Artificial Timeline Wars

By Lisa Renee, Dear Ascending Family, Recently, we have witnessed some of the mysteries of the mechanics of creation unfolding, with revelations and advances in the war over consciousness and more specifically over timelines. Ongoing changes in the architecture and timelines are having a ripple effect, weakening AI structures and essentially moving soul and monadic … Read more Artificial Timeline Wars

~ Stand in Your Light ~

This is Ashtar Sheran and I have a message for all lightworkers. These are heady times indeed. The dark ones are being removed from your planet, their illuminati minions are being arrested and tried, and their heinous deeds are being revealed to the people of your planet, even on the main stream news. The truth … Read more ~ Stand in Your Light ~

11 Million Germans Were Murdered After WWII

The U.S. Death Camps of WWII: Confessions of a Prison Guard by Richard K. Mariani  The book “Gruesome Harvest: The Allied Attempt to Exterminate Germany after 1945,” should be on the mandatory highschool and college reading list for history and sociology. It is one of the few books that are available in English that address the … Read more 11 Million Germans Were Murdered After WWII

FALSE FLAG (Novella)

By Dick Croy, Can serious fact-based fiction play a role in creating a better understanding of critical contemporary social and political issues like 9/11? I believe it can. Thanks to the Internet and an increasing number of enterprising and courageous individuals, the information now available on a 9/11 cover-up is voluminous and convincing. But my … Read more FALSE FLAG (Novella)

Montauk Project Survivor Speaks Out! Secret Galactic History – Mind Control & Occult Magic

By Dr. Rev. STEWART A. SWERDLOW, Dr. Rev. STEWART A. SWERDLOW has already become rather legendary within the field of conspiracy and truth research, and is known for his decade-long work to expose the truth as he sees it, and enlighten people in the field of alternative science, spirituality, therapy, mind control deprogramming and truth … Read more Montauk Project Survivor Speaks Out! Secret Galactic History – Mind Control & Occult Magic