukraine in business.

Another high-profile person to now officially vanish is George Soros. We know he has been gone for a long time but now the corporate media is acknowledging his son Alex has taken over.

This was “Just a formality. Alex has been de facto in charge for several years.” Elon Musk notes.

By the way, an op-ed by the fake George Soros put out just before his “resignation.” outlines the current thinking of the Khazarian mafia. In it “Soros” says:

  1. AI “could destroy our civilization” so “globally enforceable regulations” have to be put in place by us.
  2. Climate change is “going to cause a collapse of all the big biomass on planet Earth” so we must “rapidly remove excess greenhouse gases from the environment” and never mind that we are carbon-based life and more carbon means more life
  3. Ukraine’s “valiant resistance” means “paper tiger” Russia will “disintegrate and no longer pose a threat to the world.”
  4. Finally, he says “Biden is not seeking regime change in China and all he wants is to re-establish the status quo in Taiwan.” Translation, please don’t take away our Taiwanese slave colony because we need to keep stealing their gold so that we can keep our fake world going.
    It is clear they are living in a fantasy world that is as detached from reality just as their financial system is.

Another fake KM leader who seems to have disappeared is Canada’s Justin Castrudeau and his sidekick Chrystia Freeland. He just showed up in the Ukraine where a government official said “No one invited him here and we certainly don’t have time for PR while trying to launch our counter-offensive.”

It is interesting that he showed up there just after a military tribunal in Quebec presented evidence he was guilty of war crimes.

We also note that Canada was hit by over 500 simultaneous wildfires immediately after the military tribunal. Many arsonists have been arrested and presumably will eventually point the finger at their Rockefeller etc. paymasters.

We also note widely reported evidence the simultaneously erupting fires appear to have been caused by directed energy weapons.

Our own sources in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service confirm DEWs have been used.

At the same time, there is plenty of evidence that Canadian government officials tried to actively sabotage efforts to put out the fires. Here, for example, you can listen to a retired veteran firefighter explain how the government prevented him and his colleagues from helping.

There was also widespread sabotage with firefighting companies reporting slashed hoses and flattened tires. “There have been instances where crews were delayed because of damage to their equipment,” said a Lieutenant who asked his name not be used.

We also note that the Algonquin and other first nations staged massive rain dance ceremonies. An Apache warrior by the name of William Twofeather once explained to me these rain dances use things like coordinated foot stomps to send specific rain-causing vibrations into the atmosphere. Maybe it was a coincidence but -right after the rain dances- massive rainfall across Canada put out most of the fires.

That did not put out the KM BS though as they flooded us with reports saying things like “New York City now has the worst air quality of any city on Earth as Canadian Wildfires Blanket Northeast States in Apocalyptic Haze.”

My brother -who lives right in the middle of the wildfire region of Quebec- says the sky right next to the fires looked like this on June 6th when the fires were at their peak.

Now he says they look like this:

So how come the sky over New York is Red? Ammonium nitrate maybe?

As a CIA source explains “Forest fires are another Deep State money laundering scheme of a different flavor. They create the fires, the government allocates tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in disaster relief, the money disappears, the politicians get their kickbacks, rinse, repeat.” That would explain why the Nova Scotia government refused to hire real firefighters even as they were issuing urgent appeal after urgent appeal for “firefighting money.”

The other type of firefighting money they will need is to pay for the impending avalanche of legal cases related to child trafficking.

It is now well known that child sex-trafficking hotbeds follow CIA color revolutions and US disaster relief.

Here are recent examples:

-Haiti 2010

-Libya 2011

-Ukraine 2014-2023


“What do they have in common? Missing children and heavy involvement with the Obama State Dept. (Clinton/Kerry/Nuland),” a Mossad source comments.

Mossad now admits “there are 366 million videos of children being raped in US. That’s more than 1 video per person that lives in this country.”

In a sign this is now coming out the Wall Street Journal has given credibility to “Pizzagate.” It reports Instagram -owned by Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller- has become a sanctuary for a large network of pedophiles who use hashtags like Cheese Pizza (Child Pornography) and MAP (Minor Attracted Person).

Trading in children is not new. Did you know it used to be legal to send children through the U.S. Postal Service, (See attached 2 photos). Could this have been a legal method for child trafficking pedophiles to move children around the country back in the early 1900’s? 🤔

Now Trump retruthed this post today stating that Mel Gibson is about to expose all of them in a four-part series exposing child slavery.

The world center for child slavery is now Ukraine. Their Ukrainian government has lost around 5000 soldiers and 100 tanks since their long-advertised offensive started last week. Again remember, this is not really a war because what we are dealing with is private corporations buying used military equipment and hiring mercenaries. The important point is they have no air defenses and tanks are sitting ducks without air defenses.

Another thing to note is the Ukrainians are led by war criminals. A prisoner of war captured by Russian fighters in the Zaporizhzhya region says that the Ukrainian army was conducting demining operations by sending untrained young soldiers forward into the minefields in civilian vehicles, according to Polish intelligence.

They are also killing journalists to try to prevent news of their atrocities from coming out. The Italian journalist Andrea Lucidi posted the following on her telegram channel:

A few days ago I was added to the Kill-List of the Ukrainian security services “Mirotvoretz”. As an Italian, I can’t help but remember that Andrea Rocchelli was also included on this list, killed by the Kyiv army in 2014, whose photo is still present in this database with the words “liquidated” on it.

The Ukrainians were also forced to blow up the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine to try to stop a Russian move to retake Odesa, Russian FSB sources say.

Things are going to get even worse. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently said: “Stop blaming China. China is not helping Russia, but if it decides to help, not even God will save you.”

Now, for the first time, images of Chinese military equipment supplied to Russian troops have emerged. For example, General Kadyrov demonstrated Chinese-made armored vehicles in service with the local Rosgvardiya departments.

The Russians feel God is on their side. That is why Vladimir Putin recently said: “Demons have taken over the West [and are trying to] kill everything spiritual on this planet. I know that I will succeed because I have GOD’S STRENGTH and SUPPORT,”

The KM in Israel appears to be coming clean on this sort of thing because they realize unless they make peace with God they will not be able to flee to their planned Khazaria in the Ukraine or anywhere else.

Iran now has nuclear weapons, hypersonic missiles and an alliance with all the other Muslim countries. As the Mossad-linked site Debka notes, Iran has swiftly followed up on its thaw with Saudi Arabia by offering to help the oil kingdom develop a nuclear program. Beijing which brokered the reconciliation is again stepping forward with backing so Israel now has no choice but to make peace.

They are also hoping peace will allow them to rebuild their temple. Israeli lawmaker Amit Halevi has proposed giving Muslims control of the southern end of the Temple Mount complex, which contains the Al Aqsa Mosque, while Jews would receive the central and northern areas where they could build their temple.

The KM, of course, is not planning to go quietly into the night. Our sources in the Secret Space Program say they are on schedule to carry out some sort of massive “UFO and alien event” in August.

Certainly the corporate news has been flooded recently with UFO-type stories. For example “Pentagon UFO whistleblower David Grusch” was widely reported as saying “UFO Reverse-Engineering Project Should Be Made Public.”

Then we have TV news reports of 10-foot-tall aliens landing in a backyard.

Also, the Daily Mail chimed in with a story about “a crashed UFO recovered by the US military that ‘distorted space-time.’” Apparently ‘They had a guy go into it and it was the size of a football stadium, while the outside was only about 30 feet in diameter.’”

There is also a flurry of announcements by the US Space Force such as this one about “Satellites to Counter Cosmic & other Threats.”,Space%20Force%20and%20analysts%20said%2C%20according%20to%20Bloomberg.

Here are some more of the flood of UFO sightings and reports we are seeing:

1. A revolving flashing UAP

2. Multiple UAP Orbs over Russia 18-10-2022

3. UAP Orb over Iran

4. A fleet of UAP Orbs over California 30-05-2023

5. 2 UAP Orbs over Texas 27-05-2023

We also had a former UFO, now known as a Northrop Grumman Stealth B2 bomber Airborne flying over Florida USA, in June 2023.

While we find all this UFO stuff fascinating, the only things we are seeing are videos and unsubstantiated reports. Nonetheless, you can be sure a corporate UFO show will be appearing on a screen near you soon.

We are still waiting to actually ride on a flying saucer ourselves. We hope it is real but no proof yet.



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  1. Not many people know this but The person who created the organic AI quantum financial system under God source is Kim Goguen it is called KIMS 2 financial system. The dark side – the blood line families do not want Kim to have any Kudos they want her kept hidden so that they can take the credit for the system. She has been doing a lot of great work for us.

  2. The person who created the organic AI quantum financial system under God source is Kim Goguen it is called KIMS 2 financial system. The dark side – the blood line families do not want Kim to have any Kudos they want her kept hidden so that they can take the credit for the system. What is your excuse Benjamin for not using her name. She has been doing a lot of great work for us.


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